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    Macbook Sensors

    Ok, just pulled down a copy of iStat nano and it still isn't working, and then it hit me. Wasn't there talk of some new motherboards in the macbook, a while back, or was that the MBP? Could this be why I'm not getting temp readings?
  2. s03bf0c0

    Macbook Sensors

    Hey, I just got a new black macbook, and I was getting it all set up the way I like it, installing apps, widgets etc and i noticed that iStat Pro doesn't give me temp readings anymore. Are there really no temp sensors in the macbook and if so, what regulates the fans??
  3. s03bf0c0

    Purchasing Help, Pls.

    If I were you I would look into getting a second hand 17" Powerbook. I saw one on craigslist for $1000, which is way cheap. I has a big ass screen for DVDs and its pretty fast. It'll run your pro apps, and i shouldn't have any of the popular issues (Battery Fires, Repeated-Restart-Syndrome etc) and once the intels become stable then trade up. You can prob get 400-500 for a TiBook so you'd be looking at an outlay of 500ish for 1-2 years of stability.
  4. s03bf0c0

    Fast-EAP for OSX

    I heard a rumor that Apple are working on adding EAP support to osx, which will be a big bonus for those of us who use our macs as our primary work machines. I've had to lug a 15 foot ethernet cable around with me for the past 6 months cause out IT people stopped using LEAP for Fast-EAP. I'm glad to see that apple finally got on top of this one. I wonder if it will be there in time for Leopard.
  5. s03bf0c0

    Macbook Sensors

    You guys rock! Thanks everyone
  6. s03bf0c0

    Mac keyboards, tips?

    I like the look of the kensington pilotboard, its on the apple store website, for about $80, with a laser mouse. its available in black, and has apple hot keys for ilife apps. wicked cool wrist cushion is also nice
  7. s03bf0c0

    New Forum Software

    Hey, I've been a casual user of the board for almost a year now, and I was wondering, has anyone else noticed a drop off in the usage of the baord since the new forum software. Perhaps this is coincidence, it might just be the august news slump but I just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts or opinons as to whether the boards are still up to what they used to be.
  8. s03bf0c0

    Battery Recall

    Like so many other mac owners, I was hit by the laptop battery recall. I logged on and ordered my battery (to be delivered to my San Jose address) the day after the recall was announced, and I sat back to wait for the new battery to arrive. However, yesterday I found out that I have to go home (to Ireland) for the next two months, leaving next week. I called apple up to see if they could change the shipping address on my battery so I could get it in Ireland. They couldn't. So I asked if they could remove the order from they system. Once again no. I asked him if there was anything at all that they could do. No Now I understand that recalling 1.4 million batteries is a large logistical undertaking, but seriously. The guy said that Apple literally have no method for modifying orders once you click the submit button. This means that in theory (if you were an unscrupulous individual) you could enter your laptop serial number, your battery serial number, and 3 other random numbers that were similar to your own battery serial, and potentially receive 3 new batteries. Perhaps I'm way off base here, but is anyone else surprised at the lack of coordination on apples part?
  9. Its true that the iPod's UI is far more intuitive then the iRiver, but I've owned a Creative player, and the menu system is very similar, the only thing it lacked was a click wheel. The UI on creative older players (the zen touch was the one I had) was just as intuitive as apple's, although a little slower because of vertical trackpad. Also, although apple's products are always more stylish then the competition, I wouldn't rely on the iPods fad status to last forever. I spoke to my sister in Dublin Ireland yesterday, and leopard print is all in for the fall season. Now I'm as excited about 10.5 as the next guy, but if the masses can wear leopard print and think its cool, they could very easily decide that beige PCs and chunky iRiver players are the next big fad!
  10. Hmmm, I don't think anyone doubts that the ipod was good. it saved apple big time. it funded the current inovation in the mac platform. but I think if were honest the gap between apple and its competion is closing. sandisk have an 8GB nano size player, creative have a widescreen media player, and apple are late to market on products to compete with these. unless we see some big news on Sept 25 I think apple will feel the heat this holiday season.
  11. They do have a large market share, but that’s generally a poor indicator of where a tech company is going. I mean there is no question about who has led the portable music player industry in the past few years, but Creative just got a sweet settlement from Apple, which no doubt they will put into beating the iPod going forward. I mean they just leaked the Creative Vision:W pictures and it doesn’t look bad. I also heard a rumor that they might try to swing their new iPod accessory deal to put the iPod dock connector into their own players. This would make iPod massive accessory collection work for Creative, rather then against them.
  12. s03bf0c0

    Java And Stocks

    Hmmm, I've never seen a compiler for anything that cost money... ever. Does such a thing exist? I guess GCJ, Jikes or Sun's java compiler. If however you mean a free IDE (like BlueJ) eclipse isn't bad, and comes with some great plugins for J2EE based stuff. Netbeans isn't bad, they have improved it alot in the past while. I did some Ajax stuff in the latest release and it was actually really sweet. Also, vim or emacs (hard core)
  13. I have an old Prismo powerbook, and after reading this thread i was curious as to how well it would run on the old girl. So I popped in a fresh 40GB hard disk and started the installer ( had to use an exteral firewire HDD with the installation burned onto it cause I have no external DVD drive ) and lowe and behold, 40 minues later I was runnning leopard. No problems. I turned off dashboard and ran pages, keynote, mail and opera. they all seemed to run at about the same speed as on tiger. No noticable speed boost, but i haven't run any of the core animation stuff on it yet.
  14. s03bf0c0

    HD space disapeared... ACK!!!

