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  1. corelogik

    Favorite Mac ever made.

    I have to say that i'm partial to my iMac G5's, both of 'em. I also like the sunflower iMac ALOT,... but the one that I have a "soft" spot for is the G3. A G3 Indigo was my first Mac, I still have it, it still works, and I love it.
  2. corelogik


    I personally subscribe to 13 different podcasts, not including the 2 I'm about to start doing,... I listen to the Maccast everytime they are released. I usually fall asleep listening to TWiT, Leo's KFI show or Adam,... not that they are boring at all, but that's about the only time I have to listen to them, it's conveinient.
  3. corelogik

    x or 10?

    I just call it X, no OS, no 10, I just like the way it sounds. Besides the look of the little lost Windows users saying "you use what?", is precious.
  4. corelogik

    How did you find Maccast or its forum?

    I found it through iTunes. I don't recall what the first episode I heard was, but I have been subscribed and listening for a while now,...
  5. I am new to podcasting. I enjoy Adam's show and am using his gear as a model for my own. I am planning to buy a new set of gear on monday and I need some advice on microphones. What are the pro's vs. con's of Dynamic vs. Condenser. I also have a question about mixers. My podcast will be about 50/50 split with another "host" ie,. half the time there will be 2 of us the rest of the time it will be just me. I notice that the UB802 has 2 XLR inputs and was wondering about additional microphone connections. Occasionally I may need a 3rd or even fourth mic, as we plan to do some interviews from time to time,... for example if I use a couple of adapters to plug additional mic's into the 1/4" jacks will the quality be less or the same etc,... I would also like to know if using 2 (or more) mic's on the mixer run through a griffin iMic will show up as seperate voice tracks in GB3,... If I can think of anything else I need to know, I'll post back. I would also appreciate any suggestions anyone may have. Thanx in advance.