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  1. Food & Water Watch is a leading national consumer advocacy organization that runs dynamic, cutting edge programs challenging the corporate control of our food and water resources. Since 2005, we have won significant victories to protect our food and water. Headquartered in Washington DC, Food & Water Watch has offices and employees in several locations around the country. The Tier 1 help desk associate will handle the day to day technical tasks at Food & Water Watch. The position is a junior level position with room for growth. The perspective associate will be working directly with the System Administrator and work closely with users on technical issues as well as maintaining a healthy user directory in an all Mac environment. At least one year of prior related experience is required as well as a bachelors degree in a related field. Must be easy to work with and have a customer service oriented mindset when dealing with end users. (This is not a phone support or call center position) Specific Responsibilities: 1.Responding to trouble calls, tasking tickets, and maintaining a trouble call system to identify chronic problem areas and measure services effectiveness. 2.Planning, scheduling, and implementing annual desktop workstation and network printer hardware upgrade according to replacement cycle. 3.Installing, configuring, and mentoring end users on standard, commercially available products, such as, MS Office suite, electronic mail and web browsers. 4.Configuring and installing network-related equipment, including VoIP telephones. 5.Configuring, installing and maintenance of all new and existing computer hardware. 6.Maintenance of all peripheral devices throughout the organization. 7.Establishing and maintaining file directories and user accounts. 8.Configuring, installing, and monitoring software and security updates for all servers and workstations. 9.Providing demonstrations, training and documentation concerning newly installed hardware/software. 10.Provides emergency on-call support on a rotating schedule. 11.Respect the confidentiality of Food & Water Watch's data in all mediums. 12.Ability to design, build, and implement new web applications. 13.Other duties as assigned. Requirements: Education: College degree required. ACSP certification a plus. Experience: One year Mac help desk experience. Knowledge: MS software. Desktop hardware/software configuration and installation. All Mac hardware and software configuration and installation. Exchange/Outlook experience is required. Knowledge on help desk operation is required. Knowledge of databases, online activism and email listserves helpful. Knowledge of Open Directory (OD) is helpful, but not required. Knowledge on Kerberos (KDC) is helpful, but not required. Skills: Excellent communication skills; strong interpersonal skills. Customer service orientation. Capabilities: Ability to work well with a wide variety of people and to coordinate diverse tasks. Conditions: Long hours possible, occasional travel possible. Please send a resume, cover letter, and three references to jobs@fwwatch.org. Position open until filled. Food & Water Watch strives for a diverse work environment and encourages women, people of color, LGBTQ individuals, and differently-abled people to apply.
  2. Hello all! I know there are a lot of Mac newbies here but this service is for anyone with a Mac Product / Program Mac Service Mac Blog Mac Podcast Mac Enthusiast Mac Journalist or any site that you want to share with us, the Mac community! Its a free banner exchange with Mac only ads, we also have a text ad exchange as well. Each service has Analytics logged hourly, weekly, and monthly. You can export your stats, you can manage your ads, pause or edit them at any time, use .jpg, swf, .gif or .png graphics allowed! This is a great service lets grow the mac community! Check it out http://www.macads.org
  3. jonbrown

    CoCoa Developer Wanted

    We have just rolled out a new app I designed the app, and I worked with another developer, he is no longer able to help as far as rolling out updates etc... so I need a new parter / developer to help. This job requires a Dev to install the sparkle framework. I have all the xcode files needed please email me at jon@jonbrown.org serious inquiries only. Thanks http://sparkle.andymatuschak.org/
  4. jonbrown

    Adobe Illustrator for OSX Tiger

    have him resend the files, but this time, zip the files, they may be getting stripped by the email server.
  5. jonbrown

    Thoughts on Advertising

    Advertising, is a great option. Also give us information about your thoughts on advertising also. Im sure there are many software developers, IT professionals that listen to the show that would love to advertise let us know how to participate in an advertising method for the show! Keep up the great work!
  6. jonbrown

    Adobe Illustrator for OSX Tiger

    To add a font, you can add it with Font Book, the application in your applications folder that installs and manages fonts. Drag and drop the font files, into Font Book, and then restart Illustrator you should then be able to use them. Let me know if this works!
  7. jonbrown

    Traveling with your gear

    Thanks everyone, great advice, Not too concerned now, I bought all my Apple gear overseas, so now going home will be nice and im also looking forward to getting a desktop system too. Again, thanks!
  8. jonbrown

    Traveling with your gear

    Hi Everyone- I am going to be traveling back to the states soon, and my question is this. How or what travel precautions should I take with my computer gear. Should I let them put my external hard drive through the X-Ray machine at the airport? Are there any do's and dont's when traveling with computer gear? And finally, is there any list of items you can not bring on an airplane or others experience. I just dont want to go through the security and have my hard drive, or other Mac components confiscated. I also dont want them damaged. Any help would be appreciated! Jon
  9. jonbrown

    iPod software problem

    Hello, I hope someone can help me. I downloaded iTunes 7 and installed the new software for my iPod and had no problems. However now I am having problems after trying to change the iPod settings in iTunes 7. I clicked the checkbox "open iTunes when ipod is connected" This was checked by default, but I use my iPod as a disk also and I dont need it syncing every time I connected it. Thats when the problem started. The next day, I connected my ipod to my computer, and the ipod froze on the "do not disconnect screen" and didnt mount on the desktop. I then reset my iPod and it mounted no problem. I ejected the ipod and then connected it again to test out iTunes. I connected, and opened iTunes and again, the ipod froze on the "do not disconnect screen". Every time, (for the past 2 weeks) that I connect my ipod to my computer, or even my FM headphones the ipod freezes and I have to reset, once I reset its fine. This is very anoying, why do I need to reset so much. I thought the issue, was the checkbox that I turned off, so I connected my ipod, and again froze up, so I reset and opened iTunes. It mounted and I checked back on "open iTunes when is connected" hopeing that this would fix the problem but to no avail. I thought maybe restoring my ipod would do the trick. I restored my iPod twice, and still no luck. Any help or advice is appreciated. I have a 5G video iPod and a G4 iBook with iTunes 7. Thanks everyone! Jon
  10. jonbrown

    Automatic lyrics and album cover download

    Hi guys, heres the thing, i got a 60 gig, ipod and an iBook with only a 60 gig internal. I removed all my music off my system, due to space, since my ipod is full, and obviously would not have the space to have it on the iBook and iPod. Is there a way to download missing album art direct to the ipod?
  11. jonbrown

    MacCast widget now 2.0

    The MacCast finally listed at Apple.com Check out the MacCast on Apple.com
  12. jonbrown

    MacCast widget now 2.0

    No problem, im glad you like it! Enjoy!
  13. jonbrown

    MacCast widget now 2.0

    Hello All- I just wanted to let you know that the MacCast widget has been updated to version 2.0. Some of the newest features include, ability to listen to the most recent show, read stories and announcements from the show forum, as well as from Apple.com. I hope you enjoy it, tell me what you think! Jon Download the 2.0 Version Here!
  14. jonbrown

    Questions About the New Forum Software?

    I see, great! I was adding some new features to the MacCast widget and I thought it would be nice to have the latest 10 posts in the widget from the forum. I found a plugin that lets you do that, RSS Module here, its just a single rss.php file that you subscribe to. Anyway, that was the motive behind my question. Thanks for the quick reply, im planning on an update to the widget in a few weeks more options, etc... so, keep your eyes peeled!
  15. jonbrown

    Questions About the New Forum Software?

    I noticed that invisionboard has built in RSS capabilities, are they enabled here? If so how can I subscribe to them? If not, then why not?