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  1. omgitsaliv55

    Warranty to expire on iMac G5

    it depends on your budget. if you sold your iMac and got at least 750 dollars, and combined that with the money you saved by not buying the warranty, you could get the low end core 2 iMac. I'd wait to do that though. penryns r on the way
  2. omgitsaliv55

    iBook screen is blacking out - is it a loose wire?

    I'd be surprised if it was a wire, rather than a ribbon connector. The connector could be loose and gets a little tug when you open it. I'd search "iBook g3" dissection on the internet and try to figure out how it connects. I've heard doing a self repair is quite hard on iBooks so if I were you i'd take it to an apple store or send it in.
  3. omgitsaliv55

    My MacBook won't shut down

    Frankly, I can get a much better computer for the money if I bought a PC rather than a mac, but I love OS X so I go with mac. Just look at bestbuy.com. You can get a computer that is as good as a macbook for 400 dollars less, but it will only run Windows or Linux. I think Apple's quality assurance could be much better for what we pay, because I've owned a macbook for a month and called Applecare 3 times about it. That's almost once a week.
  4. omgitsaliv55

    Reversion back to old icons?

    try turning off sharing and turning it back on. if file sharing still works i wouldn't worry too much. i've had it recognize windows laptops as macs. the sharing still works though.
  5. omgitsaliv55

    2.4 vs 2.5 GHz MBP

    go with the 2.4. the MBP was already great with image manipulation and it won't feel like you got 500 dollars of more performance. 256 mb for graphics is already phenomenal, so don't hold back.
  6. omgitsaliv55

    2.4 vs 2.5 GHz MBP

    I'm slightly confused....are you considering selling your old MBP to get a new Penryn MBP? If you are, which model are you currently using and what software will you need to run?
  7. omgitsaliv55

    2.4 vs 2.5 GHz MBP

    I don't understand how a mobile video could pack such a punch. I think 256 mb is already a bit extreme. I don't know if a laptop would really be able to use all the power of a 512 video card especially when you factor in FSB speed. I don't understand it completely, but even with the mac pro you have to BTO to get a 512 card.
  8. It'd be hard for you to find a place to do it. The shuffle's really are disposable, especially now with the new price of 49 USD for a 1 gig. Ipod battery replacements are really just for more expensive iPods made to last longer. Is it even possible to get that case open w/o cracking it?
  9. omgitsaliv55

    New MacBook Pro

    as I recall the max for mobile core 2 duo processors is 2.6 ghz currently, but then again there is the Core 2 Extreme Mobile which is 2.8....those are always ridiculously expensive however.
  10. I will admit that part of me is a bit irritated that I had to get a macbook only about a month before it was updated (I was planning on doing the ram and hd update myself), but I'm curious as to whether the new Penryn processors are really much faster than the Meroms (not taking into account the RAM bump). From what I've read, L2 cache is a pretty significant factor in the speed of a processor. As you may know, the new macbook processors have only 3 mb of L2 cache, while the old ones have 4. They of course have a slightly faster clock speed so that would seem to make them faster, but as I've heard clock speed isn't the one number to look at. I also know that the new processors support SSE4. Is that a very important factor, or just another marketing campaign? Anyway, answers wouldn't necessarily cure my buyer's remorse, but they would shut up my curiosity. Thanks!
  11. omgitsaliv55

    Macbook 3.5 mm sound sifting noise

    just a thought.....say they were to replace the motherboard...which I would think they would need to because it's a sound card problem, would they give me one with a new 2.4 ghz processor? just a thought, but it'd be kinda nice.
  12. omgitsaliv55

    New MacBook Pro

    the processor clock was bumped, but have you noticed that we lost a megabyte of L2 cache with the new MB's and MBP's? I have a 2.2 ghz MB and it has 4 megabytes of L2 cache, but the new ones only have 3 just with a bit more clock speed. Could this detract from the clock advantage? I'm no expert on L2 cache and don't know how much it affects speed, so if someone could fill me in that'd be helpful.
  13. omgitsaliv55

    Macbook 3.5 mm sound sifting noise

    I've noticed that it doesn't do it in Windows (bootcamp) however. Does this mean it's a driver issue?
  14. omgitsaliv55

    iBook G4 popping noise

    this really is actually a feature... my macbook does this too occasionally. it shuts down the sound card to save energy when its not being used, but as a result it takes a little while to respond. most soundcards will make a slight popping noise when they initialize. i wouldn't worry too much about it, unless its becoming a major nuisance. if that latter is true, take it into a genius bar.
  15. omgitsaliv55

    Macbook 3.5 mm sound sifting noise

    I got my macbook about a month ago and still love it, but I have a slight problem. Whenever I use the 3.5 mm audio jack, I will hear this faint sand-sifting sound whenever I stop playing music or sending audio through the speakers for that matter. For example, I will be in iTunes and start playing a song. When I pause the song, the sifting noise will play for about 1500 ms. Sometimes it will develop into a high pitched tone. When it first did that, I thought my ear was ringing. I tried using different headphones but it still happened. It happens when I'm on battery and when I'm plugged into the wall. I'm running 10.5.2 and am wondering if this is something I should call apple about or if this a big with all the macbooks. Thanks! -Patrick