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  1. John

    iPad Mail

    I am having an issue with iPad mail. Sometimes when I save an draft and then go back to edit and send it, mail freezes. What I have onscreen is draft but cancel and send buttons are grayed out. I end up having to reboot iPad. When I go back to mail, draft appears, fully functional. Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. John

    Airport Express

    Not sure it's ever worked extending network as for years I did not have IOS devices and only used it to stream music. However, when I reset it, I selected option to join existing network and also selected option to use it to extend, but that didn't work. I can post settings this evening when I get home if you tell me what you want to see.
  3. John

    Airport Express

    I have an old Airport 802.11g base station and an Airport Express that allows me to stream music both from Internet and iTunes. However, the Airport Express does not extend the range of my signal. Neither of my IOS devices, which do work off my base station, are helped by it, nor is my laptop. I live in the country, so there is not another router within a quarter-mile. The one thing I will say is that my base station is getting a little cranky in its old age and has to be rebooted about once a week or so, but, again, it does stream music to the Airport Express. I have reset my Express to its factory settings in case that was the issue, but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. John

    iCloud on Snow Leopard

    Don't know if this issue has been addressed elsewhere in this forum, but if not I think it's worth noting that a lot of Apple users are irate over the fact that they have to upgrade to Lion to use iCloud. Their reasons are varied, but mostly boil down to this: Either they have programs or hardware that won't run on Lion. I realize that Apple can't be burdened with supporting legacy hardware and apps, but I think the least they could do, since it appears to be technically feasible, is to support some core functionality, like mail, calendar, and contact syncing.
  5. I am unable to access iTunes radio stations, or even get them to display, and have not been able to troubleshoot the problem. Any help will be very much appreciated. I'm pasting this in from an unanswered Apple support discussion thread, as my wife is having the same problems. Any ideas? Whenever I attempt to open the disclosure triangles for the stream categories of the iTunes radio stations, iTunes displays a dialog box titled "Authentication Required" with text "to access this site, you need to log in to area 'Members Only' on pri.kts-af.net" and requests a username and password. The iTunes status display in the top center of the window shows the text "Contacting tuning service...Refreshing Category List" and a progress bar. If I click "Cancel" in the dialog, iTunes displays the same dialog a second time. Clicking "Cancel" a second time results in the display of an information alert with the text "an error occurred while contacting the radio tuning service. Check your Internet connection, or try again later." The disclosure triangles rotate to the "open" position, but no stations are displayed. I might add that I am able to access iTunes radio stations on my laptop using same network no problem. My wife has a powerbook G4, I have a macbook pro, both running Leopard.
  6. I have a iPod classic, MBP, Leopard, iTunes 8.2. I'm having trouble manually synching podcasts. I can drag and drop from iTunes to iPod until the cows come home but files will not transfer. I have had them synched automatically, but often the podcasts will disappear after synch before I'm finished listening to them. Any ideas?
  7. John

    Top Sites

    A weird, niggling problem with Top Sites in Safari 4. I want to include the New York Times in Top Sites. I know how to do that manually: click edit in sites, open new window and load Times site, then drag over favicon. Check. However, if I quit out of Safari and reopen, the Times site is not there. Now, this solution works with other sites. Why not Times?
  8. John

    Apple Mail

    I do have Safari 4 beta installed (in answer to question above). Thanks for the tip. The reason I want to save mail messages to desktop is that I want to move them to Devonthink Pro database. The save messages plug-in for that app doesn't seem to be working either, so saving them out to the desktop is a workaround.
  9. John

    Apple Mail

    No, the save window looks as it should. Nothing is grayed out. However, when I hit save, nada.
  10. John

    Apple Mail

    I can't save Apple Mail messages on desktop, other than dragging there. It used to work, now it doesn't. It doesn't seem to be a permissions problem, as I've checked that. There is a small thread on Apple forum about this, though no resolutions. I'm running Leopard on a Macbook Pro. Thanks.
  11. John


    I downloaded webkit nightly build, very snappy, but now I'd like to uninstall. How do I do that? I notice that safari and nightly build have same version numbers—3.1.1 (4525.18)—so I'm reluctant to simply trash it, thinking it overrode current build.
  12. John

    Sparse image

    Duh, I got it. I unchecked keychains box. Now when I remount it asks for password. I'm not sure Adam mentioned that when describing process.
  13. John

    Sparse image

    I did as you suggested, but again files opened without password protection.
  14. John

    Sparse image

    I created a sparse image with password protection and saved it to desktop. I threw a few files in it, unmounted, remounted, and opened files without needing password. Am I missing something? I'm running 10.4.11. Thanks.
  15. John

    Screen saver

    I've been having issues with my Screen Saver. It doesn't kick in when my MBP 1.83 (10.4.11) goes to sleep, and when I try to wake it it takes forever and apps run very slow. My console logs have been filling up with error messages that literally take gigs off my hard drive. I went into system preferences and discovered that Screen Saver was unable to see photos I've used as screen savers (they're grayed out), although apple's default screen savers work just fine. I'm going to see if default screen savers will keep me out of trouble, but in the meantime I'm wondering if anyone has any idea what's going on. Thanks.