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  1. Semi

    iTunes crashed!

    Anyone know the easiest way of restoring Itunes, the music is in the music folder still on the HD - it simply doesn't show up in itunes. Itunes is empty, all my podcast subscriptions and 16GB of music is gone. I need itunes to find the music - any thoughts on quickest way? Thanks
  2. I needed more space on my mini so I deleted some stuff I didn't use or need, one was a program called Panorama maker.....but now it's in the trash it will not delete. When I try to move it back into applications it just copies itself there... Now when I delete my trash I still have this program in it... How do I delete it for good? Many thanks in advance. Also - anyone else have a meltdown this week? early in the week I had left my mini on and when I came to use it the whole system had reset with most of my itunes gone and safari reset.....thank god for back ups! I wondered was there an update or something?