    You could also try using something like Onyx to clean out all of the logs, caches etc. If you have image previews turned on in finder, the thumbnail caches can get very large.
  15. You could try putting your firewall into stealth mode, if its not. I know on my firewall it supresses these warnings when its in stealth, because rather then denying the connection attempts it will just ignore them.
  16. s03bf0c0

    Anyone here use VMware products? ...

    Yeah I went through a phase of using VMware to run Fedora Linux on my old Acer laptop. Then I got sick of having to boot into windows, cause I rarely used anything other then the Linux environment, except for playing games, so I switched. I started using Gentoo Linux and running XP in the VM. I was surprised and how well it worked. I actully miss having VMware on the mac. I tried Microsofts VPC but it sucks. At the moment I have an external HDD with Ubuntu for running linux, but I wouldnt mind having VMware back.
  17. s03bf0c0

    Help My Keyboard wont work!!!!!

    I think that it is unlikely that this is software related, perhaps you should have posted in the hardware section.
  18. s03bf0c0

    PDA's and Handheld's

    The Treo 700p. It is amazing! I have had 3 PDAs so far (I'm a sucker for gadgets) and I've never really found them to be useful on a day to day basis. I got the Treo 700 about 2 weeks ago, with the Sprint network. I went for Sprint cause you get unlimited internet for $15 a month. The Treo 700p syncs perfectly with my Powerbook, no 3rd party software required. I use Entourage for my work email and Mail/iCal for my personal stuff, and it syncs with everything, and with the Sprint account I can sync over the cell network. Its not quite the pushmail service that you get from Blackberry but its pretty close. In addition I also got a Jabber client for it, so I can IM my friends from the phone (saves on the SMS bill) as well as chat with my colleagues when I'm not in the office. Also, the digital camera is pretty good and if you get an SD card (I got a 1GB) you can store music/photos/videos on it and it plays them back at reasonable quality. The one issue that I have with it is that the audio jack on it is a 2.5mm so to use it with standard headphones you have to get an adapter. They're cheap but they are bulky, and the handsfree headset that comes with it is pretty poor. That being said, I love it. It has restored my faith in PDAs and to a lesser extend Gadget/Cellphone hybrids.
  19. s03bf0c0

    Problems with noisy, ticking Mighty Mouse

    If you've got an apple store nearby I'd bring it back, I'm sure that they would exchange it for you, or possible give you store credit to put towards a wireless mighty mouse. I just got one, its the business!
  20. s03bf0c0

    Mac Roundtable Bags

    I've got a 12" Powerbook, and I carry it in a Crumpler Roll-o-Notes. Its a smashing bag, really sturdy. Its a shoulder sytle bag, and the shoulder strap is made of seatbelt material, so you know its strong. Its got plenty of padding to keep your precious mac safe and sound, although it is a little tight on space. I usually carry my laptop, power adapter, iPod, Treo, some misc cables, a notebook and a few pens. I dont imagine that you'll fit much more then that, but it is quite a small form factor. Certainly smaller then the case I had for my old Acer Travelmate. I'd recommend it to anyone with a 12" iBook/Powerbook, and I believe it also fits the new 13.1" macbook, but haven't got one so I don't know for sure.
  21. s03bf0c0

    Leopard Developer Preview

    Has anybody heard when developers who didnt attend WWDC will receive Pre Release Leopard Media?
  22. s03bf0c0


    I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but I notice your signature says 17" Powerbook. Now thats not a cheap machine, would you advocate young struggling designers to start ripping off apple stores so that they can have the best design machine? The argument of overpriced software is as old as the internet, but I am a computer science student, and as part of my course I'm required to do a certain amount of design in terms of web apps. I dont use stolen software, because there is a lot a great open source software out there for design. Gimp and Cinepaint are pretty good, sure they lack the full feature list of Adobe's latest offerings, but they're free and they are getting better every release. (Which are quite frequent) And if you're looking to develop web apps, using JSP, or ajax there is no better tool then Aptana. I guess what I'm saying is that if you really wanted not to steal you would find the alternatives (and there are many) but people in general are desensitised to software crime.
  23. s03bf0c0

    Java Editor

    Are you looking for a plain text editor, with syntax highlighting, or are you looking for an actual IDE with debugging, compilation etc. If its just a Text Editor, I like Smultron.app http://smultron.sourceforge.net/ If its an IDE you're after, Xcode will work but I'm a big Eclipse fan. www.eclipse.org
  24. s03bf0c0

    Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 for free?

    its grand just use bootcamp to boot into windows, then virtualise a copy of windows inside that, using MS VPC, then virtualise Redhat inside that using the new Free VMWare solution, and from there you can boot a virtual OSX with VMWare again, and run paralles with WinXP! I wonder how many nested OSes you can run before the whole thing falls apart?
  25. s03bf0c0

    Surround sound speakers and a Mac Mini

    Yeah the Firewave looks sweet, but its been on pre order for months. I'm going mad waiting for it, and I cant find an alternative anywhere!