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    Alternatives to Filevault

    You can use the Disk Utility to create an AES-128 encrypted disk image. This is the same technology as apple uses for FileVault, but allows you to use it for areas other then your home directory.
  2. s03bf0c0

    How do you guys feel about omniweb browser?

    Touché. Paying for a web browser is insane in this day and age, I mean even really solid, fully featured browsers like Opera are free. I couldn't imagine paying to browse the web.
  3. s03bf0c0

    "Rebroadcast" mode error

    Hey, I pretty sure that since the airport card only has one antenna it can only either send or recieve, not both. You can get external Wifi devices that can act as both, --Tangent Alert-- and even some which use multi-channel for extra stability. This is where they recieve in 802.11A and send on 802.11B/G (or vice versa) This concept is also used in mesh networking, which is a really cool concept, but expensive to deploy in a home or small office environment. Still it can be achieved using a few Wifi dongles, if you have machines that are always on.
  4. s03bf0c0

    External Hard Drive Recommendations?

    I also have the MyBook drive and it is very compact and neat. Also, if you spring the extra few dollars and get the drive w/ firewire support, you also get a blue light, so it will look more at home amongst your apple setup. A nice touch on the part of Westen Digital I think.
  5. s03bf0c0

    Macbook Firmware Update

    Hey, I updated my firmware on my macbook last week, its the older Core Duo model, and since then I've had a coupe of kernel panics, and my battery has been pretty erratic. Has anyone else had issues?
  6. s03bf0c0

    PLEASE help me.

    I would recommend that you turn on ftp in your sharing preferences on the mac. Then download a free ftp client for windows and you can use that to connect to the mac. Then upload the iTunes library folder to your mac that way. It is possible to do this with SMB or AFP but FTP is generally the easiest.
  7. s03bf0c0

    Who still uses their old Mac?

    Yeah I'm the same, I got a Black Macbook over the summer, and i know I should sell my 12" Powerbook, but i just cant part with it. It was my first mac!
  8. s03bf0c0

    Viewing files on a video iPod

    I think there are a couple of automator scripts around that will take various documents and convert them into jpeg image sets. I know there is definately one that converts doc files to powerpoint presentations. you use that to create a new automator that converts word docs to ppt and then exports to jpeg.
  9. s03bf0c0

    Who should be the new "Mac" in Apple's ads?

    I think the Hodgeman should be a switcher, and JC Dvorak should come in as another PC, and chastise him for making the move.
  10. s03bf0c0

    Uh oh, Zune player to come tuesday!

    Hmmm, where prey tell have Microsoft innovated? Unless of course that was a typo and you meant immitated! iPod -> Zune iTunes -> Zune Software iTunes Store -> Zune Marketplace Archos PMA400 -> Zune Wifi Sharing I mean come on!
  11. s03bf0c0

    Uh oh, Zune player to come tuesday!

    I think its kinda funny, because in the US, Apple hold about what? 75% market share! Good luck cracking into that market M$, but in Europe, Apple have a much smaller share, and there are a lot of "small players" like the Sony, Creative, iRiver, Samsung, etc. There isn't the same level of brand loyalty among the smaller players and Microsoft had an opportunity to snatch up some of the market here, where they had a chance. But alas, they have shown yet again that their technical incompetence is matched only by their commercial incompetence by delaying the EU launch of the Zune until possibly 2008! WTF I mean they'd have a shot a the iRiver market, even the gigantic Zune is smaller then some of their players, and Sony's 'MP3' (but not really) players ... well enough said really.
  12. s03bf0c0

    Wireless mouse & keyboard

    I'm really bad a turning mine off, but I use rechargable 2750mAh Energisers, and I need to charge them about every 8-10 weeks.
  13. Apologies. Go to System Preferences -> Accounts then select the Admin user. Open the Tab for Login Items. Click the + symbol and you should get a standard file chooser. Then select the drive from the left bar and cleck add. Let me know how this works, because I haven'y tested this method with W2K3 share-points, but I have used this for AFP and SMB share-points and it works great
  14. Like you I once thought long and hard about this issue. The answer, of course, is blinding obvious, from a mac user perspective. If you connect to the remote share-point and open the user preferences and go to login item you can add the share-point as you would any other startup item.
  15. s03bf0c0

