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  1. I'm trying to find out how to enable a VPN for only the window chosen in Safari, if it's possible. Not for all computer traffic, not for all Safari traffic, only for a single Tab or a single Window and it's tabs. Thanks
  2. We have a copy machine at work that will make PDF's and email them to us, I'd like to create a rule that always saves attachments from the copy machine and saves them into a specified folder. Surprisingly there are no built in controls to safe an attachment in Mail Rules, but it does allow for the attachment of an AppleScript - of course I couldn't make an AppleScript that make a popup window that said Hello. Hoping that somebody has the talent and a few minutes to help me with this. INFORMATION: need applescript to save all attachments when the rule identifies the email is from the copy machine, and I'd like to save the attachments to: /Users/myusername/Dropbox/Infrastructure/SAVIN/ Thanks!
  3. randyharris

    Snowball USB Microphone - too quiet for podcasting

    I was over at Blue's website and notice they had mention of updates, maybe this will fix your 'too quiet' problem? Randy at http://www.MacSeven.com
  4. randyharris

    Do you know of a free "FileChute"?

    Thanks Matt, I should be more specific. I have tried YouSendIt, and while it's a neat service, there's too much mucking about to actually send something with it, I appreciate the ease of use with FileChute. But since I host HTTP on my local computer I feel like an AppleScript maybe, or a similar free app could easily to a similar function. It's the mechanics of archiving a file/folder to a specific HTTP folder and generating an email with the correct link that I'm looking to automate. Randy
  5. I like FileChute, but call me cheap, I'd prefer to not pay the $15 cost. The new www.Pando.com is cool, but it requires the receiver to use software to receive the file, I'd prefer to not force somebody to install software to receive your file. Does anybody know of a FileChute type program, Automator workflow, etc that is free? Thanks, Randy
  6. randyharris

    Macromedia BreaksOwn Software on Intel Macs

    Hi Professor, Could you please give me a little more information on how to do this myself. I did the same thing and broke my Flash/Shockwave on my Intel mac. My Intel iMac worked with Flash/Shockwave out of the box, but my installing a Macromedia program broke it - I would very much like to fix it without resorting to something drastic like reinstalling everything. btw - why in the world doesn't Macromedia/Adobe have an intel version of Flash available online? Appreciate any help you can offer. Randy
  7. randyharris

    How to set Apache to alternate port?

    Thanks Prof, I'll give this a try tonight.
  8. Hi, I'm brand new to the Mac and I'm having trouble figuring something out. My ISP blocks port 80, but I like to host pictures for friends and family on my computer rather than something like Flickr - so I have to use an alternate port for WWW. On my Windows XP machine I was able to tell the webserver to work on port 8080 instead of 80. I would like to do the same on my Intel iMac but can't figure it out. Thanks for any help you can provide. Randy