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    Using US Mac in UK

    Thats easy. you will want to buy a mac mini power adapter from the uk just to be sure. travel plug is not as reliable.
  2. this sounds like it is your heatsync. Do you have applecare?
  3. applgeek

    Advice for Parallels

    I do recommend more ram because you are running two OS
  4. applgeek

    Problem waking Tiger from sleep

    this sounds like a PMU problem. Probably not something diskwarrior would solve, although i like having diskwarrior around anyways. To reset pram, hold down the command (apple)-option-P-R keys during boot, until you hear the startup chime about 3 times. you may then release the keys and boot as normal. for Powermac G4 instructions, i will have to look around at apple's support site, but i ill say if you can reset it by taking out your pram battery and unplugging the computer anad leaving it or a few minutes. this will reset it. there should also be a switch or button to do this. To archive and install, boot off of a mac OS X install disk and act like you are about to install, but select "archive and install' and install that way.
  5. applgeek

    Mac Games

    Many mac games can be found at aspyr.com . they port many PC games to the mac.
  6. applgeek

    NetBarrier vs. Little Snitch

  7. applgeek

    OSX Maintainence Software?

    the only one on your list i can recommend is diskwarrior, and that s as an "emergency disk," not as an everyday utility. Anything that defrags sounds scary. I dont recommend defragging. Period.
  8. applgeek

    Norton Antivirus and Firewall

    HOw To uninstall norton: Format Drive. Be careful what you back up, because you wil probably end up copying some norton files over. Norton never completely uninstalls on windows, so if it is the same on a mac, you wil have bits left.
  9. applgeek

    How do I switch of 'Journaling'

    You may have to reformat your drive without journaling. um, why do you want to disable journaling? if you wipe your data (erase it, destroy the volume) it cannot be recovered, unless someone tried REALLY, REALLY, REALLY HARD TO GET YOUR DATA. Someone would really want the data on your system, and i cannot think of anythingn that important, even credit card and financial info is not that important, as it is nearly impossible to find data that has been zeroed out.
  10. applgeek

    Problems redeeming an iTunes giftcard.

    If you had an unactivated, stolen, or used card then it may not work.
  11. applgeek

    Photos without iPhoto?

    yup. just select a diff folder in ipod prefs.
  12. If you buy another router, i do not recommend a linksys.
  13. applgeek

    DHCP issues with Linksys WRT54GS router

    I wil be quick to support josh here. LINKSYS IS A PC PRODUCT. THEY DO NOT SUPORT MACS. You have to get someone nice (or mac person) to get support for a mac, because otherwise they will blow you off. the router could be on fire and they will have a problem with you having a mac. SO THEY DO NOT SUPPORT MACS. PERIOD. I DO NOT RECOMMEND LINKSYS PRODUCTS TO ANY MAC USER!
  14. applgeek

    upgrading PB G4 processor?

    You are holding the fastest powerbook ever made. You can only upgrade the G3 powerbooks. Oh, and you dont need a processor upgrade. in fact, it is more processiing power than you need for imovie. I have run Final Cut Pro (very expensive and complex video editing software from apple) on a mac mini (the cheapest and slowest macs avaliable) just fine, so you shoud have no problem running imovie,(a very simple consumer program) on a high end powerbook.
  15. I use a pinnacle moviebox Dv (FW) and it gets the job done. I cant recommend camcorders, but you could venture out there if you want. Welcome to the Mac!
  16. applgeek

    Cleaning my Macbook Pro

    Since when did apple not recommend using windex? I have used it for quite some time on computers a the school i work at. When the kids make finger marks on the emacs, windex works and i never notice a problem.
  17. applgeek

    Griffin iMic question

    try this: Go inot system preferences, and click the sound icon, then the input tab. select line in. See if this fixed your problem. If it does not, then plug in your imic. Be sure that the switch is set to input. then, select the imic in the same tab. you can then plug in your tape deck and try to record what you need to in audacity, garageband, soundtrack, or your program of choice.
  18. applgeek

    Sticky Keyboard

    the good thing is that ist is not a macbook keyboard so it is not as expensive to replace. it still will probabaly cost a bit to replace, unless you lie about your keyboard. you can trty pulling out the kyboard and doing the distilled water and alcohol thing, but i would recommend another keyboard just to be safe, and keep your warranty.
  19. applgeek

    Mighty Mouse & iPhoto: scroll speed

    I believe apple sets the scrol sped higher becaause of that tiny ball. I personally do not like how some apps will jump, but it hapens with smaller pages. As you find you have more photos, hopefully it will not be suh a problem. By the way, welcome to mac and the maccast!!
  20. applgeek

    Used iPod w/ Video

    Now, ipods are 250 bucks, so your price range has been met!
  21. applgeek

    Help Me Get A Free SpyMac Account

    Only if you try out this site: http://www.netwinner.com/?signupCode=applgeek
  22. applgeek

    Bloggers wanted!

    Actually, sporn does not blog much at his own site. I am currently the one filling up wordpress. Oh, and matt, this is not a job. No One Gets Paid. Not even me.
  23. applgeek

    12" Powerbook 1.5Ghz

    You better be able to take advantage of someone to get that baby for a thousand. it aint worth squat, considering i could get a refurbished macbook (with superdrive) with 2 PROCESSORS cheaper than that. You can get a Baseline NEW MACBOOK CHEAPER THAN THAT!!! And it has a warranty and no scratches. If you want to hold that price, then hopefully you can take advantage of a new mac user. Otherwise, good luck.
  24. applgeek

    2x512mb 667mhz DDR2 SDRAM SODIMMS

    Just so you know, apple doesnt make ram. It is probably the cheapest ram apple could find in bulk. Apple charges 60 pounds per 512, ( although they have a single 1 gig for 120). So, Someone would get a VERY GOOD DEAL on this RAM. I would get it, but i dont know if you will ship it to me in the US Joe
  25. applgeek

    G4 12' Mac Book For Sale

    Just so americans know, she/he is asking 1,175.16 USD. This is Extremely close to a macbook. um, just a note: you may want to cut that in half. it should be 600 USD (or less), (which would go to 306 pounds) So, You are asking the price of a new macbook in the us. Also, um, you say in the title you are selling a "Mac book" which we assume as macbook. A Powerbook 12 inch is worth half of a macbook. Did i also mention refurbished macbooks/pros can go as low as 500 bucks usd (with superdrive)?