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    itunes authorization

    Sorry for how long this post is, but I am really interested to know what others peoples opinion is of this situation.... Mine is at the very end.... Tuesday morning (10/31/06) I downloaded a song from the ITMS and when it was added to my library, the "your computer has been successfully authorized" message window came up. I thought it was strange since I didn't do anything to cause that window to open. Anyway, After listening to my new purchase, itunes tried to play the next song in my list on my Computer, which my girlfriend bought using her account on her ibook. It then said that i needed to authorize my computer to play the song. Which is strange since My computer was already authorized..... the same thing happened with yet another song that my brother had bought using his account on his Windows XP computer. My machine had been authorized to play music from two other accounts but was suddenly unauthorized to do so. THIS WAS BEFORE THE 7.0.2 update that come out later that day. Since both of their accounts were already at 4 out of the 5 authorizations allowed, I DID NOT want to authorize my machine again since it would duplicate an authorized computer. I emailed the itunes tech support people and this was their reply: Dear Brandon, I understand that you aren't able to access your brother's and girlfriend's music because this computer is requesting authorization. Authorization is requested from time to time, particularly due to an update of iTunes or another system component. Your brother and girlfriend didn't see the "Deauthorize All" option because they haven't used up their 5 authorizations. This option is only available at that time and only available once every 365 days. In response to your request, I have deauthorized the computers associated with the accounts "**********" and "*********". You and your family can now authorize the computers you intend to use without having more than one authorization used by the same computer. END OF EMAIL MY OPINION: I personally think its outrageous that they would without notice or warning deauthorize accounts on your machine. While apple did fix the situation within a day, it was still a pain not to be able to listen to music LEGITAMENTLY bought and paid for. And what if for some reason accounts were automatically unauthorized in a short amount of time.... wouldn't apple be suspicious of something going on and not help??? At least the tech support team was understanding, polite and helpful.
  2. brandonphoto

    iTunes and Automator

    I've searched the web looking for a automator action that will automatically take the info a new song downloaded from the music store and then email that to me. I would like to see what songs my brother downloads, that way I know what songs he bought and I dont have to buy them my self. Thanks in advanced.
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    iChat video confrencing

    I posted this in software as we'll, but since it relates to using the internet, thought i would post here as well. I'm using a macbook pro, my sister a macbook and both show in ichat AV that they are capable of video chatting with more than one person at a time. my girlfriend is using a ibook G4 800mhz with 640MB of RAM and she for some reason is only able to video chat with one person at a time using her firewire isight.... any suggestions on how she would be able to do multi party video chats. Shes on a 5MB down 768K up cable connection as am I and she has all the latest updates. Thanks in advanced.
  4. brandonphoto

    Video Confrencing with iChat

    I'm using a macbook pro, my sister a macbook and both show in ichat AV that they are capable of video chatting with more than one person at a time. my girlfriend is using a ibook G4 800mhz with 640MB of RAM and she for some reason is only able to video chat with one person at a time using her firewire isight.... any suggestions on how she would be able to do multi party video chats. Shes on a 5MB down 768K up cable connection as am I and she has all the latest updates. Thanks in advanced.
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    MacBook Pro SuperDrive Question

    Just curious to see how long it takes other peoples machines (mainly MacBook Pros) to read blank DVD-R media. I've never had a super drive before so have no experience or other ways to compare mine. I've used Memorex DVD-R's which suck, and just bought some Taiyo Yuden DVD-Rs off of their website. My super drive seems to have some trouble reading both brands (I believe). The drive seems to be scanning the blank disks trying to read them. After about 30 seconds or so it shows up on my desktop ready for files to be draged and burned. Is this normaly behavior for insearting blank DVD-R's? CD-Rs seem to appear right away and the drive never sounds like its constantly searching. Thanks.
  6. brandonphoto

    using Backup without .Mac

    Anyone know if I will still be able to use apples backup program if for some reason I decided not to renew my .mac subscription one day? For example I just got .mac and a year from now I will have a years worth of backups that have to be restored through apples backup program. Will i still be able to get the backups back if i dont use .mac anymore?? Thanks in advance.
  7. brandonphoto

    iChat video problems

    Thanks for the tip, ill try it out tonight when i get off work and let you know the results.
  8. brandonphoto

    iChat video problems

    I'm having a problem using my built in isight on my macbook pro. everytime i try to start a one-way video chat with my girlfriend (shes using a ibook and ichat-- mine is running 10.4.6, hers is 10.4.4.) it acts like its going to start the video but then says I did not respond and the video chat doesnt start. I've trashed the pref files which did not fix the problem. Same thing happens when i try to start a audio chat. Thanks for any suggestions.
  9. brandonphoto

    Using a proxy at work

    My girlfriend takes her ibook to work but they block alot of sites that she would like to visit during her downtime, like facebook and myspace. She cant get the proxy websites from work because they are blocked too. Is their a realitivly easy way for her to get around the filters at her work? Thanks.
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    recording skype call

    I've searched around for about an hour and cant seem to find a cheap or free program that will let me record skype calls. Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks in advance. -Brandon
  11. brandonphoto

    Popcorn 2 or toast titanium 7??

    Yes, in Toast 7 when you burn a VIDEO_TS folder there's an option "Fit-to-DVD video compression". If you select the option Toast will check the VIDEO_TS source, if it's bigger than 4.7GB it will create a compressed version of the folder and then burn that to DVD. I used to use DVD2oneX for compression, but Toast 7 is easier as it makes compress and burn just one job step. Imation, Verbatim, Apple's own brand have all worked out OK for me. Thanks for your help. I think I will go ahead and get toast then since i can get it from my campus computer store for $30 with my student discount. Thanks again!
  12. brandonphoto

    Popcorn 2 or toast titanium 7??

