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  1. linuxnut

    PowerBooK G4 wants to shut itself down

    No worries, I understand and just for the record I typically shut down the systems I have when I'm going to be away for more than a few hours. However, once a week I leave the system on overnight to get updates and download my podcasts...
  2. Long story short, at night I will setup a bunch of downloads (Newgroup articles, iTunes podcasts, etc) so I'll have everything ready for the morning when I transfer to my my iPod. Lately when I go to the computer in the morning iTunes has shut itself off and my newsreader is asking me if I want to save. I also have a message stating that the newreader prevented the computer from going to sleep. The processor (or something) has been running for a long time and the laptop is HOT with the fans going full speed. I've gone through the system Settings and set the Energy save to not put anything to sleep (everything is on NEVER) and have enven disable the scrensaver, but the computer still tries to go to sleep... any ideas?
  3. linuxnut

    Memory and Preview problem

    Ever since getting a 1GB SD card for my digital camera I take pictures of everything and anything. I was copying everything into iPhoto but I was noticing a speed problem and only a few of the pictures were worth keeping. So I started to copy my photo's into a directory and using preview to weed out the ones I did not want to keep. I would 'view' about 100 to 200 at a time in preview but I notice a problem. Loading up lets say 150 photos consumes about 1/2 of my ram, no problem there since everything runs fine. But after going through my photos I have noticed (via my Yahoo memory Widget) that the ram is not being released until I perform a restart. Has anyone else noticed this?
  4. So I'm commiting a major sin and not reading 'everyones' responses, so if I am covering what someone else has already said. . . they'll have a second person who agree's with them. When the first 'home use' computers came out I was around 12, so I grew up with them after that. I believe though, through my experiences, that computers can help people learn how to spell. If the person using the computer applies what the computer is telling them. Take my three scenarios: I know many people that cannot spell, well worse than me. They repeat the the errors in spelling over and over again because they simply don't know it's the wrong spelling. This is where spell checkers sometimes don't help as they cannot tell you that you should use "hear' instead of "here". Then there are those who will simply not care how they spell because the computer will fix it for them. I believe without spell checkers they would still not care, or not know (see above). However there are those who will see their mistakes when the spell checker points them out and make an effort to learn the correct spelling so they don't make the same mistake again. I could go on and on (where the "you talk to much without making much sense checker?), but to make my view clear. I think they can be more help than harm.
  5. linuxnut

    I need a description

    I never really thought about this, but you both bring up good points. The only problem I have is when I'm searching I'm using my iPod and not iTunes...
  6. linuxnut

    Q Emulator

    Hey, I haven't heard the show yet, nor have I used this emulator. But until someone gets back to you try copying the cd contents to your drive then running/installing from there.
  7. linuxnut

    iTunes and dupes

    Okay, I screwed up when I was converting mp3's to AAC's and accidently did it twice... anyways, I've search and found a couple of scripts/ect that will show me the duplicates, one even puts them in their own playlist. But that still leaves me to select each one and delete them manually. So the question is, since they are exact duplicates does anyone know of a tool that will select on of each duplicate and delete it? Thanks, John
  8. linuxnut

    A short story to share

    I forgot to add the smiley face at the end...
  9. linuxnut

    A short story to share

    Noted and correct. Side note, I'm new to the forum so I don't know you and I'm not sure how to take your statement about being a zealot as, Zealotry denotes zeal in excess, referring to cases where activism and ambition in relation to an ideology have become excessive to the point of being harmful to others, oneself, and one's own cause. A zealous person is called a zealot.
  10. linuxnut

    Small rant about this site (functionality)

    Thanks for the info, somone also suggested having it automatically log in... but I don't like that option.. but thanks for the tip.
  11. linuxnut

    A short story to share

    To make a long story short, I 'work' with Windows, that is my company sells software that will only run on windows and I teach it, install it, and solve our customers problems when using it. We are a sales company at heart though... The company I worked for, before being purchased by the one I work for now, had created an online system for everything from quoting, placing orders, tracking, etc... basically a php/mysql internal website running on apache servers hosted by our webhosting provider. I have been a odd ball since I can remember using various O/S's. Oh yeah, I said short story... anyways, I purchased my first Mac before the company change and took a lot of grief from my fellow workers because of the use of Windows by our product. Anyways when we were purchased the new company really liked our online system but already had a website they hosted on (ack) a windows machine. I therefor suggested they buy me a Mac Mini and that I would set it up to do everything they wanted/needed. They did, but put it in the corp office, Utah. I am in San Diego... but they bought me remote login software and gave the mini it's own T1 line (can you say hog heaven). Since then, the 'old' owner, who writes our code for the site, has since purchased his own mini and is now going to be purchasing a powerbook. So including my 'new' PB, my dead PB, I've introduced a mac to my company for it's internal website, and added a new mac user who is looking to get his second. Total score: Mac's 5 Windows 0
  12. I understand that you did not write the code, but I'm to lazy to question the developer... But when filling out forms, like the login form, I like to use the tab key. I noticed that with this site, after filling out my username and password, if I hit the tab key it scrolls down to the bottom of the page where I can type my username again, instead of going to the login button....