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  1. captainmac

    Time restriction program

    Thanks for your comments. I found one that I've downloaded but haven't tried yet. It's at http://www.lumacode.com/macminder/. Thanks again. Michael
  2. captainmac

    Time restriction program

    Does anybody know of an application that can be installed that limits the amount of time a person can use the computer during a 24 hour period? I've put a limit on the amount of time my daughter can use the computer, but I can't monitor her time always and I know she won't always keep track of it either. Thanks Michael
  3. captainmac

    Why more R.A.M?

    From my experience you'll see a huge increase in speed. Especially if you always have multiple applications open. I just upgraded my MacBook from 512MB to 1GB and saw a huge increase in speed. Check OWC (Macsales.com) or newegg.com.
  4. One thing I've learned in my 21 years of marriage is that when she says "we", it usually means "me". Like, when are "we" going to paint the deck. What that really means is when will I paint the deck. But when she is speaking with our friends it is "we" painted the deck last weekend. And like they say, if momma ain't happy, then nobody's happy!
  5. captainmac

    Switcher's First Macbook Impressions

    Nice review. I bought my Black MacBook the day after they were released. I've heard my machine moo one time. That was when I was in my living room very late at night with no other noise in the room. Otherwise it's very quiet. My heat varies from around 46c up to 76c depending on what applications are running. I also love the keyboard. It is one of the best keyboards I've used. Overall I've been very pleased with my newest Apple purchase.
  6. captainmac

    Once you go black...

    I have a white iBook G4 and just upgraded to a Black MacBook. To tell you the truth I'm sick of everything being white. For me it was worth it to pay the $150 for the Black model. Besides I think it looks pretty cool and I like the contrast of the white apple logo on the back with the black cover.
  7. captainmac

    Browsers keep quiting in Jaguar

    My sister has a G4 "snowball" iMac that is running Jaguar. Every time she launches IE, Firefox or AIM she gets the error that "IE/firefox/aim unexpected quit". She has her airport card installed and has full bars but she can't access the internet with any app. Any ideas? Thanks Michael
  8. captainmac

    iCon Book

    Has anybody had a chance to read "iCon Steve Jobs : The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business"? I picked it up on Friday and i've gotten about half way through it so far. I can understand why Steve was so irate about it. It doesn't always show him in a good light. But if it wasn't for him where would we all be right now? When I finish I'll give me complete opinion on the book. Michael