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  1. maxmiller08

    iTunes 7

    Maybe I am not looking in the right place, but I was listening to NRK News podcast, and also eMacCast, and I cannot find the podcast chapter button. Where did it go?
  2. maxmiller08

    Terminal Easter egg!

    Dead end You are at a dead end of a dirt road. The road goes to the east. In the distance you can see that it will eventually fork off. The trees here are very tall royal palms, and they are spaced equidistant from each other. There is a shovel here. >pick up shovel I don't understand that. >take shovel Taken. >dig Digging here reveals nothing. >piss You can't do that here, don't even bother trying. >
  3. As a high school student, I am one of very few people I know that types in AIM the same way I would type in a more formal document. InsTeaD of TypIn' LyK DiS which some people actually do, I take a lot of pride in my grammar, spelling, and vocabulary
  4. maxmiller08

    Apple's Top 5 Significant Products

    I would say all of the same except for the powerbook and replace it with the iMac G4 flatpanel. Sure the iMac G3 was incredibly popular and became an icon, but I see just as many G4 iMacs out there. The design is so incredibly unique that I am surprised it didn't match the popularity of the G3 iMac
  5. maxmiller08

    AIM Developers?

    Has anyone seen the AOL Instant Messagner developer stuff? http://developer.aim.com/ Anyone here who uses the AIM v4.7 client knows that as far as official AOL releases go, the Mac users seem very forgotten about. Anyway, I have been trying to make sense of how to write a new one after registering and everything, but I can't figure it out. Does anyone know of any sites that would simply explain to me what some of the Carbon and Cocoa stuff that is in here is, and how I go about developing with it? I am currently using Adium, which in my opinion is pretty good and has great features. I have looked around on the AIM developer forums, and it doesn't seem like the Mac community isn't pumping out new versions very fast...
  6. maxmiller08

    Do all you Gmail users pop to clients?

    I check my gmail in several different high school classes throughout the day, and it bothers me to have my browser gmail different than say mail.app, which I used for a while. Another one of the advantages of using the browser method is that I can use the chat feature, which still hasn't been discovered by the school's tech department!
  7. maxmiller08

    If you're using tabs in Safari read this

    Click, hold, and drag the URL of the open window to the window with the tabs and release it in the tab bar
  8. maxmiller08

    Favorite Mac ever made.

    The design of the iMac G4 isn't comparable to anything. Nobody has come up with, in my opinion, something that can match it as far as creativity goes. Sure there are some creative windows boxes out there, but they are still the same old tower just with some fancy plastic. Apple really has design figured out, and always has in my opinion.
  9. maxmiller08

    how much email space do u use

    All that I can say is no matter what email client I use, even one that costs money and gives me more space, there is nothing like gmail. Nothing comes close.
  10. maxmiller08

    Favorite Mac ever made.

    There is just something about the old Macs such as the 6500/250 that I can't let go. I don't know what it is, the stability perhaps, but I can't let my OS8.6 go. As far as design goes, the iMac G4 flat panel is by far the most creative computer I have ever seen. Compact yet it didn't sacrifice much. As far as a dream computer goes (emphasis on dream), the Quad G5 without a doubt. The speed is incredible! I can't wait to see the new Intel Power Mac! Hopefully at WWDC
  11. maxmiller08

    Is .Mac Worth It?

    I don't use the email or the storage, but what is EXCELLENT is the integration with iWeb. I greatly underestimated the ease of this program. After learning Pages and Keynote, it didn't cross my mind that iWeb would be the same way. I opened it up just today for the first time, and slammed out a site without having any conflits, or actually having to adjust or dink around with my network, etc. Top knotch program
  12. maxmiller08

    Best Show on TV

    I love the Office! I have already ordred the season 2 dvds
  13. Keep it! It's not doing ANY harm to anyone, and if they don't want to hear it, then skip it! Its a great way for publicity for bands, and besides, for those people who complain about it, the people who submit their music enjoy the maccast just as much, if not more than you! Be fair to everyone, I think it is a great deal to have the music on there.
  14. maxmiller08

    Old Apples, Broken or working

    Thanks for sending me to those usergroups! Within 1 day of emailing them I talked to a guy and I have 5 G3s coming my way to work on!
  15. maxmiller08

    using the server built into OSX

    Here's my question on how to use this server... What do I have to do to change it so that instead of putting my IP address into the URL thing it is an actual web site name? I have used the same tutorial that was linked above, but that doesn't explain it as far as I understand