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    Lost a key already!

    Great job on snapping it in-- i had the same problem on my ibook.
  2. applgeek

    2nd Hand Macs

    or get the previous version new at a lower price.
  3. there is also something called firewire--and adpaters tht use ethernet. Also note that this person wants wireless-- they didnt specify the speed. it is cheaper to get a dongle than an airport card.
  4. applgeek

    Macbook Firmware Update

    Make sure that you printout the instructions before the firmware update!
  5. applgeek

    Who still uses their old Mac?

    All of my mac minis are building up....soon i will have an intel imac!
  6. applgeek

    Should I wait to buy an iMac?

    Sounds great, good luck on that! If you are a heavy user on your keyboard, i usually recommend a silicon protector on your Keyboard. It's a great investment! You can get em at pbcovers.com or iskin.com .
  7. applgeek

    Switcher With Questions!

    You cant order with a gig and a half, you simply buy it from a ram seller such as macsales.com Personally, i am not into black tax, as i ca get a nice 2 GHZ white one, and a drive at newegg.com (120 gigs for 99 dollars!) and a silicon keyboard cover, and a nice case, for the price of a black one. And, my white one looks more like a mac, not a pecee
  8. applgeek

    iBook G4 Dead?

    Run Hardware Test and see if it says it is dead (although do note that hardware test is sometimes wrong). If it wont boot up, then t may be the second board.
  9. applgeek

    Question Mark on startup

    Your Friend Obviously has a dead HDD. if under warranty, take it in. If not, go to newegg.com and get another drive. THe Question mark os there when it cannot find the MAc OS System folder on the selected boot disk. If the HDD is dead, it will display that because the HDD is not showing it the system folder, therefore the Question Mark.
  10. applgeek

    From Sleep to Kernal Panic

    well, you probably should consult applecare. You could have a RAM Problem, where the contents of RAM are not saved, so you get a kernel panic. THis Could also be Caused by a bad app. If that app is running, or a piece of it ("helper") is running, then it can screw itself up when you put your coputer to sleep, then freak out and cause a panic. I would say that you have a bad PMU or logic board, but htis happens on 2 machines. But te Possibility is still there.
  11. If you have OS X or linux based on the BSD subsystem, then you have it. Obviously time for new software.
  12. applgeek

    AirPort Wireless Network Monitoring

    That is also called interference-- which is out of your control unless you unplug your microwave and frige and put a wire fence around your house. If someone has a cell phone around or anything that emits a wireless signal, it can affect it. if it is that bad, get a powerful router (that does not include linksys crap) and if necessary, put an antenna on it. that will deliver good reception through moderate interference.
  13. applgeek

    WiFi Security Question

    I will say now that i do not use filevault. Of course, i am not trying to hide porn from my spouse. Wifi security differs by network. I recommend getting netbarrier (by intego) if you are really concerned. I also recommend the OS X firewall located in sharing prefs.
  14. applgeek

    Virus scan???

    Some People Get ClamXav, but i will say right now: Any virus scanner you get for mac Viruses is a ripoff. Apple Sells it so they will get commission, not because you need it. Just Like you Don't NEED an iPod Hifi when you can get a nice surround sound system at walmart (or tesco if you are in the U.K.) for the price.
  15. applgeek

    My First post a official Mac User!

    Very nice, welcome. I saw that you have a canon SLR in Your signature, so I though i would suggest the lightroom Beta (labs.adobe.com) and aperture. Welcome to the comunity! You can check out the place where i am a prime blogger, which is freecasts.net
  16. applgeek

    Mac maintenence and .Mac accounts.

    Discwarrior (alsoft) is a great program for rebuilding directories, but is an emergency app not a maintenance app.
  17. applgeek

    A REALLY stupid iTunes question

    Since you have trnsferred your music over, would you mind teling us how you did it?
  18. I would say the same: You need firewire. If your camcorder does not have FW, then you obviously got a heap and obselete camcorder. Unless of course it records in mpeg 4, in which case you copy the actual movie file into imovie or Final Cut.
  19. applgeek

    Should I wait to buy an iMac?

    I recommend getting the imac now if you need it now. I personally plan on getting a leopard disc, so it doesnt really matter if i have it preinstalled or not. If you have other computers that you will want to upgrade to leopard, simply get your computer whenver you want and buy the disc.
  20. applgeek


    Congrats on your macbooks. I am a pretty uber user and my core2 macbook (2 GHZ standard config) is one of many apple computers that i have. I love my macbook and i hope you enjoy yours. This is a good place to plug the site where i am a prime blogger, which is freecasts.net
  21. applgeek

    PLEASE help me.

    This is one thing i like having an ipod for
  22. applgeek

    Well, as some of you know

    Well, i will say that the apps you listed arent exactly basics, i dont use them, even though i have heard of them. I used to use adium but i am back to ichat. I use toast titanium, as well as some pro apps, camino (because it's cocoa), firefox, topXnotes (not an essential), as well as other odd apps like ialertu and a bittorrent client. I also have iwork and Microsoft Office 04. I will say that MS office is NOT an Essential, as it is EXPENSIVE, even if you are a teacher or student. Retail Box is 400 bucks, and you will be paying that (again) when a universal version is released. sporn, my new partner in crime at freecasts.net, hates microsoft office. skype is also a nice thing to download. There are several other apps i use, but they are not exactly "essential" If you slept through the first paragraph, then here is a refined version. Go to getfirefox.com and get firefox. go to caminobrowser.org for a light, clean, FASt Browser. If you are reading this in time, go to maheist.com and see what free apps you can grab. You can also grab iwork (or wait 2 months for iwork 07). I know there are several other apps i use, but i will repost as i use them. (i just got a macbook, and my mini PPC is filled up to the seams with software to do almost anything) Most things you want to do on a mac can be done simply without additional downloads. If you want to do specific things however,(such as say, podcasting or blogging) feel free to post that. You can also check out the site i blog on, which is freecasts.net
  23. applgeek

    Switcher With Questions!

    I have the core2 macbook, and i love it. I happen to be a ram hog and am wishing for more ram, but most people will do fine with a gig to a gig and a half.
  24. applgeek

    Web Hosting

    I have heard siteground is good with really good support, and i now sporn uses 1and1 with freecasts.net, which is a cheap provider.
  25. applgeek

    Lost a key already!

    this simply depends on the parts damaged and how much glue you put on it A pic and/or description would help.