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    You probably can use it for website passwords, if you're using Safari, but I use firefox, and its built in password manager is also great.
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    Keychain is great!! I have mail set up to check 3 email accounts and keychain lets me access my mail with just one password. Its also stores my PGP Keys for signing and encrypting my mail! I also use it to store all my remote server password, for FTP sites, fileservers etc I have Server Admin tool for managing some XServes, and Workgroup manager for managing LDAP Servers. Not to mention the secure disk images that I have on my USB thumb drive. I think if i didnt have keychain i'd need to remember and manually input about 40 different passwords every day!!! I used windows up until last summer and I actually think Keychain is the best feature of OSX, and the beauty is that you never see it. One password when I wake my Mac and everything else just works!
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    Backup Software

    I find the best way to back things up is to take the folders you want backed up and use hdiutil to create a DMG file with all the folders stored inside. You can then add your own security and compression using the Disk Utility and open source compression software. At the moment I'm backing up a 40GB fileserver to 19GB Archives using DMG with GZ2 compression. Its great!
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    Need Help Doing Some Research

    Polo Mints! The mint with the Hole
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    strange error message

    That type of error is generally cause by a Kernel Panic, and can often be attributed to some sort of hardware issue. http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=106227 The steps outlined above should solve it most of the time, but if they don't you should contact your local apple repair centre. The serious issues that I've seen with this error include the G5 iMac logic board malfunction, varios harddisk failures and iBook/Powerbook G4 video card issues.
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    Rip Off Ireland

    Hey All, I've been thinking of getting an Intel based Mini, and I couldn't believe how expensive they are!! I heard Adam talking about how the UK customers are getting ripped off, well they haven't got it half as bad as us Irish! I priced a Mini, full spec w/ 23" Cinema Display in the Irish and US stores and its shocking: Apple Ireland €2,878.00 == $3601.23 Apple USA €2,180.35 == $2622.00 That’s $1000 difference. Its cheaper for me to fly to Cupertino, CA by lunch for Steve, pick up my new Mac and fly home. I mean I understand that there are distribution costs but seriously, a 37% increase unjustifiable.
  7. Excellent!! Good to hear.
  8. Hey Jon, I just tried reproducing the situation that you're in with my USB thumb drive, you may not need to go through all of the steps i mentioned earlier. If you go into /Volumes and do "ls -l" You should see your drive there, but the permissions will be mosly empty. type #chmod 775 <name of your drive> I hope this helps, and I apologise if I've gone and put you through the hassle of all that other junk.
  9. Hmmm, thats an awful lot of warnings. Ok, well start at the easy things, staff is the default group for non-admin users. No need to worry about that. I think in order to solve this issue it would be best to enter root mode %sudo su this will eliminate the need to "sudo" everything that you have to do. 1) Unplug the external Disk and reboot your machine 2) Open a terminal and ls the /dev directory and check which disks are present. 3) Connect the External Drive, and repeat 2) you should now have the /dev/disk number for your external drive. 4) where X is the number of the drive that you now have type #mount -t hfs /dev/diskX /Volumes/ExternalDisk Assuming that this works you should now have your external disk mounted to /Volumes/ExternalDisk I'm not sure if this will show up in your Finder and you may have to fix the ownership and permissions using chown and chmod through the command line. As I mentioned earlier you will need to run this as root using 'sudo su' Incidently was it in the "Get Info" box that you initially disabled the drive access? As a rule of thumb, you should always have World/Everbody permission set to Read-Only on folders, drives etc. and set the no access flag for individual files if you need to. This will remove the risk of locking yourself out. Also I would recommend if you need to secure a section of the filesystem and are too lazy to reset permissions on each file, create a secure disk image. They are more protected then Unix file permissions and easier to manage. Good luck once again
  10. Hey, you may have tried this already but if you open a terminal and run the following command. I assume you only have one internal HDD. #sudo hdiutil mount /dev/disk1 Assuming that works you should be able to run chown or chmod to fix ownership and permissions. if this doesnt work, please post the command output All the best
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    10.5 Leopard Rumors

    Roll on 10.5! I'm glad to see Apple being pro-active in OSX Development. Perhaps now the rumor-mungors (Dvorak) will stop ranting about the demise of the MacOS.
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    What kind of headphones?

