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  1. Hi everybody I am trying to set up a very strange custom repeat schedule in iCal and I can't seem to find any way to get it to work. The Search and Rescue group that I am a part of has meetings on the third Wednesday of the month, and then the Saturday and Sunday following that. Getting the Wednesday meeting to repeat is easy. The problem is with the Sat/Sun. I can't set it to be the third Sat/Sun of the month, because depending on when the first day of the month is, the weekend training is sometimes the third weekend of the month, and sometimes it is the fourth weekend of the month (This month being one of the fourth weekend of the month times). If anybody can help me with this I would really appreciate it.
  2. Claymorex

    iPod in your car

    I just got an Alpine 9881 with the iPod cable, so I can control the iPod through the head unit. It works great.
  3. Set it to keep "All Unplayed Episodes" then iTunes should delete them the next time either A) it checks for new episode as determined by your preferences or You manually refresh by using the refresh button in the lower left. Keep in mind that you will have to play right to the end of the podcast for it to be considered played. If you still have a few seconds remaining at the end of the podcast, it won't be deleted.
  4. Claymorex

    AVI to MP4 Conversion

    Something similar to the MakeRefMovie is Movie2iTunes. It can be found at http://dettmer.maclab.org/movie2itunes.html. It just makes a .mov reference file and automatically adds it to iTunes.
  5. I was wondering if anybody knows a way to get iTunes to properly display HTML/XML? special characters For instance this: where the & #8220 and & #8221 should be curly quotes. It's not really a big deal, but it would be nice if it displayed properly Thanks PS: I just realized that I posted this in the completely wrong forum DOH!!! Boy do I feel like an idiot. This was supposed to go in the iTunes section. If a moderator would be kind enough to move it, I would really appreciate it.