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  1. Hey fellow geeks, I have my company on-board to develop a prototype application for the iPhone. The application will be web based. We are looking for someone with iphone application design experience, html, and Ajax (for the iPhone) experience. If you are qualified, please send me your resume at rlewis@alliancetech.com. We will pay a reasonable hourly rate. Also, if you know of other places I could post to find a freelance iPhone developer, please let me know. Any help is mucho appreciated. Roger
  2. TexAustin

    Internet Explorer

    Thanks kensterator for the direct link. Very much appreciated.
  3. TexAustin

    Internet Explorer

    Thanks so much for the hint of the google search and the direct link.
  4. TexAustin

    Internet Explorer

    Does anyone out there have or know of where I could get Internet Explorer for the Mac? No... I am not an IE fan, but unfortunately I do have to access a web page that has active x controls. Any help appreciated. If you have it or have any info, please email me at roger.lewis@mac.com thanks, Roger
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    OS X Groups

    thanks. That works for me. I just want to make sure by doing that I am not openning up the system for someone to to hack into my system and be able to delete my picture files. I guess creating a group must not be that common of a thing... Roger
  6. TexAustin

    OS X Groups

    First, let me say I am a switcher so this question may be elementary to many of you and also this may be the wrong forum - I apologize in advance. (I think I may be a slider too since I use Windows at work and Mac at home.. but not sure I have all the terminology down). Back on point... I have setup my iMac G5 so that photos in iphoto are in the "shared" directory so that my wife and I share the same library. It works great. Occasionally she imports photos that I do not have write auth too so I have to change the permissions. What I would like to do is create a group that has both her and me in it. I see numerous groups under "Get Info" for a folder or file permissions, but unsure how these are created / modified. I saw a Network Info tool (not sure of the exact name since I am at work but it was under "Utilities"), which had groups listed, however when I added a new group there my machine dramatically slowed down performance. Any ideas on how to create a group which can be used in permissions which would consist of my wife and I? thanks, Roger