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  1. jonnygreen

    Slow Mac Pro

    Thanks, I've moved a load of files and now have 120GB free, but it's made hardly any difference. Firefox for example bounces about 15 times and then takes a further 10 seconds to open the window. Safari bounces about 8 times and takes a further 5 seconds to display. It just feels so much slower than it ought to be. 6 GB of RAM should be plenty shouldn't it?
  2. jonnygreen

    Slow Mac Pro

    Hi, I have (what I thought was) a pretty fast Mac Pro, with 2 Quad Core Intel Xeon 3Ghx processors, and 6gb RAM. I have a number of Hard Drives (4 in total), the main boot disc is a 500GB 7200 rpm Hitachi with about only 20gb free. It's been so slow of late, especially running Sketchup Pro, but even Safari takes 5-7 bounces before opening, and Address Book 3-4. I recently did a fresh OS X Snow Leopard install on one of the HD's and migrated all my settings and apps, and it's made little or no difference. My worry is that using a new Macbook Pro in the Apple Store recently, all the apps opened with in 1 or 2 bounces on the dock, and then straight into the program. With that in mind, surely my fairly well spec-ed Mac pro shouldn't be so much slower? I'd really appreciate any feedback as to a) Whether people think the Mac pro spec is a decent one/ fast enough for normal use (surely it is?) Whether adding more RAM or a bigger HD to have more space would improve the usability at all? I don't want to spend money on RAM if it's not going to help much Or do people think that maybe there's a hardware issue somewhere. To me, having used Macs for years, this machine now seems way more sluggish than it ought to be, esp with a fresh OS install (which was done by erasing the disk and starting from scratch, no upgrade) Any thoughts or help much appreciated, Thanks, Jonathan
  3. jonnygreen

    2 Mail Libraries?

    My mail library is now huge (emails going back 5 years!) and therefore quite slow. Is there a way to have a separate Mail library with all my archived emails in, and a new one for current emails? I'd like to be able to open both (or one at a time) so that i can still search though my old emails, but be able to use a leaner library for everyday. Any ideas if this is possible, or a better way for me to archive emails that I can search for easily? Many thanks, Jonathan
  4. jonnygreen

    Firefox NoScript quicktime problems

    Apologies, a bit more digging and I found the answer which is below in case it helps anybody else: Go to System Prefs, Quicktime, Advanced, then MIME settings and de-select FlashPix under 'Images' and de-select Flash Media under Misc. The re-start Firefox.
  5. Hi, I've searched hi and low and still can't seem to find an answer, although I'm convinced it's really simple. I'm running the latest version of Firefox, plus the latest NoScript add-on. I can't seem to get pages to play quicktime movies in YouTube, as I just get a question mark over the 'Q' symbol where the video should be. The sites all work fine in Safari, plus I've tried various different NoScript settings, even allowing Java and Javascript, adding YouTube to the Whitelist etc, but still no joy. Weirdly, the quicktime movies on Apple's website work fine in Firefox, and any other new site if I "allow" the site in NoScript. Is it maybe something to do with the way I have YouTube configured in NoScript perhaps? Or is it something to do with Firefox? Does anybody have any bright ideas? Many thanks.
  6. jonnygreen

    Backups to iDisk

    Apologies if this has already been covered (I did search but found nothing) My iDisk is getting full up as I use it to backup files to. Having looked at the Backup folder recently, it's crammed full of incremental backup files. Is it safe to delete any of these? I'm guessing if I do I won't be able to restore files if I need to because the previous files won't be available? Or is it best to delete ALL the backups and start a backup routine from scratch? There must be a better way though? Thanks.
  7. jonnygreen

    Mac Mail - Stopping a Send Request

    Of course! Activity Viewer...forgot about that. Do you know if there's a way to keep it visible the whole time, or integrate it into the sidebar/toolbar? The window goes behind the moment you click on anything else. Thanks though
  8. Is there a way of immediately stopping sending an email, if you've clicked 'Send' before you actually intended to? It seems like there's no way of cancelling a Send request once you've started it. Thanks, JG
  9. jonnygreen

    Spinning Beach Ball after File;Save As

    I turned iDisk syncing to off under System Preferences and that did the trick immediately. But I guess that now means I can't have iDisk sync automatically? Should I just keep it set to Manual instead of off, and just remember to sync it every now and then?
  10. jonnygreen

    Spinning Beach Ball after File;Save As

    No CD in the drive, but I do have my iDisk mounted on my desktop...should I get rid of that?
  11. jonnygreen

    iPod Locking Software

  12. jonnygreen

    iPod Locking Software

    Does anybody know of any software that locks/secures and iPod? I recently (sigh of despair) lost my 2 month old iPod Video and after getting over the shock of losing it, realsied that I had synced all my contacts to it. I was wondering if there's any software that allows you to password/code protect the ipod to prevent somebody else using it or getting at any info?
  13. jonnygreen

    Spinning Beach Ball after File;Save As

    Nothing mounted on the network, no, but logging in as a different user makes the Save As command almost instantaneous. So the problem only exists under my admin account Does that shed any more light on the issue?
  14. jonnygreen

    Spinning Beach Ball after File;Save As

    As an extra bit of info, I've timed it to take 13-18 seconds, and seems to happen on Word, Exel, and particularly Photoshop CS2
  15. Not a major problem but a bit annoying. I have a G5 Powermac 2.7 Ghz with 3Gigs of Ram (so no slouch!) but if I want to save a file and click File,Save As, it takes a good 10-15 seconds before the Finder window pops up to allow me to name the file and save it. I just feel that it shouldn't be taking this long with a machine of this spec. I'm running Tiger (up to date) and Repair Permissions frequently. The problem seems to have got worse over time, but couldn't pinpoint exactly when it got bad I'm afraid. Any thoughts much appreciated.