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  1. Anyone know of any Mac-specific World of Warcraft fan sites? I realize there are a lot of huge ones out there that support both sides of the divide, but I'm hoping to find one that focuses on Mac-specific issues.
  2. NukeHavoc

    Multi-Button Mouse Future

    So I fired up Warcraft last night, and without even meaning to proved myself wrong: you hold down both mice buttons in order to walk forward in the game. You can also use the keyboard to do this, but using the mouse is slightly more comfortable.
  3. NukeHavoc

    Multi-Button Mouse Future

    That's always been my experience.
  4. NukeHavoc

    Xbox and Airport Extreme?

    I'm thinking of upgrading my wireless router at home from a Netgear B to Airport Extreme. However, there's a rub -- my Xbox connects to the net using Microsoft's Xbox wireless bridge. Now I know the connection *should* be seemless, but I'm interested in knowing if anyone's used the Xbox bridge with Airport.
  5. How well does a Shuffle work and play with a regular iPod? (I've got a 2G iPod, but I imagine the all pretty much work the same when it comes to interacting with multiple 'pods). Can you manage the playlists for each separately, so I can load my normal selection of books, music and podcasts on to the old iPod (I do manual syncing on my iPod, since I long ago exceeded its 10 gb capacity), but then load a different playlist onto the shuffle? Ken
  6. NukeHavoc

    Multi-Button Mouse Future

    I think they should start shipping these mice with new Macs as soon as is humanly possible. As Red mentioned, you have the option to use the mouse in "single button" mode if you like (and if memory serves, this is the default setting). That'll satisfy existing Macheads. But I can't tell you how many people have told me that one of the reasons they won't buy a Mac is because it doesn't support multibutton mice. Never mind that OS X and even OS 9 did exactly that for years; the perception was that Macs had one button. Period. Do I think switching will bring in droves of new customers? No. But it's a sentiment I've heard way, way too many times to dismiss lightly. As for the mouse itself ... it looks interesting. I'm a little concerned about gunking up the "scroll ball" (and aren't you glad we dont have to worry about that any more with optical mice?). One complaint I've heard -- and don't get -- is that you can't click both the left and right buttons simultnaeously on this mouse. Apparently this is something folks do a lot in World of Warcraft, but as a Warcraft player with a two-button mouse, I've never done that. Heck, I've never had to click both buttons simultaneously on ANY computer. All in all though, I'm very happy to see this mouse. It's been a long time coming ... too long IMHO. Ken
  7. NukeHavoc

    Video Conferencing Between Macs & PCs.

    Next question: anyone know of a good, cheap USB camera that's compatible with the Mac? (aside from iSight -- I want to give my fellow Machead a few options with regards to a camera he can use for video conferencing).
  8. A friend and I would like to hold a video conference. He's got a 12' PowerBook running Jaguar (but is willing to upgrade to Tiger if need be). No video camera yet, but he's thinking of getting an iSight. On my end, I've got a Windows XP laptop with both a USB Web Cam and a Firewire video camera. My question is ... what's the best way to hold a video conference between these two machines? (as an aside, I do have two Macs -- a PowerMac dual 1.42 Ghz G4 and an old G3 iBook, but neither is in the mix for this particular conference). Can iChat interface with AOL IM, and does it support video chat? (I checked the AIM site, but they're decidedly cryptic about its capabilities, and I've used iChat too long to remember what AIM's capable of). I thought of using MSN Messenger, but last time I checked (a few months ago) you couldn't do audio/video chat between the Mac and Windows clients. Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  9. NukeHavoc

    My Tiger Story (a funny read)

    I don't know, and hopefully I'll never have to find out. I did learn one thing though; next time I'm either picking it up at the Apple Store or having it delivered to my office at work.
  10. NukeHavoc

    My Tiger Story (a funny read)

    You want bad with numbers? I'll give you bad with numbers... A few years ago, my PowerMac was supposed to be delivered while I was at a wedding. "No problem," I thought, "they need a sig to do that, so they'll just come back later". When I got home from the wedding, I checked FedEx, just because, well, you know how it is. And was very, VERY shocked to discover that they said they'd delivered it. And that I'd signed for it. And had a virtual sig that didn't look like my chicken scratch. Naturally, I freaked out a bit. Well, freaked out a lot, and called FedEx, who steadfastly informed me that the computer *had* been delivered and that I *had* signed for it. Huh? What? Well, long story short the driver delivered it to the wrong house, forged my sig, and didn't realize what he'd done. Apparently he was some third-party driver they'd hired to sub for someone who'd called out sick. The computer finally did arrive two days later on my porch, the driver never pausing to ring the bell or get a real signature. It took me another week to piece together the rest of the story, and according the FedEx manager, that driver's no longer working for them. So, bad with numbers? Yeah, i'd say so. Ken
  11. One recommendation I have of my own for upgrading to Tiger is to make sure you empty your Junk Mail folder before the upgrade. Last night I had to sit through Mail importing about 20,000 pieces of spam because it had been a while since I'd emptied that trashcan. Ken
  12. Really? I always thought once you were out of AppleCare, you were on your own. It never occured to me that you'd get support with the new OS (but it does seem obvious in retrospect. But back to the iBook G3. After powering down, my trusty Mac rebooted flawlessly and loaded into the desktop. I'm going to wait until Spotlight finishes indexing and then re-boat and do the deep permissions repair you mentioned. I'll also check out the cache cleaners. In case anyone's wondering how the speed is on an ancient G3 500 mhz with 384 mb RAM ... the answer is: not bad. Certainly not worse than under Panther. Dashboard was slow to load the first time I accessed it; subsequent accesses were much faster. Thanks for your help! Ken
  13. Thanks for the advice. At this point I'm probably too far along for cache cleaning, seeing as how I already did the install (the instructions there seem to imply that you need to be booting into X in order to run these utilities). I'm guessing my best bet now is to shut down the machine, boot again using the Tiger CD and initialize the hard drive. So riddle me this: are there any serious consequences I need to worry about if I interrupt whatever the heck its doing now (to recap: it's stuck on the "Apple" load screen with the little progress wheel caught in a never-ending spin), shut down the computer, and start over? Or what about shutting down, powering up again, and letting it take another try at booting into Tiger? No, I just ran "Repair Permissions" from within Disk Utility.
  14. So I repaired the permissions, and re-did the upgrade install. This time, it took, and Tiger was installed in the iBook. It finished, and I rebooted ... and am still rebooting. It's been a little over an hour, and I'm still stuck at the Apple start-up screen, with the little Stick Wheel of Doom endlessly twirling. A fellow Machead at work suggested that perhaps the machine's in the process of indexing the drive for Spotlight, but if so it's surely taking its sweet time doing so. Any suggestions on how long I should let this thing sit and spin for before giving up and trying a clean install?
  15. Tiger installed without a hitch on my dual 1.42 Ghz G4 PowerMac (installing as an upgrade) but unfortunately it's not going nearly as well on my iBook. The iBook is an older Mac -- a 500 Mhtz dual-USB G3 -- but all the previous upgrades went off without a hitch. With Tiger though, the "upgrade" option has failed twice, both times telling me that errors occured with the installation (in both cases, when it was verifying the iBook's hard drive. I have enough room to install; I've got 6.2 gb available, and Tiger wants sometime like 2.5. At this point I'm running Disk Utility and checking the permissions and such. If this doesn't work, I may have to fall back and punt (or in otherwords, do a clean install). It's probably about time -- the iBook started with 10.0 and hasn't had a clean install since then (hadn't needed it really; it's run beautifully).