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    MacBook/MBP 100gb/7200 Hard Drive Upgrade Kit

    The seagate at newegg is ~150 bucks, so not a horrid deal. What i find funny is that you dont say the iterface for the enclosure. is it just usb?
  2. applgeek

    Cannot burn to DVD

    Could ot calibrate the laser level...... that is a problem with the drive. You can try blowing off the laser lens,(canned air, or however you can generate directed air), but i think your drive electronics could be screwed up, so you would be, well, screwed.
  3. applgeek

    Iomega Minimax

    Iomega? You are reminding me of a zip drive. if you want something nice, look at a Western Digital Mybook. I THink it looks pretty sleek and nice on your desk. They cn be found at newegg at a pretty good price too. Way better than those lacie's. I dont have anything against lacie except their price. (and their ugly enclosures, and that they run windows on them) Here is a FW 400 and USB 2 Mybook: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16822136030 $234 for 500 gigs Triple interface drives: FW 400, 800, USB2. Mybook: 249.99 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16822136047 Lacie: 299. http://www.lacie.com/products/product.htm?pid=10511 I recommend the WD, not just for price, but i think it looks more like a mac style, and not of yesterday.
  4. applgeek

    Mighty Mouse & iPhoto: scroll speed

    How long has this issue been going on?
  5. applgeek

    Mac Mini Jukebox

    well, if you are getting a newer mac mini you will want at least a gig. an older one should have at least 512, a gig would be recommended. I thik an older mini will do very well as a media center because altivec is present in the G4. There is a nice little IR reciever from twisted melon (the makers of mira) for ~20. It recieves at 31-60 khz. http://twistedmelon.com/mira/hardware.html For front row, I believe mira will provide it. It is also at twisted melon. You Can also use enabler to Hack front row, but do at your own risk as you may scew up your system. Disclaimer: I take no responsibility if you screw up your system by istalling a "hack" for front row. The hack can be found at andrewescobar.com Anything else i missed? hope it solved your problem.
  6. applgeek

    PowerMac G5 valuation????

    probably 750~1000 Pounds. I am assuming you are in the UK because you mentioned a john lewis.
  7. applgeek

    Cleaning my Macbook Pro

    i usually clean with anything i can get my hands on. An lcd is just smashed glass, so windex works. also works on cases too! If you want no run, be sure to spray the windex on a cloth or paper towel, or simply lay the lcd flat and clean (while holding up the body) If you want to keep the keyboard clean, get a silicon keyboard protector. these can be hada at two sites: www.kbcovers.com and www.iskin.com Good Luck!
  8. applgeek

    Advice needed for iMac RAM upgrade

    WHY hasn't anyone said macsales.com? OWC is a great place. They make the RAM, and i can say i like it. They had apple certified Mac pro RAm before crucial. You need imac ram..... http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/memory/iMac_Core_2_Duo/DDR2/ with newegg you buy from a reseller, wherein with OWC you go to the manufacturer. Unles you get techworks, which you can find at both OWC and newegg. I would recommend crucial, but they are so pricey....
  9. applgeek

    Im thinking of going windows!

    Um, just a note: Many people dont like windows on their "perfect" mac. Just a thought.
  10. applgeek

    iPhone Released!

    Did everyone think that apple was calling their Phone an iPhone? that is like saying the iTv is going to be called the iTV.
  11. applgeek

    Dead osx on macbook

    You either hava a bad HDD, corrupt data, or bad logic board. If it is prommpting for paswords it could be a virus from your evil friend on the other partition. (although that may be unlikely if it is in OS X)
  12. applgeek

    Quiet Mac Pro

    most avaliable utilities are for speeding up the fan, not slowing it. I will say, even the simplist things will heat up those chips. I DO NOT RECOMMEND SLOWING DOWN THE FANS PERIOD. Try an air duster on there to see if it is simply dust. if you want a quiet machine, get a g4 cube.
  13. applgeek

    mac mini overheating

    open up activity monitor and see if you are using your entire processor. do the fans run when it is overheating? Have you installed all of the firmware updates?
  14. canon's website should have it. you can usually find their driver at support or on the disc that came with the printer.
  15. applgeek

    Replacing hard drive in G4 iMac

    Newegg.com is a fantastic place for (good priced) hard drives. You can also try macsales.com .
  16. applgeek

    Is my memory making my ibook sluggish?

    okey-- guess it's time to visit macsales.com for some RAM.
  17. Great summary. THe author of this post wanted to know if airport extreme would work-- The Answer is No
  18. applgeek

    Getting data off of iBook Hard Drive

    that is odd-- what brand is it? The cable-- you probably just put it in wrong.
  19. applgeek

    PowerBook G4 Ram

    Macsales.com, best place for Mac RAM. Period.
  20. Original Airpot cards are relatively expensive-- and USB dongles are used by millions of people. so another one would not hurt.
  21. applgeek

    Different Resoultion Monitors

    hmm..... I know of a few programs, but they are extremely pricey.
  22. applgeek

    Different Resoultion Monitors

    Have you tried screwing around in system prefs?
  23. applgeek

    Question Mark on startup

    This guy just said that he cannot reinstall, he tried that. It is not detected, therefore the HDD is either dead or the cable going to it is loose.
  24. applgeek

    Hard drive backups etc.

    Do remembe that the drive is spinning whether you are copying it around or not. Also note that the drives are made to last some time, so by the time it dies, the machine will be in the dump, or you will be upgrading it to a 5 TB drive.