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  1. Hi again. I just tried this with my MacBook Pro. I put to sleep by closing the lid, waited for the "apple" to go dark, unplugged my external monitor and all other cables and tried to wake my machine back up - got nothing but a black screen! Plugged it all back in and hie the escape key and after a few seconds everything came back to where I was when I yanked the cables. It is kind of slow so maybe he just didn't wait long enough...
  2. My thinking is that the MacBook pro is not fully in "sleep" before he yanks out the cables. Does it act differently if he puts it to sleep via the Apple menu and then takes out the cables? How about if he waits for 20 seconds after closing the lid before cable removal?
  3. Did you try to hold down the power button for several seconds until you hear the MacBook power down? At that point you should be able to restart it (without the external monitor attached) and get a startup screen. My MacBook pro doesn't like waking from sleep with an external monitor attached, sometime I have to hit the "escape" button to get it to respond to the external monitor post sleep. If all else fails you can try to restart with a system disk in the disk drive...
  4. PGDman

    Problem with Apples "Backup" program

    Graham, Thanks for the suggestion. I have checked them out and it seems like a good service. I just thought since I have the program from Apple and it's just sitting there doing nothing I'd try to use it. If I call Apple do you think I'll have any luck? I do have Apple care on the machine. Thanks again, Mike
  5. PGDman

    Problem with Apples "Backup" program

    Gulfie, Thanks for the reply. I didn't know there WAS a monthly bandwidth limit. That being said, the backup doesn't even work at the beginning of the month. How do I check my monthly bandwidth limit/use? Thanks again for your help. ml1211
  6. Maccast Faithful, I get this error when trying to back up this folder to my iDisk via the "Backup" program. I am using 10.6.2 on a core 2 duo 2.53GHz MacBook Pro with 6 GB of Ram. Unable to upload to /Backup/Genesis BackUp - 2010.01.03- - Part 13.FullBackup/Contents/Contents/Backup.dmg on iDisk End backup at 2010-01-04 00:40:01.377 -0500 The total folder backup size is 4.54 GB and I have 40.19 GB available on my iDisk. I have deleted and recreated the back up several times with no change. I have other folders that back up just fine to my iDisk. I also have a time machine backup but that is only weekly because i travel for work. I change files in this folder almost daily. Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!
  7. I have the original iSight with the cable, mounting bracket and stands. Rarely used. $200.00. Reply here if you are interested. Price is negotiable! Thanks.
  8. PGDman

    Windows like offline folders

    Jens, Try "drop box". I have a drop box on my PC at work and one on my MacBook Pro. Anything put into either folder on either system magically appears in the other nearly instantly. http://www.getdropbox.com/ Mike
  9. PGDman

    Issue with latest iPhoto update - help!

    diveactive, Here is what I did: Alternative strategy If you want to move the original in / back to /Applications where it belongs, while preserving the original permissions, do it in two steps. First, drag it to the Trash. You will have to authenticate, after which it will be in your trash with the original permissions. Do Not Empty the Trash! Then drag it from your trash to the /Applications folder. Since you have permission to remove things from your trash, this will be a move rather than a copy, and you'll have the original file, exactly as it started out, back in its original correct location.
  10. real, I have done a full restore, ie: my hard drive died and I replaced it but from a drive connected to my MacBook Pro. I had the drive on the network but directly connected it to my laptop to restore the data. I would think it's possible to do over a network but may take a very long time to complete. Time machine saved me!
  11. Dear Maccasters, Help! My wife's hard drive on her 1 1/2 year old MacBook pro died. She was not a person to do backups (but she will be now!). I had done a time machine backup to an external LaCie drive via a direct usb from my wifes MBP in May. Now that her drive went south I've purchased a time capsule. I noticed that the TM backup on the LaCie drive in NOT a sparse bundle but looks like regular copied files. When I try to drag and drop the folder onto the TC it doesn't copy but I can double click the files on the LaCie and they will open. My question is - is there a way to get that backup onto the time capsule and use it to restore the new - blank drive- in my wife's MBP that I had replaced by MacResQ? If I plug the LaCie drive directly to the MBP I have to log in to the drive for it to mount on the desktop and since the drive is new the LaCie software is no longer on the drive. Sort of a bad catch 22 situation! As a follow up, could I hang the LaCie drive off of the time capsule via usb and access the TM backups on the LaCie that way? As a second question, I can not get my old HP G85 multifunction printer to work with my time capsule. On my previous router ( Macsense Aero WSR-5000 Wireless XRouter ) I just plugged in the HP print server to the G85 and ran an ethernet cable from the print server to the WSR - 5000 hub. I accessed the printer via it's IP address ( and set up the printer via the HP setup assistant. I tried to use the same setup with the TC but the printer does not show up on the network. I also tried to connect the G85 via usb to the TC usb port, can see the G85 as a "bonjour" printer but can not find a driver to finish the setup. The previous driver was called "HP AIO". When I try to use the HP setup assistant again it can not locate the printer on the network and the only USB option is if the printer is directly connected to the computer. Is there any way to print to this over the wireless network again? Thanks in advance for any help!
  12. PGDman

    TiVo/Wireless/Video to my Mac?

    Ian, Wow! Thanks for that great amount of information! I was able to get into my TiVo via Safari (thanks to your great instruction). After that I indeed can download what is saved on my TiVo. Yes, you are correct, the files are large but it is so cool to be able to down load them. Why do you ask about Toast 8? If I could do this with Toast 8 then I would consider buying it. Thanks again for your help. Mike
  13. Hello Maccasters! I have a TiVo Series 2 DVR and the TiVo wireless network adapter. I have never been able to actually "see" the TiVo on my airport network even though I run TiVo desktop on my G4 Powerbook and have the TiVo wireless adapter. I guess that's my first problem. The second issue is that if indeed I can get my TiVo on my network and PBK is there a way to get the recorded video from the TiVo to my PBK, compress it and send it as an attachment to an email? Thanks for any and all help!
  14. MacCasters, I would like to create 2 different "profiles" in mail if possible. It would be a great to be able to choose which "in box" or set of "in boxes" mail checks upon opening mail. One that has my .mac (mobile me??) plus my exchange server at work and a second that just has my .mac account. I take my Powerbook everywhere and when not connected to my work network mail can not get information from the exchange server so it continually tries to access the exchange account. I know I can go into preferences in mail and turn off the exchange account but that seems rather laborious every time I am in a place other than work. If I remember correctly there was a way to do this in Entourage by switching users or something like that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks