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  1. Leo


    Yay, that looks great. Unfortunalely, I don't have an Intel-Mac, but good luck to all of you how do 8) ! (wow, nice one)
  2. Leo

    Q Emulator

    All you need is a bootable Q-compatible image, but don't ask me how to create one... I think, using a usual bootable CD is - although slowest - the easiest way.
  3. Leo

    Use the dock with your keyboard

    You can use your mouse/trackpad for that. 8) 8) 8)
  4. Leo

    Use the dock with your keyboard

    In the keyboard preference pane you can have F1-F12 control the usual functions. Thus you can do those shortcuts on a notebook just as well as any other mac. At least I think (I only have an iBook).
  5. Leo

    deauthorizing all computers

    All you can do is either de-authorize ONE computer using the iTunes menu on there or de-authorize ALL FIVE computers. This only seems to work when you have 5 computers authorized....
  6. Leo

    Intel April Fools Joke

    I think they only published it via Intel's intranet
  7. Leo

    Intel April Fools Joke

    You mean this? (unfortunately this seems to be the only post of this) I like the "mactel" logo
  8. Leo

    I am an idiot - Trash help needed

    usually, when something won't let itself be deleted, this something is still in use. Try logging off, logging on and empty the trash again.
  9. Leo

    April 1st?

    Well, what's gonna happen? The crowd at Apple is gonna have a great party over the weekend and then they're gonna continue working on more ways to make Walt Mossberg write "It leaves Windows Vista in the dust."
  10. Leo

    IO Error

    Just to make sure I get that right. You know that it is the external drive that has a problem but think that the I/O-Errors may be caused by some corruption withing the OS? You could check this by connecting the external drive to another computer and find out wether or not the same errors occur. (It is hard for me to believe that such an error would be caused by an OS, but nothing's impossible)
  11. Leo

    IO Error

    Before you re-install Mac OS X you should make sure that it's your internal drive that has a problem (if it's the external one, re-installing won't change a thing).
  12. Leo

    IO Error

    Have you checked your Volumes (internal and external) with Disk Utility?
  13. Leo

    What is with my battery?

    I don't know iBatt, but have you checked what System Profiler tells you?
  14. Leo

    iMac Intel goes dead when awakening

    Ok, this IS a lot easier. 8)
  15. Leo

    iMac Intel goes dead when awakening

    Memtest does a great job. It's x86 only, but that should be alright with an Intel iMac. As they don't feature a specific Mac-release, I think you would have to download the linux source package and compile it yourself. Sorry, but that's the easiest way I know and IMHO Memtest does a great job. :roll: