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  1. I have a problem... I am using a 3 UK USB 3G Modem to access the internet on my Macbook Pro(latest software). When I hit Connect on the modem software, 3Connect Version, The Macbook Pro's Location changes to "Mobile Broadband" and whatever features the modem software installs removes the ability for me to use any internet sharing features, either via Wifi or ethernet. I presume this is because 3, my carrier, also sells a MIFI device. Is there any way to fix this? Older versions of the software did allow me to do it but I've not been able to figure it out with the latest version. Modem is a ZTE MF112 Macbook Pro running 10.7.2
  2. Tom.landy


    simple question. can anyone develop a web browser for iphone with the sdk? firefox as an example...
  3. Tom.landy

    How to change the MacBook Air

    Didn't answer my own question... 2.0GHz Processor & 120GB Hard Drive thats all...
  4. Tom.landy

    How to change the MacBook Air

    So its been a few months now and hopefully everyone has seen this amazing computer...and now in retrospect, how would you change it? Please be realistic, your never going to get a DVD drive in it so don't suggest it, and your not really going to buy a second battery so have at it... MacBook Air 2.0 - What do u want?
  5. Tom.landy

    Anyone else fear tuesdays?

    I'm starting to get scared of buying new products? every tuesday since Mac World apple have been nice enough to update something, be it a new pink nano, or upgraded memory to ipod touches or iphones...the question is whats next? I ordered a macbook air, then cancelled the order...Now I'm fairly sure I'm going for a 15" MacBook Pro, but I'm literally scared to order one in case next tuesday or a week later we get a new model... I know there due a rev any time now so my question is should I wait, and for how long? (Also I've looked at macrumors and they have been saying Don't Buy for almost three months...)
  6. Tom.landy

    How to: Time Machine Network Backups - Please help

    Ok, steps to make this work... 1. Terminal, I'll assume u know where that is, stick in the following line defaults write com.apple.systempreferences TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1 2. Connect your disk and ensure it works as a disk over the network, I read and wrote a few files to try it out a bit 3. Then go to Time Machine utility and tell it to use the network disk 4. Start Time Machine backup Points of interest. 1. Do not backup disk before connecting it as a network drive, it just starts a new time machine backup when you tell it about the network drive and erases the old one 2. There are rumors of this being a feature of 10.5.2, to support time capsule, but I doubt it... 3. In Leopard, the drives do not auto mount, they appear in the sidebar and you can work with them from there, much nicer than cluttering up the desktop I'll post if anything bad happens...wish me luck
  7. Ok, I've ordered a MacBook Air, I do not need a new Wireless Airport Extreme(Time Capsule), I bought the new one when it came out last MacWorld(pre-gigabit ethernet) I do not need gigabit ethernet, I do however want Time machine to work on network drives I have attached to my Extreme. I saw an article on somewhere telling how to do this but I can't find out where I saw it, can anyone help? Thanks in advance, and Happy MacWorld everyone...
  8. Tom.landy

    Leopard Instabilities, I think

    MacBook - White 2.0GHz, 2GB Ram, 160GB 5400GB HDD, Leopard 10.5.1 I've been getting pretty unusual problems and maybe its just my macbook going out, I'm a pretty heavy user... Issues: 1. Insert a DVD, it doesn't play, it reads the disk and DVD player launches. I then get a message that the MacBook doesn't have a DVD drive. thats a nice message. 2. Wireless/Spotlight issues. I've think I've that wireless thing thats going around, although every time it happens, I reboot for a quick fix and spotlight needs to re-index my primary drive... 3. AdiumX is very bad with the network, I can be fine and all of a sudden I'll be getting network timeout errors, Adium only, if I'm downloading or anything else there unaffected 4. Mail - takes up to 5 minutes to close, I think its just re-checking mailboxes but can I stop this Other than that I think were good but these are daily occurrences right now and are very time consuming... Thanks to anyone in advance, I just don't know if my macbook needs replacing or if these are real leopard issues...any answers/questions/ideas/guesses are appreciated
  9. Tom.landy

    Mac Mini

    I need a mac mini, any generation(intel pref) mail me with what you got...
  10. Tom.landy

    White MacBook - Ireland

    Spec Intel Core2Duo 2.0GHz 2GB RAM 120GB Hard Drive Superdrive Other OSX 10.5 Leopard Final Cut Express 3 (original disk & software serial included) Great little machine, I'm thinking of upgrading to the new iMac its clean, a few of the usual case scratches but otherwise perfect €850 + free shipping(europe) Pics available on request
  11. Tom.landy

    Leopard PDF issues

    Has anyone else experienced issues printing home made .pdf files in Leopard? I was designing a basic seasonal card, multiple layers, pages layout mode, and when I went to print to pdf everything seemed great, all the colors were fine and I could see no errors, on printing however my printer, HP Deskjet F380 only prints background layers of my document. it ignores random layers and colors in layers, e.g. I was printing a .pdf information flyer and it ignored the green in the main image, no known reason. I have printed these under Tiger and all was good, was wondering am I the only one?
  12. Tom.landy

    iPod touch issues

    This is a warning to you loverly folks here... I have been jailbreaking the touch for a week or so now(Jailbreakme.com & iJailbreak), and to be honestly totally honest, its great(iJailbreak installs mail and other iPhone apps), and its awesome Be careful though - some of the apps assume you have an iPhone, and seriously ass damage the touch(you need to restore if that happens) and that includes Xlauncher or whatever that launchie is called
  13. Tom.landy

    iPod touch issues

    its not that powerful!
  14. Tom.landy

    iPod touch issues

    I'm trying the Jailbreakme.com site now and I'm staring at my touch hoping for good news... I did a full restore yesterday, hold down button until it goes to recovery mode and re-install and it was working better than ever, I am hoping for a game or two though, I am so bored of having no games, its an amazing platform...
  15. Tom.landy

    iPod touch issues

    what program did you use? I originally did the touch dev team directions but I'm far too consumer to bother with much terminal stuff. It worked fine but then itunes only had about 80mb of space left(I was installing a lot of apps for fun), so I restored and have been tempted to do it again ever since. I tried iJailbreak yesterday and it destroyed my touch, totally crippled it, was not even restorable so I ended up calling apple to find out how to get to recovery mode to fix it...luckily that fixed it but I'm scared to do it again...