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  1. doneitner

    MouseZoom to the rescue

    Regarding the "slow mouse" issue in MacOS X (especially for those of us who moved over from a PC, whether Windows or not), I personally like MouseZoom, available at http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/12205 . This installs as a Preference Pane and gives a very simple slider to set the mouse speed to something higher than Apple's own mouse speed slider. It works fine here in Leopard (10.5.3) on an Intel Mac and worked fine in 10.4 on a PowerPC. Technically the DMG disk image contains two versions, one for Intel and one for PPC.
  2. doneitner

    Can iMac display be shut off but iMac still run?

    That is good to hear. Thank you very much everyone for the great responses.
  3. doneitner

    Can iMac display be shut off but iMac still run?

    But when I VNC in won't the activity on the system cause the monitor to power back up and stay on the whole time I'm remotely controlling it? This is what I'm hoping to avoid if possible. If I'm not directly in front of the machine, I don't want the display to be on at all. Thanks for the tip, though.
  4. I have a question for anyone with a recent iMac (G5 or Intel based). Can you have the computer running but put the display to sleep or turn it off to reduce power consumption? For example, if I am VNC'ing (remote desktop) into my iMac while I am not in front of the iMac, it's just a waste for the display to be turned on. Obviously with a Mac Pro with separate monitor I can just turn the monitor off and everything's grand, but I want to know about the iMac since that's what I'm planning to buy soon. Thanks! Don
  5. doneitner

    Mac pro power consumption

    According to www.barefeats.com, the MacPro they tested (with 16GB of RAM and a Radeon X1900 I believe) drew about 410 watts on startup and a max of 430 watts under heavy load -- idling at about 300 watts. Pretty hefty, but then again their test unit was maxed out with high-end components. How that relates to a G5 PowerMac or a Core 2 Duo iMac I cannot say for sure.
  6. doneitner

    Canon Printer.

    Has anyone here got any experience with the Canon MP530 or MP830 all-in-one models with MacOS X? I'm specifically interested in either connecting it to my Windows PC and printing over the LAN from the Mac, or connecting it to my Mac and printing to it over the LAN from the Windows PC. I am also interested in the scan functionality from over the network. When I was first looking into these things, I'd read that Brother actually had the best OSX support for network scanning but the Brother printers just seem so flimsy whereas these Canons look quite sturdy. Thanks in advance, Don Eitner
  7. doneitner

    Power Mac Kernel Panic

    If it's a late 2005 model it should still be under warranty (in theory) so I would ask Apple to replace the whole unit.
  8. doneitner

    Apche, PHP & MySQL HowTo

    If you are looking for more recent versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP (and more) you might also check http://www.mamp.info/ which is essentially a single package/program which gives you all three with pretty much zero effort on your part. And yes, you can still edit config files and all that if you want specific settings.
  9. doneitner

    Handbrake quality

    Depending on what you're grabbing ... I've grabbed hour long videos off a DVD using HandBrake with the bitrate option set to 780 Kbps (rather than setting a target file size) and the videos come out looking quite good and the size (for a 1 hour video) is just over 300megs. For a half hour video, that ought to easily get under 200megs and still look just as good.
  10. doneitner

    iLife question

    Now mind you that depending on which model Mac you have and how old it is, if you had a more recent version of iLife (04, 05, 06) then you would lose it but would have the version which came on your Mac when it was new.
  11. doneitner

    Using what your Mac gave ya

    I find it hard to get by without Tiger Launch sitting my menu extras area and giving me quick access to every app in my Applications folder. I have a lot of additional little apps (nothing major like Adobe CS2 or MS Office) but I don't use them frequently. My main uses for my Mac are iChat, iTunes and iMovie.
  12. doneitner

    Timeframes for Mac Pro upgrades?

    Apple seems to update its PowerMac line about once a year but rarely at the same time each year. G5's PMs came out in late 2003 but were updated in mid-2004 and then early 2005 (then again in late 2005). Then the MacPro came out in mid-2006. I'd expect to see new models before WWDC next summer, possibly (though probably not) at MacWorld in January. I'm still holding out for a single Core 2 Duo (not Xeon) model at a price between the iMac and the MacPro. I know, I know, wishful thinking.
  13. doneitner

    EyeTV to DVD... how is the video quality?

    I've got a related question with the EyeTV 250; since it is not a Firewire DV capture device (which the previous EyeTV 200 was, I believe) how long does it take to import video into iMovie after capturing it with the EyeTV software? On my G4 PowerMac I had a Canopus ADVC-50 PCI card (incompatible with G5 Macs due to voltage) and it would let me capture directly into iMovie in real time. But with a non-Firewire device, if you must first capture in real time and then import into iMovie (which is notoriously slow when importing existing video files) that would be terrible; not to mention making one already large file into two large files. Thanks!
  14. doneitner

    New hard drive for Dual G5 Powermac

    I just bought one of those Seagate 320gig drives for my PC. It's really, really fast and runs several degrees C cooler than the Maxtor it replaced. I'm thinking of buying another to put into my G5 PowerMac.
  15. doneitner

    AppleCare Protection Plan

    Knowing that Macs are a bit more closed than PCs (of which I quite comfortable putting together and upgrading myself) I bought AppleCare with each of my Macs. I never needed it with my G4 PowerMac in the 2 years before I sold it. I did need it with my (purchased used but still under AppleCare) G5 PowerMac. The logic board had some problems with any more than 1GB of RAM installed. After some hurdles that required me to do some tests to prove my memory was not bad, Apple replaced the logic board and I've had no problems with my G5 since. Without AppleCare... I'd be well up the proverbial river without the proverbial paddle.