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    iPhone: Reporting from...

    I was at the Apple Store in King of Prussia, PA today with a friend who purchased a MacBook (first Mac for him). While I unfortunately did not purchase an iPhone, I of course tested it out. Made some calls, surfed the web, tried out the email, and Google Maps.... I WANT ONE!!!! I am totally smitten with the thing. I was able to type pretty fast on it. I personally love the touch screen everything on it. It worked great. The pictures/video don't do it any justice.
  2. KD

    What to see in San Diego? ...

    I was just there last month so I have a few recommendations. First of all, La Jolla is absolutely beautiful... there is the village with neat shops, gorgeous views of the ocean, and good restaurants/cafes. If you walk along the coast just off Prospect Street, there's an area called "Children's Pool" where a large family of seals and sea lions live and are almost always out to see. There is also the La Jolla shores just north of the village where there is a long stretch of white sand beaches. There's a section there where hang gliders take off from the cliffs a bit further north. Just a friendly warning though... the far end of that beach apparently is a nude beach called "Black Beach" or something. Also, I highly recommend taking a ride into Coronado Island (it's about 5-10 minutes outside SD). There is a beautiful, historic hotel there, Hotel Del Coronado. The beach there was named the second best beach in the US by the Travel Channel. There is a GREAT ice cream place in the hotel there called Moo Time. Also, there is a place in walking distance from the hotel called Island Pasta. You wouldn't think much of just walking past it (it's very small), but something possessed us to go in there and we got some really great pasta. It's all homemade there. In downtown San Diego, there is a really cool mall called Horton Plaza. It's an open air, multi-level mall... it was very impressive. There's also another open air mall nearby in Fashion Valley (where there is an Apple Store). Mission Bay is also very beautiful (I stayed at the Hilton there). There's a really long bike trail around it that just kept going and going and of course was lined with tons of palm trees. Ah this makes me want to go back! Hope that helps.
  3. KD

    Let me see your Mac!

    I see you are an InterfaceLIFT fan as well
  4. Maybe someone can help me with this one. I purchased a song earlier and was watching the progress of the download. When the blue bar went all the way across it stopped there and at the top of the window it said "Accessing iTunes Store" and was stuck on this for a while. I checked my Purchased playlist and sure enough the song was already there completed and playable from beginning to end. However, the download was showing up as still in progress and it still said "Accessing iTunes Store." I checked my Purchased playlist again and a second copy of the song was listed just below the first one, and then finally a third one. So, I quit iTunes and got the message that there was a download in progress and it would resume next time I opened iTunes. So I opened it again hoping that it would go away, but it prompted me for my password. I typed it in and the download showed up again. It again showed the progress bar all the way across and said "Accessing iTunes Store." I clicked on iTunes store in the source list and was able to connect, but once I was in the store it still said "Accessing iTunes Store" for the download that I now had 3 copies of. I checked my purchase history to make sure I wasn't being charged over and over for it and I wasn't. It only charged the 99 cents for it. So I simply clicked on Downloads in the source list where my song was still listed with the progress bar showing it complete but it was still spinning around so I highlighted it and hit delete. A message popped up that asked me if I wanted to do that and I clicked ok. Everything's fine now, even though I have 3 copies of the song, however, every time I open iTunes now a dialog box pops open and prompts me to enter my password to check for purchased items that haven't yet downloaded. Every time I do, it checks and then nothing happens but this message pops open now every time I open iTunes because it "thinks" I have a purchased item yet to download. Has this ever happened to anyone else and can someone please tell me how to get this dialog box to stop opening every time I launch iTunes?
  5. KD

    MacBook Fan Noise

    Thanks Tom I will check out ThermographX and try to get to my Apple Store as soon as I can. As for PPC apps, I think the only one I'm still using is the Office suite but I hear the fan even when nothing's running. Again, it's not loud, but noticeable. I guess it won't hurt to have a genius look at it.
  6. KD

