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  1. I have an airport "snow" base station that I bought over four years ago, in the spring of 2002. It has been in daily use for me since then, routing wired/wireless LAN traffic for multiple computers (Macs & PCs) to the internet. I've kept up with firmware updates and never had a problem with it since I've owned it. Last night, it apparently died. Or at least, it seems to have stopped putting out much of a wireless signal. I can still connect via ethernet (in fact, that's how I'm connected now), and I can control it using the Airport Admin Utility. But my Powerbook no longer sees its signal. This is weird, though: my Dell desktip PC has a USB wireless adapter, and it seems to know about the airport base station, though it can't connect to the network. I even went in (with the powerbook) and changed the SSID and the broadcast channel, and the Dell Wireless Configuration Utility says that it knows about the (new) network, and it even knows that I put it on a new channel, but the adapter says there's no signal from the network. So it knows the network is there, but it can't get a signal. However, using Netstumbler on the Dell says there's a strong signal from this SSID, but the adapter can't find it. In all, none of my wireless adapters (PCs or Macs) can get a signal from the network. Macstumbler on the powerbook says there's no network in range. All the gear is in the same room, so there are no distance issues. Anybody have this happen? Do these things just eventually die like this?
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    Do airport base stations just die?

    Thanks for the advice, but it didn't work. I did a hard reset, reloaded the software/firmware, and the behavior is exactly the same. Guess I'll have to pony up for a new wireless router.
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    Do airport base stations just die?

    Of course. I'd understand if the thing just completely died, and if that happened I certainly wouldn't be posting here about it. But mine is failing in a very particular way, and I was just wondering if anybody has had a similar thing happen.
  4. I have a silly little problem that I can't find an answer to. Recently I left my nano in my pocket without having first switched it to 'Hold'. When I pulled it out, some song was playing (which is fine), but also, the Play/Pause icon in the upper left corner of the screen was replaced with a "right double arrow" icon (like a fastforward symbol on a VCR) like this: >> This icon is there no matter what state the iPod is in. In all other respects, it seems to function normally, but I'd like to know what setting got switched such that this double arrow icon is now there forever. I've tried searching this forum and others, and I'm not having any luck finding anyone with the same problem. I've pored through all of the options on the iPod itself (in the menus) and I can't figure out what is going on. Anybody know?
  5. No problem. I always like to see forums as a sort of permanent record (rather than just a mere advice/help center). That way if someone has this happen in the future, they'll have a statement of the problem and solution(s) from beginning to end for them to follow and learn from. Thanks for the feedback from everyone for this relatively minor and overall pretty insignificant issue.
  6. Yes! That's the icon I'm talking about. And holding forward down again makes it go away for good, and now I'm back to normal (thanks for the solution). I don't normally forward my way through songs that way (I press the center button and wheel my way around), so I'd never seen the ">>" icon before. But it's weird: normally when you hold the forward button down, the ">>" comes up just as long as you're holding down the button, and then it reverts to the play ">" arrow again when you release it. Somehow mine got stuck on ">>", even when I was playing and/or pausing the audio. Anyway, thanks again, everything is back to normal. I still don't know what caused it to stick like that, but...
  7. Yes, we're all talking about a reset and not a restore. Part of me doesn't want to resort to this because I want to figure it out and fix it myself (or with the help of the forum). But yeah, resetting and putting all the content back on wouldn't take any time or effort at all.
  8. Well, I'm sure that would work, but I'm not sure it needs to come to that. It's not as if the nano is unresponsive, but rather that there's a strange and unrecognizeable icon on the screen. The ipod is perfectly functional, but I'm just trying to find out what this weird icon means, and how it got there. I'm not as interested in making it just go away (which a reset would certainly do) as I am in finding out why it's there in the first place. Thanks for the suggestion, though.