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  1. We just started a new blog on the same "Huskies on the Air" web-site. I also started a new technology blog for teachers at http://ringlestechtalk@blogspot.com I provide technology tips, advice, and web links for educators.
  2. chawi

    iTunes Podcast Category

    If I delete my podcast and submit it again, won't I lose anyone who subscribed to it?
  3. I have a podcast I made with my 3rd grade class. We've posted it to iTunes, and it's great, except for one problem. Somehow when I posted it, I put it in the wrong category. Instead of the education section, it's under audio blogs. That wouldn't really be a problem, except there are a lot of explicit audio blogs, and I really don't want my third grade students messing around there. I've sent several messages to Apple asking them to change the category, but so far it hasn't happened. GRRR ](*,) Is there a way I can change the category myself?
  4. Please check out our new podcast "Huskies on the Air" This podcast was made by my 3rd grade students. They will be adding episodes every few weeks or so. You can subscribe on iTunes or visit http://web.mac.com/kinmukorner/iWeb/3RHH/H...0the%20Air.html If you listen to our podcast, please send us an e-mail with your location to: eringle@warsaw.k12.in.us We are trying to plot all of our listeners on a map of the US (and maybe the world) Thanks! :wink: