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    ATT iPhone Service Question

    Will iChat work with text messages from regular cell phones? My main use of text messages is between my son and his friends. With an iPhone, I would get an occasional text message, but I don't know if I would get enough to justify the extra $10/month for unlimited family. Locally, at my home and work ATT has good coverage. T-Mobile will not make it inside work so I generally can only use my office phone.
  2. wtbard

    ATT iPhone Service Question

    I'm thinking about moving my cell phone service to ATT from T Mobile and had some questions. For the iPhone, it looks like I need to get a data plan. If my son has a standard phone and likes to text, we'll want to get him an unlimited text plan. Can the iPhone send/receive text messages easily? If so and I do that very much on the iPhone, it would seem I should get the unlimited family text plan. Or I guess the message plan. Anyone have any comments about getting ATT service? Thanks.
  3. wtbard

    Old Mac Mini's On Sale

    My main interest is for those that still have analog TVs. The new mac minis won't work with analog TVs anymore.
  4. wtbard

    Old Mac Mini's On Sale

    For those that want a previous generation Mac Mini that has analog out, check out the Clearance area of the Apple Store. The low end mini is $499 and the high end with Super drive is $549.
  5. wtbard

    New Mac Mini

    One problem I found is that it does not support analog video. The VGA does work, but not any composite/s-video output cables. You should be able to convert from VGA to s-video, but I'm not sure of the quality. Sure makes it difficult to use as a media center, at least with analog TVs.
  6. Yeah, I had thought of burning the songs to CDs. I would think they would at least be able to separate the songs from videos and iPhone apps though.
  7. I have used a general iTunes account for my stuff (touch apps), our household stuff (video) and my kids (music). As a result, I now have 5 computers authorized and so I can't sync my stuff to my PC at work (a limitation of the 5 computer auth limit). I would like (not really, but about my only choice) to set up an iTunes account (if I can control what gets purchased) so my kids can purchase music. I would then want to transfer music that my kids have purchased from my account to theirs so I can then deauthorize their 2 computers. Is this possible? Seems like Apple will need to address this limitation, limited number of computers authorized and linking video, music, and applications, before long. By the way, my 5 computers are 2 Mac-Minis (can't use AppleTV since my TVs are not HDTV) set up as media servers for 2 TVs, my kids 2 computers, and my laptop. It would seem that those using Apple TVs instead of Mac-Minis would have the same problem.
  8. wtbard

    New MacBook Pro

    Looks like the standard speeds and hard drive size has been pushed up although the max is still 2.6GHz. Also, it looks like the standard MacBook speed and hard drive size has been bumped as well.
  9. wtbard

    New MacBook Pro

    The new MacBook Pro just showed up on the Apple store. Looks like same price as the previous version, but uses the multi touch as expected.
  10. wtbard

    Now 32GB iPod Touch

    I bought a 16GB Touch last month but that's probably good enough for me. If I had waited, I would be having trouble figuring out what to get. I'm more excited waiting to see what third part developers come out with when the SDK is released.
  11. Apple just added a 32GB Touch for $499.
  12. wtbard

    New 8 core Mac Pro Available

    Looks like they've added an 8 core (2 3GHz Quad Core Xeon) Mac Pro for $3997.
  13. wtbard

    Apple Store Down for Update

    Looks like they've added an 8 core (2 3GHz Quad Core Xeon) Mac Pro for $3997.
  14. wtbard

    Apple Store Down for Update

    The Apple store is down for updating at 8AM EDT. Wonder what will be changed?
  15. wtbard


    Ya beat me! 1.83GHz White, 60G drive, Combo drive, Core Duo is $1099 2GHz White, 60G drive, Super drive, Core Duo is $1299 2GHz Black, 80G drive, Super drive, Core Duo is $1499 All with 512M memory