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    Router question

    You also need to be sure how the router assigns addresses (IP addresses) to the attached computers and be sure your PC is set the same way. There's something called DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol, I believe) which basically allows the router to assign an address dynamicall, with no user interaction. As long as your PC is set to receive a DHCP address, in theory it should just work.
  2. doneitner

    recomend software

    Also sound apps like CD Spin Doctor (available as part of Roxio Toast) or the free/open-source Audacity should work for stringing multiple audio files together. I"m not sure about making it an iPod compatible audiobook file.
  3. doneitner

    Quicktime Capture Timer needed

    What about iCal? If your capture software is AppleScript-able you can set iCal to run a script at a certain time to start or stop capturing... I think. I haven't tried it, but it would sure make for a very nice, well-integrated DVR.
  4. doneitner

    Zap PRAM with a Bluetooth Keyboard

    I'm going to also ask a dumb question -- is a bluetooth keyboard usable for entering safe mode and single user mode on a PowerMac G5? I normally use a USB-attached KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) but the G5 won't let me get into single user mode through that. I do have a bluetooth keyboard with my Mac but I don't use it normally.
  5. doneitner

    Dual Graphics CArd Support

    The G4 MDD absolutely will support dual graphics cards. However the one you have is AGP and the only other slots you have are PCI, so you'll need a PCI video card (such as the older Radeon 7000) or (if you're brave) a PC video card that's been flashed/modified with Mac support -- you can find up to Radeon 9000 with PCI I believe.
  6. doneitner

    Recommend hardware

    As much RAM as you can get, plus large, fast hard drive(s) possibly in a striped RAID for extra speed and capacity. This should be possible on really any G5 supporting up to 8 or 16 GB of RAM. Otherwise you're going to throttle your computer with endless memory swapping on such large files.
  7. I believe Adam mis-pronounced the actor's name in the latest episode. I believe it is pronounced (forgive me, I'm trying to spell it as it sounds) oh-bear-jon-wa, not aw-bur-jo-nis.
  8. doneitner

    Best Show on TV

    Where's the "TV? What's TV?" option?
  9. doneitner

    slow gigabit ethernet

    If your network is a small network (like less than 5 computers) you might want to look into BroadbandOptimizer (http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo...fo/macosx/12591). For my 100Mbps network it improved Windows-to-Mac performance from 1.5MB/s to 9MB/s (yes, really). The potential problem is that one setting it uses has the potential (on larger networks) to make transfers less reliable and therefore slower. On a small network, it works perfectly (for me). All this app does is changes some of Apple's default TCP settings to more useful values, but since OSX likes to reset these on every bootup, the app runs at bootup to make sure they stay the way you like them. It is fully editable (through a text file). The setting that can potentially cause slowdowns on large networks is the also editable, but that's the one that makes it run so much faster on small networks.
  10. doneitner

    Best Highspeed Option

    I'm quite happy with my Verizon DSL. Since 2002 my speed has quadrupled and my cost is still the same. My uncle has Adelphia cable and loves it. It is a little bit faster than my DSL (maybe 20%) but yes he pays more for it, too. Depends on if you need/want the cable TV part of it. DSL is great for what it is.
  11. doneitner

    Import .pst file

    Since .pst is a proprietary binary file (ie. not plaintext which is the common email storage format) the only likely place you'd be able to use it on the Mac is in Microsoft's Entourage, which is the Mac equivalent of Outlook. However I don't have/use/need MS Office so I can't say for sure if this works or if Entourage uses a completely different format.
  12. doneitner

    EyeTV 200 VS EyeTV 250

    The biggest issues I see it are: EyeTV 200 is no longer available. EyeTV 250 costs about half as much as the 200 did. EyeTV 200 had Firewire interface (so could direct import into iMovie, Final Cut Express, etc.). EyeTV 250 is USB only and can save into DV which can then be imported in iMovie/FCE but that's a two step process. So is half the price worth the extra work needed to use it if you can even find an EyeTV 200 anyway?
  13. Background: I've been running MacOS X 10.4 on a PowerMac G4 for the past year and have had no major issues. I had never (in two years of using a Mac) seen a kernel panic. This week: I bought a (used but still under AppleCare) PowerMac G5 and after wiping the drive and doing a fresh install of 10.4, I have had at least half a dozen kernel panics just in the last week. The first occurred when I installed 10.4.6 through Software Updates and then my Mac would not even boot afterward. I wiped the drive again and reinstalled, then installed 10.4.5 via combo update and then 10.4.6 via combo update without problems. But while doing some relatively simple things (such as running Carbon Copy Cloner) I've run into kernel panics numerous times. Because it has happened with multiple programs but not every time that I run those programs, I'm thinking this is a hardware issue, but I cannot be sure. Has anyone else seen this kind of behavior? Before I pack it up and carry it to the Apple Store, is there anything I could/should try at home? Any help is appreciated, thanks everyone! Don Eitner
  14. doneitner

    Bad RAM? Bad CPU? Bad something?

