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  1. Hey fellow Mac Geeks! J.C. Hutchins here. I'm launching another "first-ever" in podcast fiction, and I need YOUR help. As some of you know, I'm a sci-fi novelist who releases his work as free serialized audio podcasts. My work has been covered in The New York Times, Blogger & Podcaster Magazine, and coming this Sunday, The Washington Post. My work has has been so successful that my novel, "7th Son" (a technothriller about human cloning), will be published by St. Martin's Press next year. I'm also currently writing the debut novel in a new supernatural thriller series, also to be released by St. Martin's in 2009. My next audiofiction project is called "7th Son: OBSIDIAN," which will be released in late May. OBSIDIAN is a short story anthology that chronicles a fictitious two-week nationwide blackout in the United States. I've recruited A-List podcast novelists to contribute stories, including bestselling sci-fi authors Michael A. Stackpole and Scott Sigler. Here's a link to my announcement: http://tinyurl.com/2a78xs OBSIDIAN has already received attention from BoingBoing ( http://tinyurl.com/yscve9 ) and Gawker Media sci-fi blog io9.com ( http://tinyurl.com/3pdg6y ), thanks to a groundbreaking "audience participation" element I've added to the experience. I'm opening the anthology to anyone who wants to participate. This open invitation is a first-ever in podcast fiction, and something unheard of in traditional media. I'm asking YOU to "play along" and record video and audio as if you were a victim of the chaotic OBSIDIAN blackout. The conceit: The blackout is real, and happening now. This content will appear in the OBSIDIAN podcast, in May. I'm already receiving audio and video content from my audience: "Reports from the field" audio: http://jchutchins.net/audio/BBCreport.mp3 (a fictitious BBC report) http://jchutchins.net/audio/norwegiannews.mp3 (a fictitious Norwegian news report) "Calls from victims" audio: http://jchutchins.net/audio/shopkeeper.mp3 http://jchutchins.net/audio/theycame.WAV http://jchutchins.net/audio/somebodyhelpme.WAV The home-brewed videos I'm already received -- more than 30 so far -- are also filmed as if the blackout is "real." Poignant and frightening, these videos will be released into the wild to showcase their work and promote the release of OBSIDIAN. Here's a sneak peek selection of them already online. You can find them here: http://youtube.com/red5standingby I've posted a call to action at my site with all the details, for anyone who wants to participate in this groundbreaking event: http://tinyurl.com/4kgnna Folks, I'm leveraging the power of social media and community to encourage YOU to play "make believe" and contribute to a first-ever experiment in sci-fi fiction and podcasting. It's crowdsourcing with a creative purpose, combining the best elements of social media and storytelling. So. Wanna be a part of history? Visit http://tinyurl.com/4kgnna for all the deets. Thanks!
  2. Would someone tell that author to shut the hell up? In the epic-length intro, info abounds about "SHARE THE PAIN," the new Infection/7th Son crossover contest! Listen to both novels ... and win killer prizes! After the chapter, J.C. also chats about the Parsec Awards ... and a jaw-dropping 7th Son spoiler is revealed in the Clone Line (206-984-2566) segment. This one can't be missed! Synopsis: At the 7th Son facility, John, Jack and Jonathan learn more about Kilroy2.0's world. A powerful benefactor lends a hand. In California, Michael, Dr. Mike and Fr. Thomas and the 7th Son soldiers invade the night club. They find Folie à Deux silent and empty. Or is it? Promo: Jack Mangan's Deadpan Promo: The Transcontinental Penguin Super Show "SHARE THE PAIN" contest sponsored by Podcast Pickle. (Thanks, Gary!) Direct link to the episode is here. With the debut of this cross-novel contest, now is the perfect time to subscribe! Feed info below.
  3. Hey, fellow Mac geeks! It's a new episode of the podcast novel 7th Son -- and this one's a doozy. It's all about villainy goodness! (Or would that be "badness"? Ah, forget it.) Synopsis: The story shifts to Houston, where billionaire oil tycoon A.U. Rookman conducts a videoconference with a business associate. Rookman's legacy of corruption and greed is revealed ... as are details of his ailing health. A new month approacheth ... and a new challenge arises for 7th Son listeners! Can you pound the pavement and tell "podcast virgins" about 7th Son? Check out the episode's intro for more information! Feed info below.
  4. RRider, if you'd like to switch feeds, bee-bop over to my website (below). No harm, no foul. That version of 7th Son is a little different -- there's promos and chatter in the podcast. If you'd like to keep your 7th Son experience blissfully spin-free, you'll want to stick with Podiobooks.com. I've got nothing but kind words for the good folks at Podiobooks. They're awfully brilliant, talented and supportive, and do much of the episode posting on the weekends. And I assure you, no one on staff is making money on this project. I know, because I've recently become a staff member there, myself! :-)
  5. This one's a long episode, folks. Hope you enjoy it! Be sure to stick around for some calls from the Clone Line (206-984-CLONE), including a listener question ... and a "cease and desist" order from the Hanso Foundation (of TV's LOST fame)! J.C. is apparently revealing confidential corporate secrets about human cloning, and has a lot of 'splaining to do... Chapter Synopsis: The Beta clones finalize the plans for their cross-country trek. Gen. Hill explains the true power of Code Phantom security clearance. The clones call home. A secret is revealed in Jonathan's life. More mysteries surround Kilroy2.0. Fr. Thomas may be losing his mind. If you haven't hopped aboard 7th Son, check out the first five minutes of the first episode and see if it's your thing. Website/feed info below. Thanks!
  6. As a podcaster who's directly benefitted from Adam's generously playing my promo on the MacCast, I appreciate Adam's philosophy of "paying it forward." I share that philosophy, and play promos on my podcast as well. I have received emails and instant messages from several listeners who've tuned into my 'cast, specifically because they heard my promo on the MacCast. This is very humbling and flattering, and truly makes a difference to a podcaster who's in the "early days" of his/her show. I hope Adam continues to offer "promo time" for fellow podcasters. It's a nifty way for MacCast listeners to learn about other programs -- and it's good karma, plain and simple.
  7. Greetings, fellow Mac geeks. It's been a while since I've dropped by. (Sorry!) Here's some good news: Chapter 13 is ready for your consumption. Synopsis: Back at the 7th Son facility, the Beta clones (John, Kilroy2.0, Fr. Thomas, etc.) learn more about the mysterious night club in Los Angeles. Expecting the worst, they plan an attack. But not all of the Betas will be going.... And if you need another reason to tune in: Scott Sigler reads this week's "The Story So Far..." recap! Stick around after the chapter for calls from the Clone Line -- 206-984-CLONE (2566) -- and an exclusive announcement from J.C. about Book Two in the 7th Son trilogy! And if you haven't hopped aboard 7th Son, now's a great time to catch up. The mystery is about to deepen, and secrets about the cloning project -- and John Alpha's conspiracy -- will be revealed! Episode archive at my website. Feed info below.
  8. jchutchins

