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  1. applgeek


    Dont Get one. Mac Antivirus programs don't really catch much, because all of the mac viruses are low profile. If you are on a PC however, ESET Nod32 is the best.
  2. applgeek

    Virus, is it gone?

    FYI, Macs can get viruses. As for the popups, these can be taken care of with a pop up blocker. The files can be deleted, or you can not go to sites that trigger the files/popups. If they pop up when no programs are open, then it is a malicious program and you should restore your OS. As for the slowdowns, maintenance programs, repairing permissions, ect. can be tried. If nothing works, Reinstall OS X. That usually determines if it is a software problem or not. If it is still slow, call apple, becuase it is a hardware issue.
  3. applgeek

    Ice pack

    Yes, it is dangerous for that thing to heat up so much. It is also dangerous to have an ice pack under your laptop. Why? Well, the ice pack can cause condensation to form in the laptop, which would cause water damage which is not covered under warranty. It can also cool off certain sensors and create a false reading which can cause parts that are not cooled off to overheat and actually damage the computer. The best you can do other than putting arctic silver on the heatsink cooling plates is to allow airflow under and around the laptop so the cooling system can cool the system at least as it was designed to.
  4. applgeek

    powermac G4 (Mirrored Drive Doors) PARTS

    A power supply for 200? what? Im sure I can find one cheaper if you had the computer and the logic board wasnt dead.
  5. Im guessing you sold this already?
  6. applgeek

    Parental Controls in Leopard

    If you want to disable the webcam, get a bold sharpie from walmart or target and fill in the glass with black ink. If the kids try to use it, it will look broken. If you ever want to use it, a paper towel and some alcohol will restore it back to normal. I would suggest a drill bit/nail, but you will want to use the camera. If you regularly use the isight and dont want to keep marking the wecam, it would be smart to buy another webcam (such as a logitech) and use it when you need it.
  7. applgeek

    iMac or Dell?

    Well, The imac can run it as well as a sufficiently priced or cheaper dell. However, If you want a mac, you can get a mac. If you hit the right sale, you can get an inspiron 530 or 530s (which includes 2 gigs of ram) for less than $400. You can give your daughter a computer with a dual core processor for under $500 With a video card upgrade. Why not just get her a dell, and you an imac? You wont have to tell her to get off the computer so much because she wont be on YOUR computer.
  8. applgeek

    blu-ray on appletv

    It really depends on what you want. Do you want Music, videos, photos, ect that are on your mac to be on your tv? apple tv is what you will want first. Do you just want a box to rent movies and watch movies on? Get netflix and a blu-ray player, and maybe even a netflix set top box. If you want both, then you may have to go without blu-ray or connect your computer/ipod to your tv.
  9. applgeek

    PB Ti Wireless Upgrade

    Get a USB adapter (although it may not work with usb 1.1) or just use the pcmcia card. the PC card can pop out and be placed in a case when you want to use airport. You can easily turn off airport when you put the pc card in.
  10. applgeek

    Do surge protectors work?

    I have a cheap APC battery backup which has a surge protector and a battery to fry before it hits the Powersquids (which also have a surge protector and an equipment guarantee) so Im not worried too much. Just try to get some powersquids with the biggest warranty you can find. I got mine at walmart, they were the ones in a plastic bubble for home theaters.
  11. applgeek

    My Book Hard Drives

    Mybook drives have mixed reviews, just like any other drive. I personally have had more WD drives die on me than anything else, once the replacement came dead. However, WD has a good warranty program. They are advertised in mac publications because they pay for ads-- they arent the best, but i usually get the one thats the cheapest anyways. If you can, try to get one from a company that does not make hard drives, this way you have 2 warranties. I personally would have no problem picking one up, as long as its the cheapest. If something else is cheaper, get it because its probably a seagate or a maxtor branded seagate. Seagate has a better track record.
  12. applgeek

    Going to Europe

    T-mobile, cingular, and rogers work in Europe because they are GSM. If you can get a prepaid phone, you can either load it up with a LOT of minutes (at rogers prices lol), or put in a native sim card for that network. I would recommend getting an unlocked phone on ebay and buying a card when you get there. you can buy the sim card in europe, stick it in your phone, and the phone will have the euro number, make calls under that account, ect.
  13. applgeek

    imac G5 3rd logicboard is dead

    Double Post, disregard this.
  14. applgeek

    imac G5 3rd logicboard is dead

    i have seen computers in a hotter environment than 85, although i would guess that is a peak temp if you have an AC. If the computer is going at 168, it is obviously too hot. When is the Last time you reinstalled OS X?
  15. applgeek

    Going to Europe

    if you bring a camera and ipod, you should bring apple's ipod camera adapter and a usb cable. that way you wont have to buy another Overpriced and overtaxed memory card. and you'll have a backup. I personally would bring the laptop, and dont use it while you're there. it may be nice to use it on the plane though, i recommend getting a power adapter for the plane as well. if you have Sprint or verizon, you may want to get a cingular phone (even if it it is a prepaid phone.) If you wished, you could buy a Sim card and put it in the phone when you get to europe. of course, if you already have cingular or t-mobile, you are all set.