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    MBP for Gaming

    Hey, I have a 15" G4 Powerbook that is in need of replacement, but I really want a machine that I can use to play some upcoming games, like Crysis and Bioshock. I was looking at the 15" MBP with the 256MB graphics card, to use Vista/Bootcamp. Has anybody tried this setup for playing games? Is it any good? I'm starting to think it might make more sense to get something like the Alienware M9750 which is built for gaming, and has the MXM compliant motherboard that allows for DX10 upgrades later, but I donno if I can live without OSX. I used to use Gentoo Linux before switching to the mac 2 years ago.
  2. s03bf0c0

    MBP for Gaming

    Yeah, thats an option, although I would then need to get a TV. (Most people assume that you already have one of those) and the reason for getting a gaming laptop (and not a big desktop) is that im pretty tight for space in my house. (its a micro house that I share with 3 other people). I should use less brackets
  3. s03bf0c0

    SIP voice calls don't work w/ Belkin router

    Hey, Do you have UPnP turned on? I ask because Gizmo, and many other SIP based VoIP services use UPnP to open the RTP streams used to carry voice traffic through your router. Many router manufacturers have taken to disabling UPnP due to several security concerns voices over the past year. You could check to see if UPnP is activated, and if its not pop into the preferences screen and under advanced set Transport Setup to manual. Set the SIP and RTP ports to ports of your choice and set them up for port forwarding on your router. I hope this helps.
  4. s03bf0c0

    Mac Programming

    What about Ruby, although its not a very popular application programming languages, it has a very simple syntax. It allows new programmers to focus on the core concepts of object oriented programming, without the complexities of using Java or C++.
  5. s03bf0c0

    Apple remote pairing/unpairing

    Yeah, it is a bit silly. I have a macbook, a dock and a mac mini. It would be great if there was an easy way to just shut off the IR. Fortunately my dock is beside the mini, but I have 2 remotes, 1 from each mac. Maybe you could get some black electrical tape, and cover the black IR receiver with a perfectly round bit of tape. One of apple's less elegant solutions i suppose.
  6. s03bf0c0

    BATTLE: iBook SE vs. Mac Mini

    glad to be of assistance, also if you are looking a doing a lot a video stuff, like *legally* backing up DVDs or using the Mini as a Digital Video Recorder, the stackable external drives for the mini are much less obtrusive then anything that you could attach to the clamshell.
  7. s03bf0c0

    Apple remote pairing/unpairing

    Far as I recall the pair will stop your MBP from accepting input from unpaired remotes, but not vice versa. There is a similar method to pair a remote with the dock, and if you have a second remote you could pair the dock, and it will nolonger react to your MBP remote. Other then that I'm not sure if its possible.
  8. s03bf0c0

    Spoof/fake IP

    What are you trying to achieve? I mean you can go into prefs -> Network and change your IP address using the Config IPv4 drop box.
  9. s03bf0c0

    BATTLE: iBook SE vs. Mac Mini

    While the iBook is a classic, and would make a nice piece of Retro-tech furniture in the living room, I would go with the mini. I use a mac mini with the eyeTV tuner as a home entertainment/home server and it is the business! In particular the integration between FrontRow and eyeTV's latest software version is really nice.
  10. s03bf0c0

    Zen vs. iPod

    Hey, I haven't had a Zen since the Zen:Touch, which is a few years back. It was a solid player, and I brought it everywhere with me. Rock climbing, sailing, hiking, camping back packing, it was always there with me. The battery life was really impressive, and i still have it and it works great. The downside of course is that it doesn't work with the mac. There is some crazy 3rd party junk, but nothing like as intuitive as iTunes. I hear good things about the Creative:Vison players, from my M$ friends, but as far I'm concerned, I will not buy a non-iPod player unless they make the effort to support OSX.
  11. s03bf0c0

