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  1. mattmac

    Problem with wifi

    I found this page which has useful suggestions http://www.macmaps.com/WIFI1048.html Anyway I deleted the wireless network passwords in the keychain and started again and that seems to have solved the problem so far.
  2. mattmac

    Problem with wifi

    HI Guys I have my macbook pro connecting to my airport express and I have a netgear router connected into the express for the internet connection, and I have been finding that I keep losing my connection for no apparent reason?? although the airport signal is full all the time, the only way I found to get it to reconnect to the interent has been to switch off and on againg the airport on the mac. Could anyone shed any light on this problem??? Thanks PS. I am running all the most upto date sofware on the mac and airport express!!
  3. mattmac

    Macbook pro very slow start

    I have been having a few problems with my macbook pro lately. I have a 2.5GHz intel Core 2 Duo running 10.5.5 with 2Gb of Ram. I have noticed that it seems to go to sleep and then I am unable to wake it, so I have to switch it off using the power button, and then it takes at least 3 minutes to restart, everytime this happens, I have run all the usual things, repaired permissions, and run Onyx and cleared the caches!!! and there are still problems. Also when the battery runs down and I plug back the power back in I am unable to get it started again without switching the power switch off, before it used to just wake as if from sleep and now it doesn't!! I have also done a clean install and this is still happening. its getting really frustrating now so does anyone have any other suggestions, before I take it back to an apple shop?? thanks matt
  4. Hi I am trying in connect my macbook pro running leopard to a windows enterprise network through wifi, is this possible, I seem to be having a few problems with it?? I have managed to connect into the network, ok using ethernet, but using wifi I am able to connect into the wifi network, at least acording to the airport icon, but DHCP always self asigns an address which is not in the same range of the enterprise network. I can manually asign an address which works, but I seem to be having problems authenticating on the network, and yet when I connect the network cable, everything works just fine. but when I connect via cable DHCP works and asigns an address which works. Surely it is possible get this working!! my IT dept are not mac users at all to so they have been little help and won't spend the time finding out, so any suggestions help from here would be much appreciated. Thanks Matt
  5. mattmac

    iphoto question

    Hi I have a load of photos in an a folder already, is there any way that I can keep my existing folder and just point my iphoto to that folder, like you can in itunes??? I cannot find anything in preferences. Are there any workarounds that people know about??? Thanks Matt
  6. mattmac

    Replacement HDD for Macbook pro

    So, would I be better off just upgrading the RAM to 4gb instead, I assume that doesn't void the warranty??
  7. Hi I have just replaced my powerbook with a macbook pro and was wondering about replacing the internal HDD with a 7200 drive, I currently have a 250GB 5400, could anyone give me some suggestions as to which would be a suitable and reliable drive to install???
  8. Hi I am in the process of doing some web development and have been using the apple website for a bit of inspiration. The hotnews page has a series of jpg images which fade to different images in a kind of slide show, does anyone know how these are created and could they direct me towards some info on the web about building them?? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi I have just upgraded my powerbook 1.67 Mhz to leopard and noticed quite a slow down in performace, it did a clean install and was hoping that performance wouldn't change too much, so the question is if I upgrade RAM and internal drive to 7200 RPM will that make much difference to performance?? My current system RAM is 1.5GB and the internal harddrive is 80GB 5400rpm, so will upgrading these help or am i better off just upgrading to a new macbook pro, it would be great if I could keep the old laptop running alittle longer!!
  10. mattmac

    gmail mobile on iPhone issues!!!

    hi there I have using my iphone to access gmail over thief mobile website and wanted to update a contact from my list and couldn't find any options for editing contacts, does anyone have any ideas?? Even when I browse the website in basic HTML as I would on my desktop there is still no option for editing contacts, unless I am overlooking something obvious. Any help would be much appricated. Also does anyone know if apple will improve the mail app in the new version, cos its very limited!!! Cheers. Matt
  11. mattmac

    Using wifi without activation

    Hi Guys i am coming to the US tommorow and wanted to pick up an iphone to take back to the UK, and wwondered whether it is possible to use the phone just on wifi while I am in the states without activation??? Also if I take the phone back to the uk, will I simply be able to activate it for use with O2??? or do I have to have purchased a phone in the UK? From my quick search I have a feeling that I will have to jailbreak before I can use it and if so is this possible without a computer?? Cheers Matt
  12. mattmac

    Mouse support in terminal

    Graham I am trying to access a linux server remotely over the internet which has a static IP address, and I use the midnight commander file manager, which works fine on a windows PC with mouse support, but not on the mac.
  13. mattmac

    Mouse support in terminal

    Hi there I am having a few problems, I need to access a remote server from my mac to do some admin, in the past I have done it from a PC running putty and midnight commander. I am able to access the server from the terminal without any problems but when I used MC on the PC I was able to use the mouse to issue commands and navigate around, but in the mac tereminal it doesn't seem to work. I have also tried using the shortcuts which are most Function keys, which also don't work. Can anyone help me? Is it possible to setup mouse support on the terminal or are there alternatives I could use? Cheers Matt
  14. mattmac

    Problem with Installers

    Help I have recently done a clean install of OSX tiger and when I came to install ilife 06 I have got a error message 'There was an error installing this software' 'Please try installing again' I have tried installing several more times and always get the same message, does anyone know what I should do, such about to try repair permissions. Cheers Matt
  15. Can anyone help, I have done this before but I have forgotten how it did it last time. I have been accesing my mac mini over my wireless network and in the past I have got the option to access the external drive as a network share, but now it seems to have disappeared. Can anyone help me. Cheers Matt