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  1. Ashley

    Mac Autoclicker?

    RapidClick is a good/simple Mac auto clicker app that does this, on the appstore.
  2. Ashley

    Over prices Apple software in Australia

    It's a fair argument but look at the UK where they really make less. Lets pick a Tier 1 app: $0.99 in US, £0.59 in UK UK has 20% sales tax so that is taken off the top first, leaving $0.472. Apple takes 30% of this to £0.1416 for apple. At current exchange rate (0.616) this is 23 cents. Apple gets 30 cents from selling the same app in the US.
  3. Ashley

    Over prices Apple software in Australia

    Apple offers developer the choice of a range of price tiers. For example: Tier 1: US$ 0.99 / CA$ 0.99 / Euro 0.79 / UK £0.59 / Yen 115 / AU$ 1.19 Tier 2: US$ 1.99 / CA$ 1.99 / Euro 1.59 / UK £1.19 / Yen 230 / AU$ 2.49 and so on up to maximum which is Tier 85: US$ 999.99 / CA$ 999.99 / Euro 799.99 / UK £599.99 / Yen 115000 / AU$ 1199.99 Devs can only choose one tier, for the app as a whole. The cannot choose a different tier for each country. So any difference/unfairness (perceived or otherwise) is down to Apple, not the devs.
  4. Ashley

    Yojimbo, alternative

    I use Evernote to store and search notes and images. Best feature for me is the text recognition in images so I can do a text search in images (usual screenshots for design ideas) without having to manually tag them.