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  1. Simpsonmaniac212

    Adam's Vacation

    Adam, where are you going on vacation?
  2. Simpsonmaniac212

    Know any Digital to Analog Converters?

    so cone of my buddies picked up a digital to analog converter, that uses firewire. He got it for about $30 bucks, and its great. I am looking to buy one for a under $50 that has s-video as well as A-V plugins. It should also have firewire output. If anybody knows of any good Converters, please let me kno thanx
  3. so my mom gave me her old Sony Clie. It is pretty old and looks to me like it was only meant to run on a pc. I was wondering if anyone new of a way to be able to send QT movies to it. (i dont need to use the other apps). Its called the Sony CLIE PEG-TG50/U. Any help is greatly apreciated!!
  4. Simpsonmaniac212

    Mac Jokes

    HAH! very funny
  5. Simpsonmaniac212

    Digital Camera

    i was looking for a video camera, for my ibook, and i came opon this :http://about.pricegrabber.com/search_getprod.php/masterid=4544504/search=digital%20camcorder it is a pretty good fit for me, i hope it works for u
  6. Simpsonmaniac212

    Holy Shit!

    sorry about the title, but when i saw the maccast homepage, i was like OMG. did anybody kno that we have over 11,000 listeners! i remember the day before itunes 4.9 came out, we had just over 4000! with this many listeners the show will definitly be making some changes
  7. i have a similar story after about 10 months of heavy use (being dropped, shocked, scratched, and kicked), my ipod's harddrive was shot. i went to my local apple store and asked a genius named tim about replacing it using my 1 year warranty. he looked it over, and after about 5 min. of close scrutiny found a dent in the case that he said was the reason for my problems. according to him, apple would not replace it because it died because of "mistreatment". I came back on Friday night with my father and talked to another genius. keep in mind that i was at a mini store so the entire staff was made up of about 5 people. The genius was being overwelmed by a few angry costumers, so i patently waited my turn and presented her with my ipod. she took a glance at it and went to the back of the store to get me a replacement. I think that the key to getting a replacement is catching the genius or apple person offguard.