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  1. draegtun

    UK Hotel with iMac in every room!

    Silicon.com article with pictures about a hotel in Manchester which as an iMac in every room..... http://newsletters.silicon.cneteu.net/t/24...11435/420387/0/ /I3az/
  2. draegtun

    Apple UK Mac ads

    More UK ads with Mitchell & Webb have appeared on the Apple UK site... including one I've not seen before on US site ("Naughty Step"!!). Also broadsheets and the London Underground (Tube) are showing lots of "Get A Mac" posters/ads at the moment! /Baz/
  3. draegtun

    Apple UK Mac ads

    Yes they're an established comedy duo here in the UK.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/thatmitchellandwebbsite/ Believe some of there shows have been on "BBC America"... look for "Peep Show" it's really funny ;-) /baz/
  4. draegtun

    Apple UK Mac ads

    With UK comedy duo Mitchell & Webb. Hopefully the ads will be shown on TV! http://www.apple.com/uk/getamac/ads/ /baz/