    My first podcast!

    Hey buddy! Your first episode was terrific -- short and sweet. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to the next one!
  9. I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Rob W over at the prominent Podcast411 podcast. Fellow Mac geeks, rejoice: When asked about my favorite podcasts, I heartily mentioned The MacCast! In fact, Apple/Mac references abound in the interview, so check it out. It's also a great way to learn about my podcast thriller novel, 7th Son! (More info below.)
  10. Greetings, fellow Mac geeks! A quick heads-up: The latest episode of 7th Son is out in the wild, and it ends on a nice, juicy cliffhanger. Dig the links below to subscribe, or to learn more about the podcast novel that's been getting gobs of buzz these past few weeks! Join the legion of 7th Son fans who're already hooked into the story! Join the Descent!
  11. We find out in this week's episode of the podcast thriller novel, 7th Son. In this chapter, the clones learn more about the early days of Project 7th Son .... a secret dangerous technology is revealed ... and so are the motives for villain John Alpha's activity. Plus, a new feature for the podcast debuts in this episode! So join the growing number of 7th Son fans! Join the Descent! Feed info below.
  12. RR: Say, thanks for the testimonial! See that, everyone? The man's on fire for this tale! Join in! csporn: Man, I'm sorry to hear about the misfortune! Rest assured: When the dust settles and the gear's working again ... 7th Son will be there for you, waiting like an old, patient, diabolical friend. Take care, fellas! Thanks for all the support!
  13. Hey fellow Mac geeks! More than 1,500 weekly listeners have joined the Descent... so why haven't you? Now's the time to subscribe to the new podcast thriller novel, 7th Son, Book One: Descent. Chapter 7 just went live, and it's got a helluva cliffhanger. You've heard about 7th Son on the Nate and Di Show and Infection ... and promos have beamed out from The MacCast, The Signal, The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack, and many more. Critics have hailed it as "lucent, .... original" and "a taut, tense sci-fi thriller." Perhaps the highest praise comes from the mighty Keeme of the KeemeCast: "It's like a drug, addictive and fun -- but without the looking over your shoulder, waiting to get busted." Ha! Can you handle being addicted to more than one podcast novel? Sure you can. 7th Son is becoming a fan-favorite, so don't get left behind. Check out the feed info below, and join the Descent! Feed details below.
  14. jchutchins

    Promo for 7th Son podcast novel now available

    Hey everyone! I'm grinning like the Cheshire Cat ... Adam played the promo for 7th Son on the most recent episode of the MacCast (#127)!!! Whoo-hoo! Thanks for your support, guys! PS: RailRider -- there appears to be a delay at Podiobooks.com in posting Chapter 6. Tons of new books have debuted there, and the IT staff is a little swamped. Exepct Chapter 6 to be available at Podiobooks sometime this weekend.
  15. jchutchins

    Promo for 7th Son podcast novel now available

    Wow, Mac User X, thanks for checking out the podcast! I hope you dig it. And RailRider: You've been so patient, waiting for new Podiobook chapters. Thanks! I've sent Chapter 6 to Podiobooks, so it should be available in the next day or so (I hope). Sigler's Infection is indeed out now, and rockin' my world too. The best part: Siggy's hooked on 7th Son, and has plugged my book twice so far, in the first two episodes of Infection ... so that tells ya somethin'! :-)