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  1. Yeah, lol... So um, can you recommend a hard drive for me? You're not saying I can buy a desktop SATA2 drive and it will actually fit in my MacBook, are you? :?
  2. Okay so just to be 100% clear: I need an SATA ...OR... a SATA2 drive? Either will work in the MacBook I guess? I've never seen a drive designated as SATA2 but maybe I just haven't looked hard enough. If the SATA2 is faster and the MacBook supports it, shouldn't we be goin for one of those instead of a regular SATA1 drive? Or it sounds like you're saying it doesn't matter, as in a 5400rpm drive both will be about the same speed roughly? Maybe you can make this clearer for me so I understand it PS - I just got home with my 1.83GHz MacBook and I am so excited It's charging right now I'm typing this on the iBook I sold on eBay a couple days ago, heh...
  3. josh, thanks so much dude! those are great suggestions. i think i am gonna go to the apple store this afternoon!! can't wait!
  4. Hey Professor, Thanks for all the info! I appreciate it. Okay so... I just got back from Circuit City and Best Buy, and am walking away a little suprised and kinda disappointed that they did not have any drives that seemed compatible with a MacBook. I thought I had found one, but then the guy said the MacBook needs SATA2 - I was like, HUH? ...so I didn't get it. I only saw like 2 choices, of a notebook 2.5" drive that was SATA... but not SATA2 whatever that means. So man am I confused! He suggested I go to this store an hour away that sells Apple stuff, or to call Apple directly. Am I just better off forcing myself to be patient, and get the MacBook BTO? (I am buying a MacBook tomorrow, but am yet undecided if I wanna wait for Apple to upgrade it for me, or if I wanna go buy it and have that great instant-gratification and install a bigger drive myself. I'm torn, but now it seems like this is a lot more headache than I expected...
  5. I'm looking for one that's 100-120GB (isn't 120GB the max that the MacBook will recognize anyway? Someone told me that...) and also it has to be under $200, preferably under $150... Also... I'd like it to be at a store I could go pick it up at here in California... Here is the thing, yes I have done research on this myself, but I'm confused and need help I thought I found a good one that would work at Fry's Electronics, and saw the same one at Circuit City, but then found out it's not compatible Maybe someone can just verify for me what exactly I need to look for? My understanding is that I need a 2.5" notebook hard drive that is SATA (I don't know what SATA is but I know it has to be that, right?) Thanks for your help in advance!!!
  6. Like new, mint condition, and in the original box with all originally included accessories and software. Only a few months old and well taken care of! $799 with 2 days left! I have 280 feedback, and 99% positive. http://tinyurl.com/gnr6t eBay Item # 260007523081 if you wanna search for it manually. Thanks and cheers -Aaron
  7. YES, but within reason. Not too many please!
  8. I voted YES! I like the music.
  9. sonictonic

    Moving Itunes files to external drive.

    Husker, Thanks... Hey with 2 users though, will I be able to sync my iPod to get everything? Music AND podcasts? If so how do I do that? I have 2 users right now... an Admin, and my regular user account I use daily... Being only a couple months new to Mac, is the "fast user switching" you mention pretty much like when I install a program on my user account, how it prompts me for the admin name and password? Thanks again for the help!
  10. sonictonic

    Moving Itunes files to external drive.

    Sorry to bump an old topic but can I get an update on this? I'm so low on HD space on my iBook too... and it's time to look at another option. I have the extrernal drive, and all my music is "backed up" on it, but I feel like I am almost wasting about 25GB of my iBook's HD, storing my iTunes stuff. A couple questions: - Is there any way to have all of my music, and "regular" videos, stored on the external USB hard drive, while retaining all of my Podcasts on my iBook's local drive? - If all my music is on the external drive, when I start itunes, do I need to make sure my external hard drive is connected and powered on? Or does that matter? Thanks!
  11. mT, Flip4Mac does not work with copy-protected WMV files. Boy if it were that simple... lol...
  12. The other reason MT is because I have about 10GB of WMV video, protected, that just will not work on Mac. I have looked into it as much as possible, and NO ONE has an answer. I have come to the conclusion that I just should use windows for those files. They are not so critical that I would EVER give up my new mac and OSX, I love it, but having Windows ON THE SIDE would be nice. Why are you trying to give me a hard time? Nevermind, don't answer that. But it would be nice of you could offer help and advice instead of asking why I have the needs I do, and then telling me I didn't look hard enough for a mac solution. Gimme a break, man.
  13. Thanks Er... I guess I have some things to think about. Lookin forward to more replies too... MT - Because I ditched 2 softare programs that are NOT available on the Mac. I'm doing alright without em... and with the replacement I found for one of the 2 programs, but it would be nice to have em back and have Windows functionality for the occasional use. Also, as much as I probably will want the new upcoming Intel iBook, since my iBook is only a month old I am not sure that is really wise financially, lol... By getting the Intel Mac Mini I would kinda kill 2 birds with one stone since I wanted a "media center" anyway, and if I could run Windows on that, and have my iBook 100% OSX and secure/safe, then I would be really happy.
  14. Hey guys I 'switched' about a month ago and am loving my new iBook G4 so so much... and I was just wondering, with the recent news of Boot Camp, being able to run Windows XP on Intel based Macs, what if I got a new Intel based Mac Mini to do it? When Apple announced the new Intel Mac Mini's I already was thinking about trying to save up for one, to hook up to my TV for the sheer fact of being able to stream all my iTunes content, iPhoto stuff, from my iBook, to the Mac Mini, which I would want hooked up to my TV. So - I guess I am trying to ask if this setup will work well: Mac Mini hooked up to TV (not an HDTV [yet] sadly) w/ Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for computer functionality... But can I dual boot with WinXP on this, and using the TV as my monitor and using the bluetooth mouse and keyboard? How will the computer look on my TV since I don't have a fancy HDTV? I have a nice 32" Sony WEGA, but still, since it isn't HD or progressive or whatever, will it look alright or will it look like crap? Secondly, if I have a new macmini hooked to my TV, and it has a DVDR drive, am I able to somehow record onto DVD's then? Like from TV or my DVR box, onto blank DVD discs in the MacMini? I have got to know this... Thanks for any help you can give! I have not really gotten so deep into this stuff so while I am somewhat savvy, I am defintiely not an expert So I hope for some good advice here!
  15. Hmm... iTunes Library: 5302 items, 30.79 GB iPod Library: 5301 items, 30.68 GB Does this mean I have one file in iTunes that is around 100 MB that is not syncing to the iPod, then? If so, how on earth can I track this down? :? EDIT: AMAZING. I can't believe I been sitting here thinkin I tried everything possible, and it was so easy after your short suggestion Turns out it was one M4V movie file I had problems with before... it was originally a video podcast file that would not sync to the iPod saying it was not compatible, so I used the "convert for iPod" option to convert it, and that sync'd over... but apparently for some reason after deleting the original, a few days ago, now this new one didn't sync over, even after the iPod restore. Very very weird as it is a compatible M4V file, but evidently this file was the culprit and I am now in perfect sync again! YAY! I guess I never thought to look at the "file size" total, because I made the idiotic assumption that with the iPod being a formatted hard drive, that that total would be different no matter what... but now I have realized that when you click the iPod on the left side of iTunes, you can see the Used total (including the formatting) and the "real" GB total underneath which should be exact to the iTunes GB total. Good to know! Thanks!