    Does anyone know the difference between popcorn 2 and toast titanium 7? I know titanium gives you more options like backups and such, but does it also do the same thing as popcorn when i comes to fitting a 9GB DVD rip from MacTheRipper to a 4.7GB DVD-R?? Also can anyone recommend a brand of DVD-Rs that work reliably with set top DVD players. I've been using memorex and most of my players have problems playing them. They stutter alot. Only one of my set top players will play the disks with out a problem. Thanks for the help -Brandon
  13. brandonphoto

    Popcorn 2 or toast titanium 7??

    Thank you so much for your help and suggestions. I really apprecaite it!
  14. brandonphoto

    Universal FireFox

    That would seem to make since. I've noticed that too, but always thought that I was just imagining things.....
  15. brandonphoto

    Universal FireFox

    Hi all, I just wanted to see if anyone had a chance to play around with the new offical universal binary of firefox that came out yesterday, is version number and it is the offical release from mozilla. I'm using a 1.83 Ghz MacBook Pro with 2 Gb of RAM and it takes it five (5) bounces in the dock to luanch, everything else seems to be fast though. I'm curious to know how well or not well its running on others computers mainly the intel macs. Thanks for your feedback.
  16. brandonphoto

    Universal FireFox

    Yes i do have the universal. I have however noticed that after a few days it started to load faster and faster. Even after I have completly restarted the computer, so its not caching some the program to load faster during the same "session" so to speak or the same "up time". Its kinda of weird.
  17. brandonphoto

    How to burn MP4's to DVD?

    I used handbrake to convert a couple of my DVDs to MP4, and was trying to use iDVD to burn them to a DVD-R but it says its limit is 120 minutes, my movie is 132 minutes long. Can anyone recommend a DVD burning program that I can use? Thanks for any help. -Brandon
  18. brandonphoto

    How to burn MP4's to DVD?

    No I dont have toast, but have been considering getting it for awhile, can you recommend it as being a stable program, especially on the new intel macs. Im using a macbook pro. Thanks.
  19. brandonphoto

    MBP camera not working now

    activity monitor shows nothing using the camera, that I can tell anyway, and i do have another account for trouble shooting purposes like this and it gives me the same message their too.
  20. brandonphoto

    MBP camera not working now

    After trying to fix the flash and quicktime audio issues I was having (which i did get fixed thanks to "The Professor" who suggested that i open and then quit garageband to be able to hear the audio with the video for the two formats, I am now experiancing problems with the isight built in to the screen. I removed some preference files related to quicktime from my user accunt trying to fix the audio issues BEFORE the professor help out. Now when i try to use the camera either with ichat or photobooth or trying to take a new picture for my user account, it says that "the camera is in use by a another program" Nothing is running of course, and i have tried shutting down and restarting but nothing works. I really dont want to put back the old preference files if i dont have to, for i fear that could cause me to have audio problems again. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  21. brandonphoto

    No quicktime or flash audio

    I've read a ton of info on this forum and others on the net about the flash problems people are having with the intel macs. I have a MPB and flash and quicktime never worked. I think its because I ran migration assistant to transfere EVERYTHING possible from my old ibook G4. I get video for both flash and quicktime but NO audio. I went to the genius bar and the guy tried deleting the preference files associated with the programs out of my user account but that didnt work. After a hour of trying stuff like that and installing flash several times (he didnt know about the beta version that is universal, which also doesn 't work for me) he finally said it was probably a apple update I downloaded which broke stuff..... but that cant be because it never worked to begin with... So I think im going to try using Pacifist to reinstall quicktime and flash from my install disks and if that doesnt work I will just have to start all over again and not use migration assistant. IF ANYONE out there has any tips or suggestions let me know, thanks....
  22. brandonphoto

    No quicktime or flash audio

    OH MY GOD! I cant believe that worked!!!! As soon as i read your response, I remembered hearing about that awhile back and forgot all about it...... Has apple ever released a fix for that, or even acknowledge it???? THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!
  23. brandonphoto

    Flash/ Shockwave

    I've been having the same problems. I found this forum: http://www.macintouch.com/readerreports/ma...3816.html#mar27 just do a word search for "flash" within the page to find everything related to it. I havent tries it yet, but did use one of the demo MBP at the apple store and they played flash videos just fine from youtube.com and a handful of other sites.
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    Rip DVDs and UP Convert them

    How does that work? Surely the video is still the same quality as if it was 720px. That is like trying to make a high quality audio file from a bad original. I wouldn't have believed it would work so well unless I saw it for myself, but it does. This post explains how pretty well how it works: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?m...421227
  25. brandonphoto

    Rip DVDs and UP Convert them

    Does anyone know of a way that you can UP Convert DVDs as you are ripping them? I know Handbrake will allow you change the resolution, but if I increase it to something above the standard DVD resolution to something closer to HDTV will it look better? I have a upconverting JSI DVD player and it does an amazing job, I couldn't go back to watching DVDs on an HDTV at their standard resolution ever again.... My plan is to put a lot of my DVDs onto a external Hard drive connected to a new mac mini with front row and a HDTV and just watch them off of the Hard Drive. Thanks for any help. -Brandon