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  1. daniel

    Leopard sudo problem

    in order to use sudo, you need to have a admin password that is not an empty password. I had the same problem.
  2. daniel

    slow gigabit ethernet

    I don't use a hub. I've connected them directly with a cat 6 STP cable. I'm only connecting 2 computers.
  3. daniel

    slow gigabit ethernet

    Please help me macgeeks! Any comments, suggestions?
  4. daniel

    slow gigabit ethernet

    Generally I transfer large iMovie files (several GB).
  5. Although I've connected my PowerBook and my Windows computer with Gigabit Ethernet my average transfer rate is about 8 MB/s. That is 64 Mbit/s of the 1000 Mbit/s I should get! My settings are: manual IP numbers. Passive FTP (PASV). Speed: 1000baseT. Fullduplex. Package size: Standard (1500). Please help me!
  6. daniel

    Bad RAM? Bad CPU? Bad something?

    For your kernel-panics: 1. Check if it crashes when you start in safe mode (press shift at startup). 2. Reaper permissions and the volume by starting up from the installation DVD. Check S.M.A.R.T. Status. Is the status in red then backup your data and replace HD! 3. Zapp PRAM. 4. Did you install new hardware? Disconnect all peripherals and check if the problem continues. 5. Did you install new incompatible software, drivers? 6. Maybe Mac OS 10.4.6 is the problem. Keep working whit 10.4.5 until a new update comes.
  7. daniel

    7200 or 5400 RPM drive? Here is the answer.

    Firewire 800 uses 8B10B-code. This means that instead of being 1Byte=8bit, it is 1Byte=10bit. Therefore: 800 Mb/s = 80 MB/s (theoreticaly in firewire 800). Since the comunication between computer and HD uses another protocol than Firewire 800 you lose extra Bytes translating from procesor code to firewire code and back again.
  8. daniel

    iTunes tip: invert store links

    Thanks, this is a really goodone!
  9. daniel

    Prolonging PowerBook battery life?

    Lythium-ion batteries only last a specific number of cicles (400-500), then they loose capacity. One cicle is one full discharge. If you discharge the battery half, charge it and discharge it again a half you have one cicle. Therefore you should operate the computer from AC as long as possible, but you should discharge and charge the battery completely from time to time (3 months maybe) to calibrate the battery again. When you charge wait until charging has finished. Lithium-ion batteries have no memory-effect.
  10. daniel

    G4 Powerbook external display and PMU reset

    If the beep comes from POST: 1 beep means: no RAM installed. Maybe you should check your RAM.
  11. Hi joenspa! Some of the following could also help you: 1. Runn fsck (file-system consistency check) on your stardup Volume. To do so start the computer from the installation DVD, open disk utility and click on "repair Volume". 2. Delete caches. This is acomplished by dragging the contents of the "System > Library > Caches" and "Library > Caches" folders to the trash and restarting the computer (It will take longer to start up because it will have to create new caches). If this has no effect then delete the following files and restart the computer: "Extensions.mkext" and "Extensions.kextcache" from the "System > Library" folder; "com.apple.kernelcaches" from "System > Library > Caches"; and "com.apple.ATS" and all other files that begin with "com.apple.LaunchServices" from "Library > Caches". 3. Check your RAM with Hardware Test Good luck and tell us how you resolve your problem!
  12. daniel


    Hi vintagegeek! iPhoto works together with image capture to import photos. First make sure you have no camera connected, then launch image capture (it should be in your applications folder). Open the image capture preferences. Under the "general" tab you can select the application you want to launch when you connect a camera, or select no application. I think this should also work with a card reader. Good luck!
  13. I have really no idea on this problem but as I saw the pictures I immediately thought of the fonts. I think you could try verifying the fonts and if there is any corrupt one then reinstalling them. Just a suggestion. Good luck!
  14. daniel

    iMac G5 not recognizing FireWire devices

    Proced as follws: 1. Open System Profiler (/Applications/Utilites/) and check if the computer recognices the firewire ports. If it does not then continue: 2. Shut down all firewire devices and disconnect them. 3. Repair the Permissions on the statup disk (with Disk Utility). 4. Shut down the computer. 5. Reset the SMU. 6. Power your G5 on again. 7. Verify if your firewire ports apear in the System Profiler now. If they do then follow: 8. Connect your device and check it with Disk Utility (for Hard disks). The procedure for resetting the SMU depends on your iMac model. For the iMac G5 (Ambient Light Sensor) and iMac G5 (iSight) read the following document from apple: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=301733 For other iMac models search at the apple knowleg base at: http://search.info.apple.com/ If that procedure does not work I guess your hardware is at falt. I am sorry for any writting errors, I'm not native English speaker. Best luck and write back when you resolved the problem!