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  1. rygold

    PayPal HiJacked?

    I made a donation to Maccast to help our Guru pay for his new Mac Mini. However, after the transaction was complete I was automatically sent here: http://software.terraform.com/ What's that all about?? =R=
  2. rygold

    Safari Helper App for .m4a File

    One more thing: When I Control-click to download the file in IE it comes in as a .m4a file, without the .txt added to it. Now, doesn't this muddy the waters somewhat? =R=
  3. I created the .m4a file that you can find on http://soundseeingtours.com/ called Soundseeing: Toronto to Ottawa. It was originally a GarageBand file, transferred to iTunes. However, both Safari (2.0.3) and IE (5.2.3) download pages of giberish when I click on soundseeingtour on that page. Firefox. on the other hand, recognizes the file properly. My installed Safari plug-ins include the Quicktime audio/x-m4a file necessary to recognize the m4a file, however, no go. When I Control-click to download the actual file it comes in as a .m4a.txt file. If i delete the .txt the file then plays as an mpeg4 properly. What gives? Thanks. =R=