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  1. fermat

    Switcher Switches Again

    They only save 3 days of diffs? or 3 complete backups?
  2. fermat

    Drobo vs RAID

    any reason you suggest RAID 0+1 rather than RAID 5?
  3. fermat

    Leopard or Ubuntu?

    A very well written review. To me it is obvious that no OS is better than any other: one OS is better than another for a particular person and their personal needs. It did bring up one thing that I dislike about Apple and the Mac: The problem comes if you don't like the way Apple decided to do something. Too bad, bud. It's Apple's way or the highway
  4. fermat

    how do I see all my posts

    Thanks for the help Huskermn, I tried that, it will only show me posts that people have made that are replies to me. I just solved my own problem, click the down arrow next to mt name on one of my posts and click Find Member's Posts
  5. fermat

    how do I see all my posts

    Is there a way to see a list of every post I've made to these message boards? When I goto view my profile and click on posts I only see 5 post, not the 88, now 89, I have made. I have probably missed something very obvious
  6. fermat

    Any Windows iPhone users here?

    under Windows the iPhone will sync with MS Outlook, for Bookmark it will sync with IE or Safari http://www.apple.com/iphone/usingiphone/ac...tion_small.html
  7. fermat

    iTunes 7.3 (54) Upgrade Nightmare

    Thank God for sites like oldapps.com. I always keep all installers/download packages so if I ever need to reinstall an old version of software after the maker, in this case Apple, has removed the old files for their site, I can downgrade.
  8. fermat

    10.3.9 and iphone

    I was going to say the something, Mac user require 10.4, while Windows user only need XP that was released nearly 6 years ago, and a free update, SP2, that was released before 10.4
  9. fermat

    Parallels & Vista

    Hi, I can't help you installing Vista, as I haven't installed it on on a physical computer or via parallels, but but ti add to what joshr said: If you wan to run Vista via Parallels (a from virtualisation) you must have either Vista Business or Vista Ultimate NOT Vista Home Premium/Basic
  10. fermat

    Goodbye Microsoft - it was hell knowing you.

    Are you 100% Microsoft free? will you be running Microsoft Office on the Mac? As for a Linux distro, I like Ubuntu, but there are many other great distros out there.
  11. fermat

    forum clock

    The clock is also 17 min fast for me as well.
  12. fermat

    Upgrading the Guts of a PowerMac G5

    Yes my opinion, that is why i said like me I said "real desktop" in the quotes. What I mean is if you want ALL of what I view of the advantages of a desktop and want a Mac you have to buy a Mac Pro. I view this as upgradeable HD, Graphics Card etc and being about I use a screen that you may already own. I think the problem is that to get a Mac with any of these advantages of a desktop, you are forced to buy what is a a powerful server, you get and pay for 4 cores even it you don't need 4 cores. I don't think the iMac is a cheap selloff, it's a great computer for many people, just not me. I agree with you about laptops being very powerful today, that is why I send 90% of my computing time and laptops.
  13. fermat

    Upgrading the Guts of a PowerMac G5

    While I don't really have any solution, BorkBorkBork brings up what I think is a big problem with Apple's line up of Macs: If you want a "real desktop" you have to go with the Mac Pro, a computer that starts at $2200 (plus screen). I know lots of people love there iMacs but some people, like me, I would never buy an all in one computer.
  14. fermat

    Apple TV questions

    It's my understanding that the Apple TV is an iTunes extender, so the only way to get content to the Apple TV is to import it in to iTunes.
  15. fermat

    MacBooks + Nvidia, when?

    The 24" iMac and the Mac Pro both ship with NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT chips, and with the Mac Pro you can upgrade to the NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500, a very high end card. I think we will continue to see Intel intergated graphics in the MacBook was Apple wants people to buy the more expenise MacBook Pro, so they have low end graphics chip in the Macbook.