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  1. My new iMac intel 24 will no longer connect to internet automatically after firmwre update. Everything ran fine before the update. Using a wifi hookup from my cable provider and a wireless printer. Now when I start the machine, have to connect manually throught the airport icon on the top finder screen-right. Weird. Additionally, connection is WEAKER vis a vis the airport icon indicating signal strength. Spent 1 1/2 hours with tech support, very nice, but no solutiuon. Ran permissions, checked network settings, and ran disk utility through the start up dick per the techs advice. Now, he wants me to run an archive install which will destroy the hours spent on adding third party software. Any ideas for help? Many other people experiencing same probelm on the apple discussion. Driving me crazy... Any fixes? Thanks for your help. M
  2. Hi, having problems opening one page. "Read", one page only. All other sites open fine. When I try to connect to this site I get the error: Safari can’t open the page “http://offres.neuf.fr/offres/internet/Nos-offres-ADSL.html?cmp=OF100” because it could not connect to the server “offres.neuf.fr”. I used to be able to open this page fine. I tried it on another computer, no problem, and a response in another very long link indicated "he" could open it fine. Anybody have an idea why this page is being so stubborn and giving me this error? Thanks. Hope to hear a fix. M
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    hi, my user profile askd for a MSN entry. Is this our email address we use for MSN or the name? Stupid question, but thanks. M