    US Store from UK

    Buy a US iTunes card on eBay
  12. s03bf0c0

    Gear4 Blueye Review

    I've had some dialogue with the guys at Gear4, and they are working on a Mac compatible firmware updater. At the moment their advice is "In the meantime please try and get access to a PC. The entire process can be done in under 2 mins." I know what you're thinking, iPod accessory without Mac support, ironic.
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    This might be a well known feature, but I just found it. In main.app, and I assume most other Cocoa applications you can press escape when typing a word and you will be given a list of possible completion options. Very handy if you are a poor/lazy speller such as myself.
  14. I'm not sure if you've tried to log in via SSH (remote login). If you don't have SSH server running on your machine, you'll find it very difficult to do the things that you want to do, and I would recommend that you activate it as soon as you regain control of your machines. If you have SSH, open Terminal and type "ssh username@your_machine_ip_address" You will be prompted for your password, and then you will be given access to your machine. Then navigate to your http.conf file using the cd command. You can then replace the jankey conf file with your backup, and use "sudo shutdown -r now" to reboot. Bobs your uncle, and remember SSH is the most important service for any remote machine, especially if you are using a GUI system like VNC or ARD.
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    Firefox 2.0 has it. Very helpful!
  16. s03bf0c0

    12" Powerbook 1.5Ghz

    12" G4 Powerbook (latest revision) 1.5GHz PowerPC G4 Processor 1.25GB RAM 80GB Harddisk Airport + Bluetooth Superdrive (Writes to DVD+RW and DVD-RW) GeForce FX Go5200 64MB Graphics Card (dedicated VRAM) MacOS 10.4.7 iLife 06 Can't take less then $1100 I'm afraid.
  17. s03bf0c0

    12" Powerbook 1.5Ghz

    Actually I'm looking for someone who wants a portable mac that can render 3d worth a damn. I have a black macbook with 2GB of ram, and it doesn't render 3d like my old powerbook. Unfortunately I need a free up the cash so I'm selling it, but I know that the departure of the 12" powerbook when the MBP was launched left a gaping whole in the pro laptop line, and I'm hoping to get fair market value for it.
  18. s03bf0c0

    Backup Question

    No it hasn't but the Developer Preview is available on BitTorrent, if you don't mind breaking the EULA to use it. Personally I haven't bothered. I have a copy that I got through a colleague, and I installed it on my old powerbook, but stopeed using it. I hate using the Developer pre-release software, I'd rather be amazed by the polished final product, then see it go from buggy to brilliant over time. Its like knowing how the magic trick works, it takes away from the show. Thats why I intend to wait until SP2 or SP3 before getting Vista for parallels.
  19. s03bf0c0

    Backup Question

    Carbon Copy Cloner is what I use. I'm backing up to a Western Digital MyBook with firewire, and CCC creates complete bootable iterative backups. I've never had a harddrive fail, but I do test the backup about once a month, and I've yet to find myself without a good copy. http://www.bombich.com/software/ccc.html
  20. s03bf0c0

    Safari is gone! how do i get it back?

    You can reinstall it from the installation DVD.
  21. s03bf0c0


    Did I not mention my poor spelling... I did of course mean mail.app. Pity it doesn't work in Firefox, or Safari for that matter.
  22. s03bf0c0

    Recording suggestions?

    Have a red of this article, I found it quite interesting, and it addresses most of the issues that you are having http://www.camcorderinfo.com/content/wirel...uyers_guide.htm
  23. Griffin Technology have several iPod microphones that could be worth looking at. You will want to sit as close to the lecturer as possible though. I used to use the internal mic on my macbook to record lectures, and then use prof cast to merge them with the lecture slides. It worked really well, and I probably could have sold them to my classmates, but I'm a FSF kinda guys so I just posted them on my website.
  24. s03bf0c0

    mac mini hard drive

    I have the slightly older 1.66GHz Core Duo Mini and it has a Fujitsu MHV2080BH It's a 5400 rpm drive, full specs available here http://www.fujitsu.com/us/services/computi...120bh-sata.html
  25. s03bf0c0

    Alternatives to Filevault

    Standard disk images are fixed size, that is that you set the size of the image, and it will consume the full size of the volume on your hard disk. With a sparse image it creates an image with a maximum size, but it grows the image as you add files to it.