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  1. Well I guess the new keyboards Apple released on 7th august are so much easier to clean
  2. Apple key=Command
  3. You can press shift followed by any animation like front row, expose, dashboard, minimize and even in the slideshow mode when opening images within an email. I guess you will be able to do slow motion in Time Machine with the shift key when leopard comes out too.
  4. Cut and paste in finder: drag a file or folder and press command, drop the file inside the destination folder, and voila. Make an alias of a file/folder: drag a file or folder, press command+option, then drop into the destination folder.
  5. what's the name of OSX 10.6 going to be?
  6. Yep... Nothing huge...
  7. Anyway I know he got confused with the initials, but I understood it, and that's the important thing.
  8. Hi there... Listen to the MacCast 2006.10.26 at 52:50 and listen what you said... I think you meant NTFS and not HFS.. -- Ronnie
  9. We don't know what Leopard will look like as a final product yet. It still needs a lot of work and some features remain top secret to avoid Redmond from starting their photocopiers again.
  10. No explorer.exe process runing in the background harvesting 50% of your RAM No suspicious processes that send your information to MS runing in the background Cheaper to maintain than a PC. Everyone says Macs are more expensive, but I don't see it that way. I think PCs are much more expensive, because they require you to buy additional software. iLife is $79. In order to buy something like iLife for a PC, it would cost more than $1000, plus, you would have 0% integrity between all of those applications :wink:
  11. Jus copy the link and paste it into your browser... I don't know why the url tags are not working..
  12. Hey ppl, look at what I found here... It's been posted by!!!!1
  13. Enjoy your new iMac..
  14. Hey vicgrafx.. what do you mean by "How I have done it in the past"? Sounds a bit like Spanglish... No offence -- Ronnie
  15. I think the iMac G5 1.8 Ghz came out in September 2004... -- Ronnie