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    Macs have Souls

    Did Adam say that they had "a Soul" or just "Soul" I mean the argument about it being just a machine, and a few thousand lines of code is valid, if your disputing the presence of "a soul" However, the Mac Soul isn't really about the box or the code, thats a catylist sure, but its really about the "Mac Feeling." I mean sure you could brand all the die hard Mac Geeks as fanatics, but the truth is that when I use my Mac its an enjoyable experience. I've been using Windows for the past 12 years, and Linux for the past 5. I moved over to Mac in November, and its been liberating. The fact of the matter is that Macs are the Barry White of computers (at the moment) and while the soul is there, go with it!! *** Support the Geek for a week campaign -- Bring Unix to the Masses ***
  2. s03bf0c0

    Terminal Authentication

    This is a crudgy hack! Be warned! Put a duplicate of Terminal.app in your home directory, and use that for your day to day stuff, and then set the permission on /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app to "Everyone - No Access" That way if apps are trying to use it, they wont be able to unless you've already authenticated. I have not tested this but it should work... in theory.
  3. s03bf0c0

    Backup Software

    Hey Man, Have you tried carbon copy cloner. Its great, I admin a fileserver and use it everytime I need to do upgrades. It allows you to mirror a section of your file system to a diskimage/network drive/removable media so its a great all rounder. I dont recall the URL but google it. Its the business
  4. s03bf0c0

    Keeping your Mac secure

    Hey davidwsica It shouldnt compromise your system too much to change the permissions of the system logs that you need to "Everyone - Read Only" Now as far a i recall System.log is in /var/log and you can use sudo chmod -644 /var/log/system.log That'll give you read only to view your logs
  5. s03bf0c0

    NO store in Ireland!

    Hey man, Couldnt agree more. I study computer science in UCD, and I've noticed a lot of people in the University using macs. Also, just take a look at the Darts in the morning. Everybody has an iPod. Everybody!! At the moment the only place to go for mac gear is O2 experience store, which is pretty poorly stocked, and I would definately welcome an real Apple store in Dublin. I think it would be a good move for Apple, after all Ireland is full of people who would pay the extra cash, for a computer that didn't look like crap, and that worked well with their iPod. Come on Apple, let get a move on!!