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  1. I have begun to see an error message that reads, "Sorry, That username is already taken. Please try a new name for your calendar" when I open iTunes. iTunes then locks up. I can't recall any new software that I've installed recently. I tried to reinstall, but that didn't help. I'm running 10.5.8.
  2. I ran pwnage and have had great success with it. Only problem is every time I sync to my Mac, I have to do a restore. Is this normal?
  3. monkeywrench67

    ATT Uverse and AirPort

  4. monkeywrench67

    ATT Uverse and AirPort

    I've searched but cannot find out how to put my AE into bridged mode.
  5. monkeywrench67

    ATT Uverse and AirPort

    I've had Uverse installed, but still want to use my AirPort for wireless printing. I know I can switch networks from my Uverse router to my AirPort to do that, but how do I use my AirPort as a repeater so I can piggyback on the other network and have the best of both worlds?
  6. I need to replace the logic board on an iMac. Also, can anybody recommend a good source for a replacement? Thanks for your help (again)
  7. monkeywrench67

    iCal won't sync to MobileMe

    When I call, I get an automated brush off telling me to go to their MobileMe support site for live chat support, etc. There is not chat support on that page. Why can't Apple just admit their MobilMe sucks and doesn't work? Makes my iPhone useless for what I bought it for - syncing my calendars, etc.
  8. monkeywrench67

    iCal won't sync to MobileMe

    I've done all that, and I can't get most of my iCal stuff to sync with .Me or my iPhone. Why do I pay for .Mac year after year when I'm not getting anything for it?
  9. It's such a pain to back up my purchases from iTunes or eMusic; especially if it is by an artist I already have on my back up. Digging down through the folders is a hassle. Has anybody come up with a quick and easy way to backup music files? Thanks.
  10. monkeywrench67

    Noisy Superdrive

    Not any particular time or trigger that I can think of. It really seems to be random.
  11. monkeywrench67

    Noisy Superdrive

    My superdrive periodically makes a lot of noise like it's trying to read a CD or DVD, but there's nothing in it. It will go on for about 10-15 seconds and then stop. Is this anything to be concerned about?
  12. I was plagued with the horrible sound issues for MacBooks with the iTunes 8 update. 8.0.1 helped for what seemed like a day, but now the sound is crummy again. Not as before, but it's still tinny and sounds like an FM radio.
  13. AirPort has been behaving oddly. I can currently only have one laptop online at a time. I can send stuff to my printer, but the internet is a problem. When I tried to run the AirPort untility, it says it does not detect and wireless devices, yet I am on my network as I type this. I have no idea how to remedy this. I've tried resesetting, unplugging, rebooting, etc.
  14. monkeywrench67

    iTunes 8 Sound Problems

    iTunes 8 sounds terrible on my Mac! Other programs are fine, but iTunes is distorted, then it's overdriven, then it's really tinny. It fluctuates constantly and it's never good! I searched to see if there are any others with this problem but didn't see anything, so I apologize in advance if this is a dupe post.
  15. monkeywrench67

    Publish iCal to Website

    This works great: http://web.mac.com/toad.hall/OldToadsTutorials/No._16.html