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    video ipod

    Verizon would be an impossible task to get. You could pay cancellation, or ship the phone somewhere where you are theoretically "roaming", while keeping the phone on. it wont be long before verizon drops you...... I am still wondering what you are trying to ask. If it is "will the iphone go to verizon?' then that would be no. Verizon is for Pecee users.
  2. applgeek

    Mac Mini Core 2 Duo

    One of these days......
  3. applgeek

    Advice on apple computers

    Lighter in weight when compared to Other laptops IT"S SIZE. It still isnt exactly compact. Of course, he may not want a compact laptop. it would still be a great choice. Although a MAc pro would also be a great choice
  4. applgeek

    Upgrading the Guts of a PowerMac G5

    your opinion. And Why Do you think only a MAc Pro is a REAL Computer? It's a powerful server, more powerful than anyone would ever need. Even laptops are more powerful than high end desktops from a few years back, yet 2-3 years ago we were using as much processing power as we had. ac Pro's are so powerful that they have to be classified as a workstation or server. More powerful than most would need. Yet you think an imac is a cheap selloff..... Even though some people wont even use both processors in it.
  5. applgeek

    Nextel i850 phone and data cable

    i was having the ssame problem with the razr, and bluetooth solved it. Can you use isync in some way to sync it?
  6. applgeek

    Apple TV questions

    The drivers to unlock your 802.11n capabiity is to buy the airport extreme. I am guessing that to sync wirelessly to the appletv, you will need the airport extreme network Computer --> Airport Extreme --> itv
  7. Oh, i forgot to note: YOu bet you can boot from an ethernet port! That is how i restore 80 percent of the machines at work. I use netrestore from bombich. Oh, and 180 bucks is 20 bucks cheaper and has advantages over other routers. This isnt much different than the airport --> extreme upgrade. you just got a computer with the supported specs. Did you buy the core duo cmputer thinking "i want 802.11 n" ? applecant offer an upgrade, because they would also have to out in new antennas. You would also have to have a logic board upgrade to support the new cards. and you would have to go to the apple store, because the case must be opened to access the card, and apple IS NOT going to sell a kit to do that on a retail shelf.
  8. applgeek

    Advice on apple computers

    I was just wondering-- what program do you use for video editing? Do you use imovie or a pro app? Also-- do you want a laptop or desktop? If price isnt a issue, than i would recommend a macbook pro 15, and you can buy a larger External LCD if you need it. If prie isnt an issue, go high end so your laptop will "last longer." also add applecare to the package. http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebO...1J2TTUhB/2.?p=0 I will note: If you are ok with a desktop, you can get a mac pro. This will EXCEED your needs, but it will meet your needs much longer than the MBP. Tell Me of there is any type of price limit or preferrences, and i can detail it.
  9. applgeek

    Upgrading the Guts of a PowerMac G5

    upwards of 3500? I think you are talking about a dell, not a mac pro. Mac pros can go as low as 2 grand (2 ghz model), while the "middle" option is 2500. You could look at a refurb for an even lower price. Even the "middle" option is 2500 retail. You note that the mac pro is "for power users." If you are not (or even are) a (really big) power user then maybe you should consider an imac. Those are as powerful as dual G5's with a better vid card.
  10. applgeek

    HELP! iBook keyboard typing random letters

    did you by chance spill anything on the keyboard? maybe without noticing?
  11. applgeek

    mini cdrom problem

    you can also get the contents of the disk without burning another disk. Put the disk in the tower plug in an ethernet cable between the tower and your laptop. use file sharing to connect to the CD.
  12. applgeek

    Odd MacBook Pro case problem

    your problem was the compressed air, and possibly windex. The canned air is basically compressed gasses. they do often leave a clear residue, and some probably got into the pores of the case.
  13. applgeek

