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  1. Can you see any other networks with your AE Card? Try going to starbucks and see if you can get an airport signal. your AE card may be defective.
  2. applgeek

    Macromedia Studio MX

    i have it, but cant figure out how to use dreamweaver even with a 50 dollar peachpit book
  3. I have about fifty Apple Color Stylewriter 2400/2500 cartridges. I have Black and color. The Black is also Compatible with Canon BCI 21 and the Color is Compatible with canon BCI 24. These are around 20 bucks from most sites. THESE ARE BRAND NEW, NOT REMANUFACTURED! apple Branded. Email me at appledude05@gmail.com if you are interested.
  4. applgeek

    Apple Stickers

    I have some excess apple stickers and will be glad to sell them to anyone who wants them. they go for 1.50 each plus ship and tax on redlightrunner, but i will sell them to you for 75 cents for 1 or a 2 pack for 1.25. shipping is 50 Cents. pay through paypal, money order, or well concealed cash. email me at appledude05@gmail.com if you want some. I also have a Bunch of apple stylewriter/canon cartridges. email me if you are interested! International shipping may cost more.
  5. applgeek

    My Apple loaded church

    My church only has one eMac, which is there because of a graphic designer. (they should have gotten an iMac.) They expect final Cut pro to work great, and it does, but I am cleaning up their mess. I had to erase over 100 GB of data from the HDD! The Graphic Designer went back to texas, so i amstuck. I am trying to convince them to get another mac. I am even trying to design a website for them so I can save them their proclaimed 1,500 for a site. then i can tell them to get an iMac. By the way, does anybody know how to use dreamweaver? They also use easyworship which (as I know) is only made for wintel :evil: .
  6. applgeek

    I want to do a podcast!!!

    1) What is the bandwith limit of a .Mac account? 2) How would I set up an apache server on my Mac? I am not sure of the Bandwith Limit of .Mac, but it is low and Costs you $$ once it is used up. To setup an apache server on your mac, go to system Prefs. and go to sharing>personal web sharing and turn on. You can then make a website and export the site to the sites folder in your home folder. In sys. Prefs., it will tell you the address of the site for your user.You can then visit your site! Hope this helps!
  7. applgeek

    I want to do a podcast!!!

    dot mac has a bandwith limit. You can also use your mac as an apache server. I use my mini and it works pretty good when i want to host somebodies site for awhile. You can get a fixed IP adress or just change the domain with your changing ip adress. The best part is that it is FREE.(once you buy a mac)
  8. applgeek

    iPod Nano 2gb Black

    I wish i was in the market for a nano--you had a nice listing. But i decided to get a video instead. 8) Good luck selling it though!
  9. applgeek

    iBook G3 G4 Screen for Sale

    I have an iBook LCD Screen (that is actually the whole top of an iBook G3) that I bought but never used. LCD Replacement Starts at about 400 bucks. I paid a VERY Pretty Penny for this and will be glad to sell it for around $115. I cannot go down much more than the price indicated because I paid a LOT for this screen. It is from a G3, but should work on a G4. THIS IS A 12 INCH SCREEN! It is the whole top half, not only the screen. No dead pixels that I know of. I have not tested it fully, but there is no indication of dead pixels that I see.
  10. applgeek

    What is your favorite online store?

    I recycle Computer And Electronic Equiptment such as P.C.'s, Macs. iPods, MP3 players, ect.---I have a post in Hardware
  11. applgeek

    It "hacking" frontrow wrong?

    If you buy a computer with a licenced copy of front row, would it be legal to use that copy as a licence for other computers? (eg:you buy a mac mini and place on your iBook for travel)?