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  1. thenome

    New "Get A Mac" ads

    I still think my favorite ads were the one where the PC is jamming on the ipod listen to his "slow jams" or the "I'm a mac home movie." or the best of all the WSJ review compared to the "awesome computer reviews weekly" review.
  2. thenome

    Audio Tape to Digital File Software?

    Garageband works very well for recording... if you want a way to clean up the static from the audio for free, Audacity has an option for noise removal. http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ Also for the best results you will want to not use the line in port (allthough it does work if you get a RCA to 1/8 cable) I suggest you try one of these two devices to get the audio into your computer... http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/imic/ http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/UA1EX/
  3. thenome

    Are you sure you want to send a form again?

    Try looking in the application preferences (options).
  4. thenome

    Spring clean my Library

    You can buy an external hard drive then drag the folder "Final Cut User Documents" unto an external hard drive, delete the old folder, then point FC to the new folder location (look in its preferences to do this). Also if you are very brave (not recommended) you can install all of your ilife and Final Cut on an external hard drive. Good luck, I feel your pain on my 80gb hard drive as well.
  5. thenome

    Video Converter

    http://homepage.mac.com/major4/ FFmpegX fits your description, but remember it's hard to get stuff in and out of real format; so good luck.
  6. thenome

    Show off your Desktop

    Just a simple desktop on my 12 inch Powerbook. I try to keep my desktop neat, but things I am working on live on the left side of the screen.
  7. thenome

    Educational Discounts for High Schoolers

    Thanks for the tips. I have heard such stories as these before. I think the bottum line is apple just wants to sell macs, and even with a discount they are still making a healthy profit. Hope to have some new mac once leopard leaps into action.
  8. thenome

    Educational Discounts for High Schoolers

    Thanks guys!
  9. thenome

    Educational Discounts for High Schoolers

    I guess I would just have to order by phone to get them, right?
  10. I am a going to be a Sophomore in High School this fall and would also like to purchase a new mac, when Leopard comes out. I was wondering if I would qualify for any educational discounts for High Schoolers. Just wondering if anybody knew, couldn't find anything about it on apple.com for high schoolers. Thanks one and all, I love the Maccast community.
  11. thenome

    New Commercials!

    These are funny, but that's all it doesn't lead anyone to switch. I do like choose a Vista the best of those three, and over all I like "Better Results"
  12. thenome

    PowerBook G4 Ram

    I have a 12in. PowerBook G4 running Tiger and doing video on Final Cut Express with 512mb. of ram. You know the pain I am in while editing video. I want to upgrade to 1-2gb. of ram but I don't know what type of ram I need and where to get the best price. I know I have too sticks of ram so I need to throw both. Can anyone recramend ram, a brand, or a website. any help is great thanks fellow mac geeks
  13. thenome

    photo duplicates

    In iphoto 6 have they made a way yet, for it to prompt you not to import duplicate photos?
  14. thenome

    Software update for dialup

    Thanks, does the combo update include ilife and such?
  15. thenome

    Software update for dialup

    One of my relatives just bought a mac but they have dialup, so software update won't work for them. Is there a way I can bring them a cd once every couple months with updates for all of the programs on their mac and all of the mac os x updates that have taken place in the time since the last disc.