    Hey I just got a pair of the Sony earbuds that Scotto mentioned. I had a pair of similar buds from Panasonic and I'm blown away by the difference. They really are great buds, and I totally recommend them!!
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    too many people

    Micro-management is the MS-DOS of management!! Boo-erns!!
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    Boot camp is the first step toward an integrated virtualisation solution (rumored for the Leopard Release) I think we can all agree that this is not far off. Parallels have their product which is offering Classic style XP integration right now! If this becomes widely adopted, and Apple can gain some more market share, I think more software developers will look at native OS X as a viable platform. I've seen so many people talking about the end of OS X because you can run XP on the Mac. Thats crazy talk! I know a lot of people who are excited about running windows apps on their Macs, but not because they want a prettier windows box! People want to have NO Windows box! And if XP/Vista on the Mac, inside OS X, can be marketted at the home user domain then it will become the defacto standard for software development. The problem at the moment is that people dont have a Mac on their Desk. I really hope that Apple see this opertunity, and actively promote virtualisation as a simple solution and taget the buget PC users with an offering that can compete.
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    Wacky Backup Problem?

    Hey, I've come across this issue also, well something similar. I backup my fileserver in work to an FTP server, and to keep things tidy i use .dmg files to take daily snapshots. If however, the image file doesnt mount correctly (for whatever reason, eg not enough space) then the files are copied into a new folder (/Volumes/<DiskImageName>) You should have a look through your log files and just see if this could have been the problem, as many of Psync based solutions just use shell scripts (which will do as much as possible, and dont abort on first error) Hope this helps
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    IBook PC file swapping

    Apologies I forgot to mention that you also need to go into System Preferences and Sharing, and turn on Windows Sharing.
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    IBook PC file swapping

    If you go to Directoy Access on your mac, and set up a workgroup in Samba (SMB/CIFS) On your PC run the home network wizard and set your Workgroup to be the same as your Mac. Then on your Mac you should see the Shared Documents, when you access your Windows machine (Finder -> Network -> WinXPhostName) You can use this to pass files between your machines.
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    So many Apple videos!

    Hey i dont know if everyone has seen this already, but i thought it was great http://homepage.mac.com/bradster/.Movies/P...s_First_Mac.mov
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    OSX 10.0 - 10.4

    You're right it doesn't say discounts, however it does say up updates. Software updates are free, so no proof of purchase is required, and major updates, for example, the update from iLife 06 to iLife 06, does have an update option. The same can be said of the OSX updates. So why include these worhtless coupons.
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    OSX 10.0 - 10.4

    Well yes, thats my point, I received a set of coupons with my new machine, which say With the heading Why are these included if not to allow discounted purchase of future releases of the software
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    OSX 10.0 - 10.4

    Well it said iLife Upgrade Coupon and had the iLife logo on it. Now admittedly it was a leap of faith I my behalf to assume that meant discounted upgrade...
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    OSX 10.0 - 10.4

    Thats a fair point. I bought a powerbook in november, which came with iLife 05, and not 4 months later was iLife 06 released. I called up apple, iLife coupons in hand, an I was told I would have to pay full retail. Whats the deal?
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    Q Emulator

    Hey Kyler, Q emulator will emulate the x86 platform, but you will need to either use a bootable cd (linux live cd etc) or install an OS (win2k/xp) before you can use your test cd. Once you've done that, you might take a look at the platform used to create the CD, I know a of exam testing systems use Macromedia Authorware. So you may need to install the player software from the macromedia site, or on the CD if they've provided it.
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    Backup Software

    What does it do? What Doesn't it do!! Here's the link to the CCC web page http://www.bombich.com/software/ccc.html Its the business! Here's the blurb if you're interested
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    Terminal Authentication

    Hey, If you're lookin to use su, the best way is to use Sudo. If you pop open a terminal and go to /etc/sudoers edit the file : under the the line root ALL=(ALL) ALL Add the line [i]username[/i] ALL=ALL This will allow the user with username to run all commands, but must always authenticate Hope this helps