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  1. ro2nie

    Cleaning your keyboard

    Well I guess the new keyboards Apple released on 7th august are so much easier to clean
  2. ro2nie

    The Ultimate Mac Keyboard Shortcut List

    Apple key=Command
  3. ro2nie

    The Ultimate Mac Keyboard Shortcut List

    You can press shift followed by any animation like front row, expose, dashboard, minimize and even in the slideshow mode when opening images within an email. I guess you will be able to do slow motion in Time Machine with the shift key when leopard comes out too.
  4. ro2nie

    The Ultimate Mac Keyboard Shortcut List

    Cut and paste in finder: drag a file or folder and press command, drop the file inside the destination folder, and voila. Make an alias of a file/folder: drag a file or folder, press command+option, then drop into the destination folder.
  5. what's the name of OSX 10.6 going to be?
  6. Yep... Nothing huge...
  7. Anyway I know he got confused with the initials, but I understood it, and that's the important thing.
  8. Hi there... Listen to the MacCast 2006.10.26 at 52:50 and listen what you said... I think you meant NTFS and not HFS.. -- Ronnie
  9. ro2nie

    Leopard preview

    We don't know what Leopard will look like as a final product yet. It still needs a lot of work and some features remain top secret to avoid Redmond from starting their photocopiers again.
  10. ro2nie

    More reasons to switch

    No explorer.exe process runing in the background harvesting 50% of your RAM No suspicious processes that send your information to MS runing in the background Cheaper to maintain than a PC. Everyone says Macs are more expensive, but I don't see it that way. I think PCs are much more expensive, because they require you to buy additional software. iLife is $79. In order to buy something like iLife for a PC, it would cost more than $1000, plus, you would have 0% integrity between all of those applications :wink:
  11. ro2nie

    Windows XP boots on MacBook Pro

    Jus copy the link and paste it into your browser... I don't know why the url tags are not working..
  12. Hey ppl, look at what I found here... It's been posted by Osxproject.org http://www.mathcaddy.com/windowsxpbootsonamac!!!!1
  13. ro2nie

    Question about G5 20" iMac...

    Enjoy your new iMac..
  14. ro2nie

    Web Designer Needed

    Hey vicgrafx.. what do you mean by "How I have done it in the past"? Sounds a bit like Spanglish... No offence -- Ronnie
  15. ro2nie

    Question about G5 20" iMac...

    I think the iMac G5 1.8 Ghz came out in September 2004... -- Ronnie