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    Ibook won't go to sleep

    I used to have that kind of problem with my ibook, and with my ipod. However, i never found a soloution for it, as i got a macbook since then. Anyone else know what te problem could be? I was also wondering if you knew whether you had a SMS (sudden Motion sensor) in your ibook. If you don't then do you know when your ibook was made? If you dont , then i can check with the serial number. If yu have SMS, then it could have logged that falling and screwed up the cycle. Of course you could have damaged the logic board or PMU (power management unit), which would not make it go to sleep.
  2. applgeek

    Macbook Firmware Update

    get the apple firmware restore CD (download it and burn, then boot and restore). Then see if the problems persist.
  3. applgeek

    Is my memory making my ibook sluggish?

    I was about to say what josh said. Basially, you should get it replaced under warranty, as with any RAM you buy with a lifetime warranty.(make sure the RAM you buy has a lifetime warranty). If you buy it from apple, then the RAM is covered under warranty and/or applecare (if applicable)
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    Uh oh, Zune player to come tuesday!

    Get all 0f your Zune Hating, ipod Loving Gear Here! www.cafepress.com/antizune
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    2nd Hand Macs

    You can get some used macs fairly cheap, although i recommend refurbs over used because they usually have a stronger testt and longer warranty. In the event that you get apple refurbished, you will also get new casing for whatever unit, so you dont have to worry about scratches and damage from the previous owner. Powermax is a place to go for used macs, although i think they are way too pricey. Mac of all trades is a good one at a better price than powermax. or of course, you can get refurbs at apple and smalldog.com. As for my experience, i will say that i got my first mac (powermac G3 350, a super computer), it was from a garage sale, and worked fairly well until it didnt. It worked for awhile and i loved it. I have pretty good experience with used macs, but i will offer one piece of advice: Consider a used mac if it is dirt cheap and worthwhile to get when compared to a refurb or new.
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    Hard drive backups etc.

    Go to Macsales.com or newegg.com and grab a 500 gig drive. this will allow for backup and extra storage.
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    Fed up with this 24" imac.

    Every time i have called applecare, i have gotten an american, (although some do have an accent, but america is a melting pot!) Because you are in the u.k. you probably will naturally get a foreigner. I will say now that if you are a heavy user go to iskin.com or pbcovers.com and get a silicon keyboard protector. I decided to skimp, and when my keyboard was piled up with crap, i had to buy another one, and this time got a protector. Keyboard still looks new, and i can keep it that way with the washable protector. As for the buzzing and other issues, have apple look at it. You seem to have the "Lemon". I guess someone was tired and skimped while making your equiptment. That's Life. It happened with my ibook. As for boot camp, it is stil beta, but you can always try parallels. Good luck on your issue.
  8. Nope. Just get a fast USB Dongle.
  9. applgeek

    Macbook and Matched pairs

    Some people say that matched pairs increase performance, but i think that is bullcrap in a consumer machine. a gig upgrade should be fine. Apple says that there is 2x256. 1.3 gigs (1024 plus 256) should be speedy. 512 to a gig will be substantial, but up to 2 gigs, you will just be wasting money. If you do 2x512, you will have to purchase twice the ram and toss out what you just purchased. What a waste.
  10. applgeek

    Who still uses their old Mac?

    I just got a macbook, and when i get another intel desktop i do not want to get rid of the mini. In fact, i may buy anther ppc. I MISS ALTIVEC!!!!
  11. applgeek

    External DVD Burner Recommendation

    in fact, these discs are 2 bucks more at compusa. The only difference is that you get a white label included on the disc. If you want to be really simple, you can also get a printer kit. As i said, i dont recommend or support the HP lightscribe crap, as it is made mostly for marketing and revenue gain. the printable discs are much cheaper than lightscribe discs and even if you get a print kit it is much cheaper than lightscribe. you also get a better label on your desk, and will be much happier.
  12. applgeek

    External DVD Burner Recommendation

    Go to macsales.com for this product. they make very good drives and even include some good software with it. http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/firewire/optical-drives/ I know you want lightscribe, but I will now say that that is a big marketing thing by HP. The discs and drives arent worth it, and im wondering if there is even software to make the labels on a mac. May i also note that it does not scribe a full color pic, just a yellow/grayscale pic. I really dont recommend all of that marketing crap by HP. if you really want a lightscribe drive, just get a lightscribe drive and a usb to ide adapter.
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    Macbook HD Upgrade

    you should. the hdd inside the computer is just a regular hard drive. Locking the drive heads is just simply the computer sending an electric signal that says "lock" to whatever hard drive is installed.
  14. applgeek

    iMac Core Duo 1GB vs. 1.5GB vs. 2GB

    It really does matter-- the difference between 2x512 and 1x 1 gig is about 100 bucks ( to buy the extra gig if/when you upgrade to 2 gigs) I recommend at least having the gig, keep the 512 so you have 1.5. I doubt you need 2 gigs, unless you are running 15 pro apps at one time.
  15. applgeek

    Macbook Pro Protection

    It could easially have problems. I like the invisibleshield, but the problem is it only covers a small area, not the whole handrest. If you are buying the full body shield, then use what you get with it. I would say the marware protction pack is worth something, but it doesnt have a trackpad protector, so i say no to marware.you can get both, but if i would have to choose i would go with shieldzone because of the trackpad cover. The trackpad gets the most worn out and it is a neccesity to have a protector there.
  16. applgeek

    help...g5 fans

    As he said, reset the SMC. Iit is possible that your processors are getting hotter and the fans naturally kicking in. What apps do you use?
  17. applgeek

    Let's try this again

    In the mac mini, you must have the airport antenna installed. Because of this, you must have an AASP do it, or go onto ifixit and buy the parts (it willl void your warranty though)
  18. applgeek

    Which External Storage and Backup Strategy?

    WEll, i will first say that a fire proof safe may bot help, as the safe protects against fire and not heat, and the immense heat of a fire would destroy the hard drive and anything else that can melt when exposed to fire. Instead, get a hostinjg plan (just as you would with a web site) and use the storage to store off site backups. You can upload everything via FTP and you would REALLY Be protected if there was an accident, flood, fire, or other "act of God". I think that if you need storage, look at a 4 drive RAID option. Many manufacturers, including wiebetech and G-technology have arrays avaliable. This will help use all of your existing drives. You can also look at the new western digital mybookII pro edition. 1 TB storage for $549. Even less when it is officially released and is stocked at newegg. If theres anything else i didnt cover, just note it in your reply. You can also contact me via aim: applgeek and email me at appledude05@gmail.com
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    If you just boughta mac, simply erase your hard drive and reinstall. When you install, click options and uncheck the extra languages. No monolingual or warranty expiration required.
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    I dont delete the languages. I dont want to screw up my system. get firefox, stuffit, skype, google earth and sketchup, image tricks, and some other things that cost $$.
  21. applgeek

    Powermac G5 any Speed

    I am looking for a powermac G5. I dont care what the specs are. Whatever i am offered, I would like it to be under $300 usd. I can probably snag a deal like this on ebay, but I thought I would check here first.
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    Blackberry type devices for mac

    Try getting a blackberry and pocketmacfor blackberry
  23. applgeek

    Ipod Video or IPhone

    Because you usually can't get good reception on CDMA, and verrizon uses it. And i hate verizon!
  24. applgeek

    Intel Core 2 Duo inside a Mac mini

    You bet it can! I hope you don't want warranty because it will fly out the dor faster than you can say abacadabra!
  25. applgeek

    Mac mini Memory

    May I note that memory ten is a reseler, like newegg. You can't say they are reliable, because they don't make or warrant the RAM!!