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  1. dalamars

    iTunes 7

    iTunes is nicely enhanced with integrating the ipod control and update functions into the software. I like the interface, it just seems cleaner. I really like the seemless playback as well. I'm still playing with it. There is a lot of eye candy, some useful, and some not, but overall I think it's a great release.
  2. dalamars

    New iPods are a dissappointment?

    It's an absolute poll. I dont' think the announcment was "Too little too late" but instead think it was a very nice revision to the line. It's not a "Revolution" either. I don't think everything that comes out of Apple needs to be. Frequent enhancements with the occasional revolution is a great way to run tech companies and many countries. The cool shiny glossy plastic coverings on the Nano were a scratching disaster and hard to maintain in a pristine condition which is why I think the aluminum cases are a good idea. The UI search on the ipod also fixes an annoyance for me when scrolling around looking for something, especially when on the move.
  3. dalamars

    PDA or Treo 650?

    Look for the 700p (Palm OS Version). My boss has one ( I have the 650) and it's far more stable and has many more features (like being able to play AAC files native). i use my 650 a lot and it has it's quirks but is a good phone/PDA.
  4. dalamars

    Failing Hard disk?

    I haven't experienced it with Apple, but in the past with the same type of technology in server equipment the drives that report these problems can last for weeks or minutes. I would keep good backups until you get it replaced. I'm not 100% sure but I believe this technology monitors how much error correcting the drive is going through and begins alerting when the number is too high.
  5. dalamars

    wireless mighty mouse

    skibender I personally don't like any D-link equipment. We have many users at work that constantly have problems with the on their home networks. We lean quite heavily toward Linksys. They are easy to set up and I have yet to have a problem with any of the units I've supplied or ones I own.
  6. dalamars

    wireless mighty mouse

    Ok then. CTRL key thing is a neato thing. I have actually used it once. :-) I guess jackt you took the time to read the manual or something. I'll have to try that one day.
  7. dalamars

    wireless mighty mouse

    Just picked one up. My impressions: - The mouse button behavior is the same as the wired one, though the right click seems more responsive to me. - The tracking is very accurate for a wireless mouse. It still has that very slight lag that comes from a wireless mouse, but it's very smooth. I'm very pleased with it. The power button for the mouse closes over the emitter on the bottom but that's about the only physical difference other than the little green light just next to the emitter that shows the mouse is actually alive. With it being laser the emitter doesn't emit any visible light.
  8. dalamars


    I share that sentiment. I firmly believe that Apple will sell more hardware from this move. My comments concerning software development are well founded though. I agree that the price to purchase Windows is going to deter many. The question becomes whether or not this increase in "hardware" is going to sway development houses to develop for OS X when they can continue doing what they are doing. They are out nothing if they do nothing. Assuming that an increase in hardware is going to drive software development for an Operating System that people may or may not be running is a long shot assumption IMHO. "If you want my product buy Windows". In any case this was coming sooner or later given the talk of virtualization within the OS. Running Windows binaries in Mac OS would cause the same problem. As I said I'm a recent switcher and love MacOS. Perhaps that is my concern. :-)
  9. dalamars


    As a recent switcher I have to say that I think this is going to hurt OSX. It will help Apple's sales of hardware but I think OS X will have a hard time attracting developers and users for that matter. I hope I'm wrong. I'm enjoying OSX and I would hate to see it lose traction in the name of Apple selling more hardware. There may be more Macs out there because of this, but... I agree with the argument that there are applications that require me to still use XP, but there is no incentive for Wintel developers to develop OS X if you can just dual-boot back to XP. It's cool, but it's not at the same time. It's because of this I have mixed feelings.