    Apple iPhone: How to Improve It

    I want 3G! Broadband Connect would be nice, and would actually fit. Steve was using wifi, so obviously the GPRS is not fast enough. I am very glad apple did not sell the phone unlocked. There would have been some large issues with the phone. The internet would not have worked (carrier software is required for each network), and several Service provider enabled features would not exist. you may want it unlocked, but it would be utterly impossible to have the amazing iphone with some features like that. In fact, im sure that those features are there because apple probably told cingular that they would be the carrier if cingular invested in their phone. I ill note that apple may not have these in apple stores. This may be a possibility if the are selling cingular service, but it most likely will be found ibn cingular stores. Oh, and i agree strongly with the storage point. you can fit maybe 1 movie on the iphone. that's not counting the music that you wont be able to fit on the 4 gig. Apple obviously forgot that people dont put Video on their nano. maybe 2 8 gig flash modules would be fine, but 4 gig is puny, and 8 gigs is just an extra cost on the already ripoff price. I may be looking at a nokia, or a blackjack, because of the high proce of the iphone, and limited internet capabilities (no broadband connect, but which cheaper phones have.) Also add in that by june, flash memory will not cost as much, and movies will probably take up even more space.
  14. I havae just announced the transition to network! I am going to change it from the FFF blog to the freecasts.net network. I need podcasts to make a network. See this post for details: http://freecasts.net/2007/01/12/the-freeca...ork-transition/
  15. applgeek

    A list of Mac Podcasts

    I dont know if twit was listed, although it is pretty popular.
  16. I will note that the "N" Feature in the N capable cards is utilized with the software with the Airport Extreme. (on the included disk). Otherwise, the cards are just B/g.
  17. applgeek

    AppleTV falls short?

    Do you know if there will be auto syncing support in this box?
  18. applgeek

    802.11 n

    It's router driven. That just takes up 8 megs if you are cocking at full speed.
  19. applgeek

    Bluetooth Mouse

    you should be able to use the trackpad anyways.
  20. applgeek

    Graphics Card

    2 gigs of ram should be fine. If you have to plugin a power connector into the video card, it will come with it. otherwise, that is just an s-video port. If you need the card, get it, plug it in, and use it. If necessary, there will be a power brick, and you can simply plug it in.
  21. applgeek

    Uninterruptable Power Supply for iMac

    If you dont care about your computer staying on for an extra 2 minutes (for an extra 80 bucks) just get a 10 dollar surge protector. That will cost less, because if you surge your battery in you ups, the EXPENSIVE battery WILL BE DAMAGED. Compare that to a surge protector, which protects it without the battery.
  22. applgeek

    Using an old PowerMac G4 as a Media Center

    Well, i will note: I would personally recommend a powermac G4 or Mac mini. The powermac g4 will cost more because you will have to pop a processor upgrade in it, and you will be at the price of a mac mini after all of your upgrades. Of course, if you can, look for an old imac G5. You may be able to score something there. Get a DVI to HDMI adapter to get your connection that way. Usually found around the web or at Wal-Mart for around 20 bucks. As for front row subsitudes, look at MIRA Software and the Manta TR1 IR reciever that twisted melon sells, as well as an apple remote. www.twistedmelon.com OF course, an itv may solve this problem. Did i miss anything?
  23. applgeek

    Webdesigners help

    That smiley face kinda creeps me out, since all the spammers seem to do that. If you are legit, i will say you can use either: A Program that "creates" web sites, or a CMS, or Content Management system such as wordpress. this usually has it;s ow way of site design, as well as writing posts, ect. Check out maccast.com and freecasts.net for examples of worpress blogs. I will say, you should be happy with iweb for just a small site.
  24. applgeek

    Imported profile slower on Intel Mac?

    You will naturally have slower performance in audio apps because there is no altivec or velocity engine. YOu probably did bring along some ppc baggage. I recommend looking at slower apps (which should be universal) and do a get info to make sure that they are universal. you will have to run an update to many programs because of this. Make sure that garageband and your other apps are universal. Even when universal, garageband and audio apps will have problems on the intel processor because intel does not have a velocity engine or "altivec" on their processors
  25. applgeek

    Serious iBook Problem :(

    your video card was prob dead. Do you have any othermacs? if you want a laptop, time to upgrade, or get an old one cheaper.