    MacBook Start up disc

    I had a similar problem back in January when I went to reinstall the OS. I took it to the Genius Bar and they fixed it in 2 seconds. I can't remember exactly what they did but I remember them saying something about the Intel Macs using different bootloaders than before and a couple settings needed to be changed manually. After that, my startup disc was recognized and I was able to continue installing the OS as normal. Sorry I can't recall more details but I'm sure if you gave Apple a call they could run you through it or you can take it to the Genius Bar as I did if you have an Apple Store nearby.
  7. KD

    MacBook Fan Noise

    Thanks for your help, but I actually already did try resetting the SMC and also read through that discussion and still nothing. I guess I can learn to live with it even though my iBook was much quieter.
  8. KD

    MacBook Fan Noise

    So I got my MacBook in August, but over the last couple of months I have been hearing the fan on almost constantly. It's not spinning to the point where it sounds like a rocketship taking off, but it's definitely noticeable when there are no other noises in the room. I tried resetting the PRAM which did nothing. I looked in Activity Monitor at all processes (as opposed to just my processes) and found nothing that was eating up CPU usage. I also ran "top" in the terminal and also found nothing that was hogging up my resources to cause the fan to have to kick in. Is there anything else I can do? Has anyone else had this problem with the MacBook and successfully solved it?
  9. Ok thanks! I'll give that a try.
  10. Ok, so I popped in a homemade DVD and want to create just a regular mpeg file out of it. It's a very short video, under 5 minutes. I originally had a friend copy a segment of video on VHS to this DVD so obviously there is no copy protection or any obstacles like that. I copied the VIDEO_TS folder to my desktop but I don't know what to do with it now. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks! Edit: Sorry I meant to post this in Software Stuff.
  11. KD

    Coverflow Issues

    Thanks everyone for the replies. Checking compilation did the trick!
  12. I'm having somewhat of an annoying issue with album art that I was wondering if someone could help me with. Sometimes in cover flow, the same album art will show up multiple times in a row. I noticed many times this is because either there are different artists on the same album so it breaks it up into multiple album covers representing each artist, or the album titling is slightly different on a few tracks for whatever reason. I figured out that if I select all the songs in the album, and edit the information so that artist name and album name are the same for all the tracks, it will then consolidate them into one album. However, I just went to do this for an album that had that problem and then in coverflow, it made separate artwork for every single song on the album. So I had like 13 copies in a row of the same album cover for one album if that makes sense and since I couldn't undo it, I tried to edit the information again. Since that didn't work I tried to go track by track and found no reason why that should have happened. I hope I am explaining this well. Anyone else have this issue?
  13. KD

    Clean Install?

    I know it's supposed to, and when I went to do it a couple weeks ago, it told me I had enough space. But then after it was half done it told me I had run out of space I really did have enough space though so I have no clue why that happened. That was what caused me to have to do an erase and install because at that point there was nothing else I could do to fix my problem.
  14. KD

    Clean Install?

    It should be said though that you'll want make sure you have enough disc space to do a full archive & install.
  15. KD

    Gates Goes Wild!

    True, but I would urge major caution where FileVault is concerned. I had it running and had to do a force shutdown one time and it completely locked up my account and my master password was useless. I had no other option but to do an erase and install after talking to two different AppleCare reps. on the phone and a live genius. As for Gates, he also says "Let’s be realistic, who came up with [the] file, edit, view, help [menu bar]? Do you want to go back to the original Mac and think about where those interface concepts came from?" What is he saying, that windows named those menus first? Well who cares? They wanted in on what Apple was doing with the GUI. If you have no ideas of your own, it's NOT that impressive if you can simply expand on someone else's or simply call it something different! That's not innovation! If I see someone come up with a good idea, of COURSE I might then see other ways it can be used or other NAMES it can be called (gadgets vs. widgets). Does he think with all the UI's that Apple has introduced to the world that have become standard, it really matters who named a menu File and Edit first?