    Yes it was, but so is the good drive. And I have a Maxtor in my PC that's fine as well. P.S. The SMART status said the drive was fine, but trying one last time to wipe and repartition the drive resulted in a complete freeze.
  15. doneitner

    Compressed File Types

    Can it do RAR compression? It's got some nice safety features and pretty good compression but generally works as well as Zip -- and it's pretty well established. If you're worried about cross-platform support, WinZip and WinRAR both support it and I'm pretty sure older versions of Stuffit Expander do as well.
  16. doneitner

    Bad RAM? Bad CPU? Bad something?

    Thank you for the feedback. I'm 90% sure it was the hard drive. After Apple's Hardware Test told me there was a problem with the drive, I switched it out for another drive and it worked fine; put the bad drive in as secondary and tried to erase and repartition the bad disk and it actually hung and would not complete. But the other drive is still running fine and reports no errors.
  17. doneitner

    Bad RAM? Bad CPU? Bad something?

    Looks like it may have been a bad hard drive. Apple's Hardware Test failed on that item. Replaced with another drive, Hardware Test gives no errors. Will see how it goes from here.
  18. doneitner

    Bad RAM? Bad CPU? Bad something?

    P.S. I should also note that sometimes (not always) when I perform a cold boot of the system, the SuperDrive ejects itself even though there's no disc in the drive and I have confirmed my mouse button is not being pressed.
  19. doneitner

    Miglia AlchemyTV DVR

    yankee77, this is very good to know as a Miglia TV DVR came in my new (to me) PowerMac G5 and I haven't used it yet but I need to. Very good to hear it works with iMovie. Thank you.
  20. I have to concur with the bit about using the combo updates. I just got a new (to me) G5 PowerMac and did a fresh install of Tiger. I upgraded to 10.4.6 through Software Updates and my system both kernel panicked AND would not boot afterward. Put the Tiger disk back in and did another fresh install, then got the combo update from Apple's website and it installed just fine. I also took the extra precaution of running repair permissions multiple times. It's working great now.
  21. doneitner

    Adding Sata to a Powermac g4

    I put a SeriTek 2 port Serial ATA PCI card into my G4 tower (MDD) and it worked beautifully. No drivers to install (at least under OSX 10.3 and 10.4, not sure about earlier). Be aware SATA hard drives typically use a special, narrower power connector. YOu may need to get a 4 pin molex-to-SATA power adapter unless your hard drive offers both power connectors (some do but be sure NOT to connect both at the same time).
  22. doneitner

    Windows XP Pro VS Home on iMac with 2 GB Ram

    Well unless something has drastically changed, XP Home does not support multiple processors, so the Dual Core processor in the Intel Macs would be seen only as one processor (ie. only half of the available processing power would be available to Windows). XP Pro supports multiple CPUs so should support the Core Duo to its fullest. This should really help video conversion but whether games make use of it is up to the game developer.
  23. doneitner

    I wish there was a Nano 6gb

    I would have preferred an 8GB or 10GB iPod mini with color screen. I like the size of the mini more than the Nano, which I just feel is "too small".
  24. doneitner

    Encoding Opinions

    What format you encode with is a very subjective topic. There is no Right Answer. What sounds good to your ears? Encode a couple of tracks to both mp3 and aac and listen to them closely. Do you hear any differences? Does one sound "flatter" and less vibrant than the other? Do you notice any distortion in one or both? My own personal feeling is that Apple has never gotten 100% behind their proprietary lossless codec, so when I do lossless I prefer the open source FLAC format (which iTunes, naturally, does not support). I also like Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) for lossy compression -- it's technologically very similar to aac but again is open source and not supported by iTunes. That being said, iTunes is certainly not hurting for market share. Many millions of people, on both Windows PCs and Macs, can play your aac or alc files. Mp3 is a lot more universally supported so if you don't notice any difference between mp3 and aac, then that's a good choice.
  25. doneitner

    What is your favorite online store?

    I second the vote for NewEgg.