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    Java Problem

    You can try to install the Sun Java VM, but its quite tricky on the Mac. Best thing to do is head over to developer.apple.com If you have an apple store login you can use that, or create a new account and go to the downloads section. They have all the latest releases packaged for OSX. Once you've done that you should be good to go.
  2. s03bf0c0

    Java Problem

    Ok which version of java are you using? I somtimes find that if you are having problems with plugins (like in this case java applet plugin) firefix will sort itself out if you remove the pluginreg.dat file from ~/Library/Application Support/firefox Be sure to take a copy in case you need to put it back later.
  3. s03bf0c0

    Java Problem

    i dont mean to patronise, but in Firefox -> Prefs -> Content and enable Java
  4. s03bf0c0

    OSX newsreader software

    I use the Sage plugin for Firefox and its great!
  5. s03bf0c0

    Mac OS X, Not Intel Native?

    That would be an interesting concept though. Running just a kernel and emulator, and then running the entire OS on top of the emulator. Performance would suck the Big One, but still. I'd like to see the Symbian OS from my cell phone runnning in full emulation on my desktop. Way cool.
  6. s03bf0c0

    Tiger v.s. Leopard

    I dont think anything like that would ever happen (although Dvorak would claim otherwise) certainly in the next few years. Although, I wouldnt be surprised if 10.9 beat Vista to the shelves.
  7. s03bf0c0

    Tiger v.s. Leopard

    I don't know I have my doubts. I believe that by 10.9 OSX will be as widely adopted and unsustainable as Windows, and so in all likelyhood it will be named OSX 10.9 Cheshire and will never hit the shelves because of a slew of push backs. At this point the few die-hard windows users will sneer at the Apple community and say "I told you so" while still patiently waiting for the release of Vista! At least thats how I see it happening.
  8. s03bf0c0

    ROUTER Help

    If you take a look in prefs->network (assuming your running OSX) and take a look at the ethernet settings. If you have a green light this means the your computer is on the network. If you still have no internet, check that your cable modem is all ok, check lights wires etc. If you have a yellow light, it means that your router is not set up to perform DHCP, or your mac is not set up to accept DHCP. take a look in TCP/IP settings and check that DHCP is selected from the drop down menu. If you have a red light your computer is not seeing the network. Check your network leads, router power, check that your router doesnt require you to use certain port etc. If you're still having trouble let us know what you've tried and which of the above stages you're stuck in.
  9. s03bf0c0

    AFP Lockups

    Yes AFP is a very chatty protocol, and over large distances it falls apart. That being said it does work very well if you're on the same LAN.
  10. s03bf0c0

    Intel iMac 17 inch sound issue

    Another thing to check is the balance. I often find that the balance on my G4 powerbook will set itself to left only. I'm not sure what I'm doing to cause it, but it ruins the sound when i'm using external speakers.
  11. s03bf0c0

    ipod alternatives

    I donnno if this helps you out, but the 5G iPod works great as a mass storage device on the Mac. I backup stuff to my ipod all the time. Its great!
  12. s03bf0c0

    powerbook g3 booting issues

    Yeah but youve gotta really hold it, I mean from the chime until its defo booting the CD. Dont let go, dont tap just hold it. As a pc/linux user this always seemed odd to me, but thats what you gotta do.
  13. s03bf0c0

    powerbook g3 booting issues

    Ok, well Panther requires 256MB of RAM, so you'll need to up your RAM before it will install correctly. You might be able to get it to book into a system Restore CD if you have one, of alternatively you could try using one of the many linux live CDs.
  14. s03bf0c0

    powerbook g3 booting issues

    Hey, I have the same model Powerbook, how much RAM is in it? I've got 576MB and I'm running Panther without problems. You also have to have the latest Powerbook firmware from Apple, and this is installed through OS9. If you cant boot into the OS9 installation CD, try wiping the Hard disk, insert the OS9 disk and boot up while holding "C" If this isn't working you could try plugging in an external CD drive and using "startup disk" in the Panther Installation.
  15. s03bf0c0

    ibook g4 keyboard issues

    Jeez, that sounds pretty odd. Has it been doing this for long? I suppose the you should try to check if its hardware or software thats causing the problem. You could run the Apple Hardware Test, or use this app http://scripts.sil.org/cms/scripts/page.ph...nrsi&id=ukelele Let me know how you get on.
  16. s03bf0c0

    Ftp or Http

    HTTP is designed for transfering lots of very small files. Like web pages. It isn't supposed to be used for large file transfers. FTP has built in error checking and control flow operations which allow it to send, route and receive packets effectively even for large files. MD5 is a hashing operation or checksum. Most download sites will post the MD5 checksum of a file so that you can ensure that the file has now been damaged in transit.
  17. s03bf0c0

    Ftp or Http

    HTTP is generally faster, this is because HTTP just sends the datafile and assumes that you've received it. FTP is a little slower and it uses 2 channels. One for flow control and one for data packets. As a rule of thumb, anything under 20MB is ok for HTTP, but anything bigger i'd go with FTP, and if you're using HTTP you should ALWAYS MD5 your files.
  18. s03bf0c0

    Linux for windows

    Yeah the Ubuntu project is great. Next to Gentoo it is my Fav distro. I would recommend taking a look at the Ubuntu Live CD. If you have an external HD to install it on you wont have to worry about partitioning your windows drive, and if its on a portable HDD you can bring it with you! I have a copy of Kubuntu on a 10GB Pocket drive and I use it to bypass the sea of crap the cloggs up the workstations in college. Its the business!
  19. s03bf0c0

    Apple Ads

    Yes I've heard that the next series of ads will feature a Blonde Hasselblad. I can't wait!!
  20. s03bf0c0

    I am foolish. Broken Macbook Pro keys...(UK)

    Well i haven't seen the new MBP but if they have reverted to the clip in keyboard like the old Powerbook, and iBook, you might be able to just order the part.
  21. s03bf0c0

    I am foolish. Broken Macbook Pro keys...(UK)

    Call apple support and they'll replace it FOC. Similar happened my Powerbook 12" just before Christmas, it took 48hrs from when the Courier collected it from my house to when the Courier dropped it back! Total cost €0.00
  22. s03bf0c0

    Remote log in.

    Ok, well if you go into System Preferences->Networks->Ethernet->TCP/IP you should see an IP address for the Router. Pop that into your browser and hopefully you'll get the router admin interface. This is how most routers are controlled. Unfortunately my router is a Netgear Router so the interface will be different, but if yours is a D-Link you'll probably find info on their website.
  23. s03bf0c0

    Remote log in.

    You could also use a VPN solution such as openVPN, but this is quite complex and involed in terms of its setup.
  24. s03bf0c0

    Remote log in.

    Assuming that your router is acting as a hardware firewalll, the first thing you'll need to do is set up static port forwarding. You should find details on how to do this in your router manual, or at their website. This will send all of the traffic coming into your router on the specified port to the private IP address of your Mini. If you're using SSH you'll probably want to use a non standard port, to reduce the security risks. http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?sto...050707140439980 The next issue is gonna be the problem of knowing the IP address of your machine. Most ISPs use DHCP to assign you a public IP address for each session. You can use the no-ip client for Mac or IP Sender, which will email you changes to your Mini's IP Address. No-IP www.no-ip.com IP Sender http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/netw...y/ipsender.html
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    for command line, using javac etc, your java path probably points to your java bin directory. Eclipse required the java runtime environment jar. in my case its /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.5.0/Classes/classes.jar /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.5.0/Home/src.jar Hope this Helps