    Macbook Closed Lid Operation

    Hey has anybody else found they get erratic behavior when using the Macbook with the lid closed. I have the black model Macbook, with a 23" Cinema display, and an Apple bluetooth mouse and keyboard, so its not 3rd party issues, but I regularly get odd behavior. The most common occurence is that I wake it for sleeping, and I connect the bluetooth m&k, then connect the power and screen, I put it to sleep and close the lid. I wake it back up but instead of the external screen capturing the main desktop, it just goes flat blue and hangs. Also, if I have been using it in closed lid mode and I shut it down, when I power it back on and close the lid at the login screen I get my desktop background on the external screen and the laptop hangs again. Its really bizarre, because all of the things I've been trying have worked fine on my 12" powerbook. Let me know if you know of a fix, or if Apple are aware of this issue, or is it just me, and should I put in for a repair. Cheers Dave
  16. s03bf0c0

    iMac G3 RAM

    Hey, That ram looks good, its PC100 although the iMac can take up to 1GB, and I would recommend maxing given its an older machine, and OS X is a hog. Also, I've seen signifigant gains in using the latest version of OS X, because apple have been impoving things like application caching throughout development. I think that model iMac can go up to 10.3.9, it may go to Tiger but I'm not 100% sure on that. Fortunately the later model slot loaders like this one are really easy when it comes to upgrading the RAM, although the hard disk is less trivial. Best of Luck
  17. s03bf0c0

    Virtual PC and Boot Camp

    If Windows that came with VPC comes on CD, then I would imagine that you can. If however it came as a VPC disk image its unlikely. You may be able to create a bootcamp partition, then do a bit for bit copy of the Disk image onto that partition, but its messy.
  18. s03bf0c0

    Virtual PC and Boot Camp

    Hmmm, its a little unclear what you're trying to achieve. Do you want to run Office:mac in bootcamp?
  19. s03bf0c0

    Who's using my wifi network?

    Hey, Although the web interface for your router is handy for showing the list of active users on the LAN, I find that my router is often slow to update this list. I use the terminal command "arp -a" which queries the LAN and returns a list of Mac addresses.
  20. s03bf0c0

    Need Help with my new wireless setup

    Ok its been a while since I've had to set up an airport, but you could check the Airport Admin Utility. I think you need to activate the print server in there.
  21. s03bf0c0

    What Can I Do With An Old iMac?

    You should take the insides out of it, and turn it into an aquarium.
  22. s03bf0c0

    wifi range extender

    if you can get a wireless adapter that uses wifi antenna connectivity, you could put an omni directional antenna on your roof. it should at least get rid of the issues with signal degradation from using your laptop inside your house. Also the elevation from the roof should increase the received signal strength.
  23. s03bf0c0

    DVI and Monitor Mayhem

    I have a 23" Cinema display running with my 12" Powerbook. It uses the full resolution on the screen and looks great. Totally worth the rediculous price tag!
  24. s03bf0c0

    Development environments?

    Hey Tim, I'm a computer science student, so I write a reasonable amount of code, but it isn't commercial. That being said, I have gone through my fair share of IDEs since I moved to the mac, just over a year ago. At the moment I am using Netbeans 5, which is going to cause a lot of people to shudder a little, but I have found that this latest version of Netbeans is pretty darn good. A vast improvement on the previous versions. I was using Eclipse up until about 2 months ago, and it was good, but it feels very “hacky” and disjointed if you’re trying to do anything other then standard J2SE stuff. I made the move to Netbeans for its great J2EE and BluePrints support. I did try to use XCode for a while, but although the Cocoa interface builder is really cool, and it has some great tools bundled with it, the actual editor feels very young. I’m actually in the process of building a distributed social messaging system, which will have a cocoa frontend, but I’m writing the logic in Netbeans and then importing that source into XCode for the interface stuff. Hopefully XCode 3.0 will give us all the IDE that we’ve been waiting for on the mac, but for now XCode is gonna have to take a back seat. -Dave
  25. s03bf0c0

    Notebook Batteries

    Absolutely not! I rang apple because I was moving country shortly after requesting a replacement, and I was told that Apple have forgone the whole tracking process so that they can optimize the process for the fastest possible turnaround. Take a look at my earlier post for more details http://forum.maccast.com/index.php?showtopic=8973